Wow! Crazy Weather Day

Good Tuesday night or Wednesday morning bloggers,

We went from partly cloudy, warm and humid at 11 AM to major thunderstorms 12-1 PM to sunny by 2 PM. The worst of the thunderstorms occurred south of I-70. The thunderstorms were moving east-southeast at 60 mph! The most damage occurred in Jackson county and there was a brief EF 0 tornado near Lake Latowana.  I am guessing the LLTI (Lezak’s Leaving Town Index) finally worked for the first time this year.  Gary is down at the lake, and he lost power last night at Table Rock when the system reached that far south.  His power was out for around five hours down there, but the storms were even worse near KC.

Here is a still image from a time-lapse about 1230 PM. You can see the well defined shelf cloud as it was surging southeast.


Let’s see how these thunderstorms developed in three radar images yesterday:

12 PM TUESDAY: We were tracking a small thunderstorm northeast of Topeka and I was getting ready to fill in for Gary.  The thunderstorms were intensifying and I thought I would have time to get to work before they got too bad. The SPC didn’t really mention much of a chance of a tornado, but severe thunderstorms are always capable of producing one, so we must always monitor each strong to severe thunderstorm closely.


1 PM TUESDAY: The thunderstorms were rapidly growing and intensifying. Also, notice how they travelled from Topeka to KC in one hour, and there seems to be a little hook forming near I-35:


2 PM TUESDAY: The thunderstorms did their damage in Jackson county and were now affecting Warrensburg. Again, moving at 60 mph, at least. The thunderstorms became a line and this ended the tornado threat for the most part.


Now, we turn our attention to the next weather issue and that is the heat. Did you know heat is the number one weather killer, per year, by far? We are also in an Orange alert for air pollution tomorrow. The chance of having air quality issues tomorrow after what went through today, is quite low. We are in a Heat Advisory for Thursday-Saturday and it may be upgraded to an Excessive Heat Warning.


WEDNESDAY: The heat is building as we we will see highs 90°-95°. 100°+ arrives in the southwest Plains. New thunderstorms will track along the leading edge of the heat from Nebraska to Iowa and eastern Missouri.


THURSDAY: Our in house data is showing something that has not occurred in 1752 days, September 8, 2013. That is a high of at least 100°. We are going 99°, but when you go 99°, that means you think it could be 100°. So, yes the streak may end. Notice, the thunderstorms in northeast Missouri.


The heat will last through Saturday, but a cold front will arrive Sunday.

Have a great night and start to Wednesday. Gerard Jebaily is filling in for Gary tonight, and I will be doing the Midday show. I will work on a new blog entry by sometime this afternoon.  You can join in the conversation over on the Weather2020 blog.

Jeff Penner

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