More Storm Misses Likely In KC

Good morning bloggers,

We begin this January 16th blog entry with a discussion of the Frigid conditions. It is below zero in KC this morning:

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.32.06 AMThe temperatures have dropped to below zero in most locations.  An Arctic high pressure area is expanding out over the United States this morning and pressures are very high. The pressure on this current conditions posted here is 30.71″ and it is rising. I will explain this high pressure area on our weathercasts tonight that you can always watch streaming live at KSHB.com at 4, 5, 6, 6:30, and 10 PM.  The storm system responsible for the Texas winter weather this morning, is really just a “jet dynamics” system. There is no big storm heading into San Antonio, TX in the upper levels of the atmosphere, and yet they have had an extremely dramatic weather change in the past 24 hours.  It was 70° in San Antonio yesterday afternoon, and this morning they have freezing rain and it is in the upper 20s. It is very rare for them to have freezing rain, sleet, and snow, and this has happened multiple times this season in this part of the country in this years cycling pattern. Take a look at the current conditions in San Antonio as of 7 AM this morning:

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.41.42 AM

From 70° to 29° and freezing rain in San Antonio……pretty amazing.  Let’s take a look at how our winter forecast has been panning out as of this week:

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.37.09 AM

The weather pattern is cycling at around 44 to 51 days centered on a 47-day cycle.  Let’s find where we are now by watching this video I made this morning:


Let’s look At Where We Are In The Cycling Pattern from Weather2020 on Vimeo.

This next storm system is right on schedule for this weekend.  Will it miss Kansas City? Has Kansas City had a major winter storm this season. The answers are likely Yes it will miss, and Yes, there has not been a major winter storm this season. Will one or two come together in this cycle 3, or in cycle 4? There is hope. The jet stream reaches its peak strength across the Northern Hemisphere in late January and early February. We may get some blocking after it gets to its peak. I would like to see the AO and NAO dip negative. We have had all of this cold with no real negative Arctic Oscillation this season.

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Arctic Air Blasts In Again

Good Morning Bloggers,

We just experienced a rather fascinating weather day in Kansas City. We went from a fluffy and dry snowfall in the morning, with temperatures in the teens, to a big warm up to above freezing with a mixture of rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow during the late evening hours. The high temperature reached 33 degrees at KCI Airport. And, then an Arctic Blast arrived early this morning and now temperatures are crashing as you wake up and read today’s blog entry.  It was a bit frustrating, but in the end fascinating and fulfilling for myself last night. I experienced rain, freezing rain,  sleet, and then snow. The different types of precipitation went back and forth for two hours before finally ending with around a half inch of snow leaving a sheet of white on everything, and it is beautiful this morning.

Kansas City Snowfall:

  • 2.1″ fell yesterday at KCI Airport between the two winter weather precipitation events
  • 4.7″ has now accumulated this season, which means we are now just 0.2″ away from last years total

High pressure is building in from the north and our pressures will be going way up peaking on Tuesday.  A WIND CHILL ADVISORY has been issued and it will begin tonight at 6 PM.  Very cold wind chills will happen tonight and this could cause frostbite in 30 minutes or less to exposed skin. Wind chills are expected to be as low as 25 degrees below zero.


A 1052 mb surface high is forecast to weaken to a still large 1045 mb surface high near KC by 6 PM Tuesday.  This is equivalent to a 30.86″ pressure, which is quite high.  Look closely, as there is only low pressure left in Canada, so the Arctic air is basically emptying out  and expanding into the Gulf of Mexico.  The pink and purple shaded area shows mixed precipitation all the way down to the Gulf coast again. This has happened multiple times in this years pattern already.

Later this week we will be seeing a rather big moderation and retreat of the Arctic Air.  South to southwest winds will be blowing from Texas into southeastern Canada:


We will then be monitoring a storm system moving into the western states, which is right on schedule according to the LRC.  It appears this next storm will produce winter weather again, but most likely north of KC later this weekend. This something we are monitoring closely and will go more in-depth with in blogs later this week.

