Calm Weather for Awhile

Good Evening,

On Tuesday we rose to around 80°.  A cold front swept through early Wednesday, switched our winds to the north, and we are seeing highs in the 60s.  The warmer air has been pushed to the south.  This cool air will be around a few days then we are in for a weekend warm up.



This front was sent south by a storm system in the Great Lakes that is now shifting south into the Midwest.  We will not see rain from this system, but some periods of clouds will be possible as they get sent back west.  We are basically in between the closed low to the east and the main jet stream well to the northwest.  The low is cut off from the main jet stream and will wander a bit through Saturday.  If it drifts far enough west, then we could see much more cloud cover Friday and Saturday.  As is, we will go for a sunnier forecast and a warm up to the 70s.  If there are more clouds it may take until Sunday to reach the 70s.



SUNDAY-MONDAY: Look at the change from the upper level flow Wednesday (above) and the upper level flow for Sunday.  The jet stream to the west is diving south into the Rockies.  This will likely produce our next chance of thunderstorms by mid next week as the pattern undergoes a big change.  The upper level low to the east weakens and drifts back north.  We are still in between the two systems and will see a warm up to highs close to 80°.  As we go beyond this period there will be many changes in the pattern.  At this time, there is much uncertainty as to what is headed our way.



There is something more certain.  We know the Chiefs play in Pittsburgh on Sunday night, right here in 41 Action News for Sunday Night Football in America.  It looks like the upper low will lift north just in time, so that Sunday evening will be dry and mild in Pittsburgh.


TROPICAL TROUBLE: Tropical Storm Matthew has formed east of the Caribbean Sea.  He will likely intensify and move west into the Caribbean then head north and either affect the Gulf coast or east coast next week.  We will be hearing quite a bit more about this in the coming days.



Fantastic Fall Weather

Good Monday bloggers,

The fall weather has arrived and it will be here for several days.  A new cold front will move through early Wednesday without clouds or rain.  But, it will keep the great weather rolling along.

TUESDAY: It will be a few degrees warmer as we have a light west to southwest wind ahead of the next cold front.



WEDNESDAY: The next front will race through from the north.  Our winds will be coming from the north around a storm system forming in the Great Lakes.  So, highs may not get out of the 60s on Wednesday and Thursday.  The rain and clouds will be located from Illinois to the east coast.



WEDNESDAY HIGHS:  These highs are with full sunshine!



This great weather will last through the weekend with changes next week.  We will talk more about these in the coming days.

Have a great week


Sunday Weather Update

Good Sunday bloggers,

We have had a rainy start to the day as a fall air mass moves out the summer heat and humidity.  The rain will end 11 am to 1 PM as the cold front moves through and out.

WEATHER TRACK RADAR: This area of rain has been weakening and will be dissipate 11 AM to 1 PM.



SUNDAY MORNING: The much talked about cold front will move through midday, ending the rain and ending the steamy air.



MONDAY MORNING: Lows by Monday morning will be in the 40s to near 50°.  It will feel quite a bit different than it has the past several days.



The weather for the rest of the week looks great with abundant sunshine, highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s and 50s.

Have a great week.


Cold front bringing a few changes tonight

The first weekend of Fall is here and the only thing falling is the sweat from my forehead. How about yours?! Spent some time earlier today at the Plaza Art Fair with my wife, it got warm in a hurry! We did manage to chow down some good food and take in a little music before calling it a day. So today was a more Summer-like feel for sure. Sunday, well, Sunday is going to be a whole different season!

Check out the 4pm readings around the great area:
Yep, it’s toasty. And, it’s pretty obvious there is something going on in the neighborhood. The party has already started with widespread (non-severe) thunderstorms in parts of Kansas. Check out the loop: (1)

The visible satellite image tells the bigger story, as the deck of clouds moves closer to the area this afternoon.
Those clouds (and the rain) are also the reason it’s much cooler in Central KS right now.

Okay, the usual question here: “when is it going to hit my house???”
At this time, it appears the best window for rain and thunderstorms in KC will be after about 9pm. If you live more to the West of KC, it’ll be an hour or two sooner. More to the East? And hour or two later. In terms of North/South, that’s a little more tricky to spell out in text. But in general, the odds will keep going up as the night keeps going on.

A snapshot of the latest computer guidance suggests this is what the radar may look like by about 10:30pm tonight. Hopefully this answers some questions:
By then, the Plaza Art Fair will be wrapped up in KC for the night, however, the vendors need to make sure their items are secure and put away. Gusty wind and heavy rain is possible, and that could easily cause some problems for those folks. Hopefully they are reading the blog tonight!

The rain/storms will decrease in intensity as the night goes on. Showers may still linger on the Missouri side through early Sunday morning, perhaps even toward the mid-morning time frame. After that, the rain moves off to the East. So rainfall amounts may wind up being heavier on the Kansas side, thanks to the thunderstorms happening this evening.
There may be some areas of flash flooding thanks to the heavy rain hitting the same areas over and over. Stay alert on the Kansas side and be mindful of any water over the roadways.

In terms of the big Chiefs game Sunday, you couldn’t ask for better football weather. Temperatures in the 70s with a little sunshine coming back.


Not much different for Monday, we should keep the mild air and add in a little more sunshine thanks to High pressure off to our West.

All-in-all, the most “active” time is going to be the next 12-18 hours. All we get from that is some rain and window-rattlers. And boy will those temps take a tumble.

If you were not a fan of the heat and humidity today, you’re in for a much different setup on Sunday. Hopefully you can make the most of it!
And hey… how about that come-from-behind win by the Royals today!? I’ll take that!

Enjoy the evening,

A Big Weekend Weather Change

Good Saturday bloggers,

A cold front will move through early Sunday.  This will bring a good chance of rain and thunderstorms tonight and Sunday morning.  A few showers and thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening out ahead of the main area.  Temperatures by tomorrow afternoon may be in the low to mid 60s with a 10-20 mph northwest breeze.  The fall feel is around the corner.

Here is a video blog with the details.

Have a great weekend.