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Today: Falling temperatures steadying out in the single digits later this morning. Windy, with northwest winds 10-25 mph adding a strong “bite” to the cold air and creating dangerous wind chills.
  • Tonight:  WIND CHILL ADVISORY. Wind chills will create dangerous conditions and time outdoors should be limited to minutes. Wind chills 25 below zero are possible. The low temperature will drop to 3 below to 10 below across the area

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Snowflake Contest Finally Ends: Another Small Snow Event Blankets Kansas City

Good Sunday morning bloggers,

It is official: The snowflake contest ended at 8:35 AM, the last few snowflakes pushed it over the top. 41 Action News meteorologist Nicole Philips measured 1″ at 8:35 AM this morning as you can see below:


Well, it happened. We are getting the weakest possible version of what we have been monitoring for days. It is snowing this morning around KC, and everything is coated. Take a look at this 5 AM radar image showing most of the nation being dry, with this small system zipping by. An Arctic front is organizing to the north this morning, so let’s take a look.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 5.08.47 AM

This disturbance will be moving by fast leaving a likely under one inch once again near KC. Areas to the south and west have a better chance at getting an inch of snow.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 5.16.30 AMI have been up and down all night watching this developing very small snowstorm take over KC.  Temperatures have been so cold that the roads were the first surfaces to get snow covered.  The grassy areas finally started getting covered around 4:30 AM and now accumulations of 0.1″ to 1.0″ are accumulating from near the Kansas/Missouri border extending out to the west and south. The highest accumulations may actually exceed two inches two or so counties southwest of KC, maybe near Ottawa to Lawrence or just south of this area. The purple areas shown on this radar image are indicating where the snowflakes grow from very tiny to decent size.

After this system zips by this morning, it will warm up to 30 degrees or possibly near freezing ahead of the strong Arctic front that will be blasting in from the northwest tonight. This next system is faster, and this is not a good thing for Kansas City if you want an organized area of snow. The faster push of the colder air tonight will cause more sinking of the air just as our next chance of precipitation arrives. There may be an additional dusting to 1/2″, but what had looked like a good chance of an inch or more is now fading a bit.  To end the snowflake contest, we will likely need this second band of snow tonight to at least be organized.

6 AM Monday Surface Forecast:

This surface map shows the strong Arctic front blasting south. It will be rapidly moving across Oklahoma into Texas on Monday morning (Martin Luther King Day).


With a little snow on the ground, there is a very good chance that it will drop to below zero by Tuesday morning:


Thank you for sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC. This pattern has not been very kind to us, but at least it is snowing today. Let’s enjoy the moment and take in the beauty of the white snow cover this morning. Let us know how much snow you had and go over to the Weather2020 blog to join in the conversation.


Two Snow Chances and an Arctic Blast

Good Saturday,

We are tracking two snow chances and it looks like they will each come through with accumulating snow in our area. The second snow will be accompanied and followed by an Arctic blast, almost as strong as the one from New Years day.

Here is where we stand for snowfall this winter in KC (readings taken at KCI). We have seen 2.6″ of snow and average is nearly 11″ by the end of the month. We will add to this total, but by how much and when. Let’s go through the MLK weekend forecast.


SATURDAY 3 PM: It will be dry and mostly cloudy with highs around 20°. Our snow system will be getting its act together around Rapid City, SD.


SATURDAY 10 PM: It will still be dry in KC with temperatures in the teens. The snow will be entering southeast Nebraska and north central Kansas.


SUNDAY 5 AM: The light to moderate snow will move into eastern Kansas 1 AM to 3 AM with temperatures in the teens along with a light wind.


SUNDAY NOON: The snow will end by noon with flurries lingering. Notice how the temperatures are in to the mid and upper 20s as after the first system exits, a warm front will get close.


SUNDAY 3 PM: It will be dry and mostly cloudy with highs ranging from 30°-35° south and 25°-30° to the north.


SUNDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT: The second round of snow will be increasing from the northwest along the leading edge of an Arctic blast. Temperatures will be in the mid 20s.


MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY 3 AM: The second band of snow will be tracking south across the region. At this time it still looks like the heaviest will be west of KC, but a shift 50 miles farther east is not out of the question. Temperatures will be mostly in the 20s and this looks like the warmest of the day as the Arctic air will be ready to blast in.


MLK DAY 7 AM: The band of snow will be racing south as the Arctic air does the same. Temperatures will range from 5° to 10° in northern Missouri to the mid and upper 20s to the south. The Arctic air will be coming in on north winds 15-30 mph.


MLK DAY 3 PM: The snow will be over as north winds blow at 15-30 mph along with temperatures dropping to the single digits. This puts wind chill values around -15°. There will be blowing snow if we can get more than 0.5″. So, the $64000 question…How much snow are we looking at?


SNOWFALL FORECAST, SYSTEM #1: It looks like most locations will see 1/2″ to 1″. So, yes the snowflake contest may very well end on the morning of January 14th. It will be a close call.


SNOWFALL FORECAST TOTAL, SYSTEM #1 + SYSTEM #2: Right now it looks like a total of 1″-2″ through KC, 1/2″ to 1″ northeast and 2″ to 4″ southwest. Again, we will be looking for shifts east or west, as 50  miles either way can have a huge impact on snowfall totals in your location.


Here is a summary for the two snow chances and an Arctic blast, sounds like the name of a movie! The snowflake contest should end Sunday morning or Monday morning as we just need a 1″ snow depth at 41 Action News. If it does not end, well, then there is more wrong with our weather pattern than we could ever imagine!


Have a great weekend.

Jeff Penner

Could The Snowflake Contest Finally End By Monday?

Good morning bloggers,

The roads are white around Kansas City. Why? Well, up north they may be snow covered, but down south they are salt covered again. When will it precipitate again? There is a chance of snow Sunday, but Mother Nature is not being nice at all.  And, there is a chance of snow Monday with another rather major Arctic blast.  Yesterday a whopping total of 0.4″ fell in Kansas City. During the past four winters (14.1″, 5.9″, 4.9″, and 2.6″) there has been a total of 27.5″ and there have been around 30 snowfalls. Think about that average, less than one inch per snowfall.  Here are some numbers:


It is down into the single digits today. The trend on the models overnight for Sunday and Monday’s snow chances was interesting. The trend shifted the Alberta Clipper type systems west a bit, but these are small scale systems with very little moisture to work with.


On Sunday, there is a fast moving wave aloft, that you can see on tonights upper level forecast chart:


That wave, that I am pointing at with that arrow, comes through and over the ridge near the west coast. And, then it drops southeast to just west of Kansas City Sunday morning. If it is strong enough and takes that track across eastern Kansas, then the snowflake contest could end Sunday morning with a 1-2 inch band possible:


This is a rather small and fast moving system. The trend overnight shifted the snow west to right over Kansas City. But, we have been through this too many times.  It is now less than 48 hours away, and yet it is not even close to being a certainty.



On Monday, another strong Arctic Blast will be spreading and expanding out over the upper Midwest and plains states. A band of snow has been pretty heavy on some models. It will be moving fast, but it could also produce an inch or so. This provides two chances to end the snowflake contest.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 7.06.19 AM

This map above shows the GFS snowfall forecast for these next two events combined.  The Canadian model doubles these totals. And, the Euro does too:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 7.16.54 AM

As you can see, the European Model shows a nice Two to Four inches of snow, which would obviously end the snowflake contest. Again, this is all by Monday morning.  This European model is almost an exact copy of what the Canadian model did. So, we continue on this rather rough winter ride in KC. Are we being teased again?  I like the trend.

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Arctic Blast Arrives With Some Winter Precipitation

Good morning bloggers,

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas.  There is a storm system tracking across the plains and you can see the areas of rain and snow on this radar map from 7:30 AM:

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 7.26.36 AM

I just took Sunny The Weather Dog outside and it is turning much colder and very windy. It really hits you in the face with rain and temperatures falling. The temperatures are going to drop to way below 32° through the 20s and into the teens this afternoon.  Schools have been cancelled today. There will be some icing and dangerous conditions, and then maybe a little bit of snow, but the snowflake contest is likely to continue. The main disturbance just needs to track southeast of KC and an inch of snow will fall, but take a look at where it is, and I drew on the track:

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 7.39.02 AM

It is really incredibly frustrating to myself right now, as this disturbance is very close, but it is tracking northwest of KC. This will make it very difficult for any significant snow to fall, but there should be some after the disturbance moves by.  Temperatures will drop so be very careful as it ices up in the next few hours.

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Now through 9 AM: Rain changing to freezing rain. Temperatures dropping into the 20s with icing up of non treated and elevated surfaces such as decks, driveways, bridges, off and on ramps.
  • 9 AM – Noon: Freezing rain changing to sleet or snow. Accumulations of under an inch possible. Slick and hazardous driving conditions likely continue to worsen. Temperatures dropping to near 20 degrees.
  • Noon – 6 PM: Snow tapers off to flurries with a dusting to under an inch on top of the ice possible. Temperatures dropping into the teens.

Have a great day. Due to the heavy traffic from so many people, this blog has been getting slow. We are working on finding ways to fix this problem. It has happened when winter storm systems approach in the past. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for sharing this weather experience, go to Weather2020.com and join in the conversation.


Winter Weather Advisory Thursday

Good Evening Bloggers,

What? I am writing a second blog today? Something must be going on right? I just presented to the big AMS Conference in Austin and made some bold predictions using the LRC.  And, from the second I concluded my talk the trend on the models has been good. Now, we have been through this a bit before, so we are on a weather ride that may not end up so nice.  Three chances! I have said this before. Three storm systems, but we must break through the first one and we never break through, or we haven’t yet.  The first chance is Thursday. The second chance is Saturday morning. And, the third chance is Sunday.  We have had these three chances before, but when we don’t break through the first one, the the others fizzle as well. COME ON MOTHER NATURE! We deserve this.

Winter Weather Advisory:

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Kansas City.  Right after sunrise on Thursday we are forecasting a strong cold front to blast through with rain, possibly a thunderstorm, changing to freezing rain, sleet, and possibly some snow.  Accumulations are expected to be light, but very slick, on the icing, and then a dusting to an inch of snow could fall fairly quickly, with a few spots possibly getting a bit more. Northwest Missouri has the best chance of 3 or more inches of snow.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 2.31.30 PM

The wave of energy that is causing this potential fast moving winter weather event is trending farther south, just a bit. Some areas may get missed and if this is just a bit farther north that miss could be KC again, but as I said, the trend is south and a bit stronger.  I am getting on the airplane and heading back to KC. I will check on the blog from the air. The presentation this morning went very well. The response was overwhelmingly positive, but still a shocked look from my peers.

Here is the NAM Snowfall Forecast that just came out:


Thank you for reading the second blog of the day and go to Weather2020 to join in the conversation.  Have a great evening.


A 200+ Day Forecast For A Hurricane In The Gulf Of Mexico

Good morning bloggers,

A major storm system just produced enough rain across Southern California to create major mudslides, flooding, and a disaster. 13 people were killed as one of the mudslides destroyed homes northwest of Los Angeles.  While this horrible storm tracks east into the plains, it is caught in the cycling weather pattern that is right on schedule according to the LRC.  When the pattern set up in October, a hurricane was caught at the beginning, around day 1 of this years LRC on October 7th. This was hurricane Nate.  This part of the pattern is likely going to produce a hurricane in future cycles.  Here is a tweet I made yesterday afternoon in preparation for the presentation I will be making today at the American Meteorological Society’s conference in Austin, TX:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 6.08.55 PM

While Kansas City braces for yet another miss, today we will look at the forecast that we made yesterday for a hurricane to likely be threatening the United States around September 1st by using this year’s LRC; this year’s 47-day cycle. Ten days ago we discussed how this part of the pattern may very well finally end the snowflake contest, and there is a chance between now and the end of the weekend, but the odds still seem low.  This weather pattern continues to produce miss after miss after miss.


There may be a band of heavy snow developing over central Kansas and then tracking northeast in a rather thin strip from southeastern Nebraska, into Iowa, and northeast to Lake Superior.  Then, the storm reorganizes and produces a major snowstorm from parts of Tennessee into western New York. This is likely going to be another miss for KC. Maybe, just maybe, a little dusting of snow or a mixture of precipitation will zip by Thursday.  There are a couple of systems that try to move in from the northwest Friday and over the weekend, but these are suspect as well.

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Today:  Cloudy and mild. South winds gusting to 25 or 30 mph. It will be dry with a high of 54°.
  • Tonight:  Cloudy and windy.  There is a 90% chance of some rain, and a potential for a few thunderstorms between 2 AM and 7 AM.  Low:  45°
  • Thursday: Cloudy and turning colder. The wind shifting to the northwest. A band of rain, sleet, and snow is likely going to track fairly quickly across the area. There may be some quick and very low accumulation of less than 1/2″ of any winter combination of precipitation.  Temperatures falling into the teens during the afternoon

So, as we can see, it is likely going to be a rather interesting and exciting next 24 hours.  After this system zips by, we have a chance of one or two systems coming in from the northwest, but I am not too bullish on these yet. Okay, let’s look ahead 200+ days.

Forecasting A Likely Hurricane Using The LRC

As shown in the first map of this blog, we are predicting a hurricane within a few days of September 1st to be affecting, most likely somewhere between New Orleans and the Florida west coast.  This part of the pattern produce Hurricane Nate on October 7th and 8th.  If you use the average 47-day cycle length, this comes out to 282 and 329 days from now, or July 16th and September 1st.  What we have found out is that hurricane season actually begins in October and November; it then goes dormant and re-emerges in June.  If there is an early tropical storm, then this is a huge indicator of an active hurricane season ahead.  So, we will be looking for this early indicator for this forecast around July 16th. Last year it was Tropical Storm Cindy that was the early indicator for the forecast of Hurricane Harvey that Weather2020 made 55 days before.  Go back and look at the June 27th Eclipse Forecast blog entry to see that bold prediction that verified. The chance that a hurricane hits somewhere from the Florida Panhandle west to New Orleans is around 25% for any given year, so we are forecasting way above the average for any given year.

I am presenting this today at the conference. My presentation is stressing how to write an effective and successful blog. Thank you so much for posting your incredible comments last week. I am using a few of them near the end of the talk. Have a great day and thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the LRC. Go to the blog on Weather2020, Weather2020 Blog and join in the conversation.


Another Storm Is About To Miss Kansas City

Good morning bloggers,

As discussed in yesterday’s blog, Kansas City is far from alone on getting missed over and over again. The frustrations mount when a storm approaches and is so close, and then it leaves us in the dust.  That is what will most likely happen on Thursday. Take a look:


This is the NAM model surface forecast valid at 6 AM Thursday. I will be back in KC Thursday experience another miss.  And, look how close it is to KC, to Maryville, MO.  Maryville, MO may be miles from missing this one.  A strong cold front will move through Thursday morning. There is a chance of thunderstorms as the surface low passes by to the northwest early Thursday morning around 3 AM, but by 6 AM you can see the low in northeastern Iowa.  There is a warm sector to this storm over Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.  In the spring months this setup will likely produce a significant severe weather outbreak.  It can happen during the winter as well if more warm and moist air was available, and this may be the case by Friday as you can see below with the fully formed cyclone:


The area of snow coming in from the northwest will be monitored closely, but KC is placed perfectly to most likely get missed again. It is difficult to have to always try to explain misses, but we don’t have a choice do we?  For areas out east, my goodness, it is another exciting storm.

Snowfall Forecast From This Morning’s NAM Model:


Remember, Dodge City and Amarillo are still sitting at no snow for the season. The far back edge of this system may clip Dodge City, but it appears, Amarillo will get missed once again.  Have a great day. I am presenting tomorrow morning (Wednesday morning) at the conference. Thank you for your great comments on why this blog is successful. I am using a few of them in my presentation.  Have a great day. The blog will be rather late tomorrow, so please be patient.

Take a look at this:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 9.42.59 AM

Look at the system off of the Florida west coast over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. This is what is left of the system that brought KC rain on Sunday.  It is now over the Gulf of Mexico.  Now, look at this:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 9.45.53 AM

This is day 1 or day 2 of this years LRC. LRC Cycle 1, day 1!  Hurricane Nate was forming in the Gulf of Mexico.  Remember, Weather2020 actually predicted Hurricane Harvey 55 days before it formed right here in the blog.  How? This is how!  There is a very good chance of a hurricane around September 1st right near this location.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the cycling weather pattern.  We are continuing our great discussion about everything weather and more on the Weather2020 blog, so go click on that here to join in the conversation:  Weather2020 Blog


More Misses For KC

Good morning bloggers,

The morning begins with some black ice, ice that can be deceiving. Many driveways, patios, and decks have some of this ice, and there have been around 20 crashes around KC this morning.  Conditions will improve by 10 AM as temperatures rise above freezing with sunny skies today.

DSCN4818I snapped this picture of the black ice this morning.  The driveway was covered in a thin layer of ice, and even on the treated road right off of my driveway, there was some ice in patches. So be careful if you are heading out early today.

For Kansas City, this is almost like the worst morning of the year for travel, well it is only January 8th, but now that people are back at work and it is a Monday morning, the impacts for travel are about as bad as it has been thus far this season. This is a pretty sad statement as we are experiencing this nightmare of a winter for us weather enthusiasts. This is our fourth straight winter like this around here. Could this turn around? It still can, but every single potential storm system is finding ways to miss Kansas City, and we are not alone by any means. The very boring winter season, thus far, is being shared by many other cities.  Los Angeles may be about to finally have an exciting storm system come through as we move into cycle 3 of this years LRC.  Tuesday is likely day 1 of Cycle 3 (Cycle 1:  October 7 – November 23; Cycle 2:  November 24 – January 8; Cycle 3 begins January 9th with this next storm coming into California)

  • Amarillo, TX:  Incredible!  Amarillo began this years cycling pattern with one storm producing 0.05″ of rain on October 9th after the temperature dropped from 84° on the 8th to 58° on the 9th.  Then on an 87° day, 0.01″ fell on the 13th.  IT HAS NOT RAINED SINCE. IT HAS NOT SNOWED THIS SEASON.  Amarillo, TX has a total of 0.06″ and since October 13th they have the big ZERO!
  • Dodge City, KS: Just as Incredible!  Dodge City has had 0.01″ of precipitation since this pattern began October 7th. WHAT? Are you kidding me? This is 92 days with 0.01″ and NO SNOW! Wow!
  • Wichita, KS: NO SNOW YET! Incredible Again! Wichita had 0.06″ yesterday and 1.61″ since this pattern began. 1.03″ fell in October, and this provides some hope as we begin cycle 3 of at least getting something, but there has yet to be even 0.1″ of snow in Wichita, KS this season.
  • Los Angeles, CA:  LA had 0.10″ in October in the first LRC Cycle. It rained 0.01″ in November, and 0.01″ in December. This is a total of 0.12″ in the first 92 days of this pattern. This may be about to change on Tuesday. A storm may finally sneak into Southern California and it may cause problems.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.34.09 AM

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.39.44 AM

As Los Angeles is about to finally break through with a storm system, this same storm system is forecast to make another glancing blow or a complete miss on KC. It is something we are monitoring closely.

Precipitation Forecast Next 10 Days From The 06z GFS Model:


Look closely: Los Angeles is forecast to get 2-4 inches of rain. Kansas City and Wichita are forecast to receive around 0.10″ or so. Dodge City is in the 0.01″ range, and there is a hole over Amarillo. Wow!  The same pattern keeps providing miss after miss after miss.

I am heading to Austin, TX this morning and speaking on Wednesday.  Let’s see how the models come in today and we will look at the end of the wekek storm in tomorrows blog. Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather blog featuring Weather2020 and the LRC. Go over to Weather2020 and join in the great discussion as we share in this weather experience.