WOO HOO! Rain!!

Good Morning Bloggers!

I think we are all doing the happy dance this morning with the rain we had last night and into the overnight hours.  Here is the rainfall totals:


We hit it right on the nose and it feels great!  I know some still need more, but any rain is better than nothing.  I would love if you guys would post the most updated total you have at your house under comments.  I’ll try to put them together on a graphic.  We appreciate your feedback. :)

I’m keeping the blog short today, but the rain is moving out and we will stay cloudy and cool today.


Temperatures will stay much cooler than average because with the clouds, damp ground and northeast winds it will be hard to warm up.  High temperatures today staying around 80 degrees.

Have a great day!

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22 comments to WOO HOO! Rain!!

  • j-ox

    1.5″ in NW Lawrence.

  • frigate

    This was so wonderful that finally the entire KC metro got in on some widespread beneficial totals. We might want to remember this, as who knows when it may happen again? I picked up 3.42 in SW Grain Valley, Mo.

  • richmondhere

    Right at 5 inches here in Richmond,MO. Much needed rain!

  • AW

    Weather Channel says we got 1.67 inches, but this is saying 3.47…

    Rainy Sunday and Monday. 40% chance both days.

  • Terri

    My umbrella turned inside out and the rain was going sideways! We lost power in the evening for a bit but mostly the lights just flickered A LOT!

    I have no idea how much we got as I did not have anything set out on the deck. We did get a lot as it rained for HOURS!

  • mowermike

    Kalee, you beautiful weather girl, here are my 10 locations where I collect rainfall totals. It was a good one for most, the SW side of the 5-county region didn’t do as well, but did ok. More rain looks likely later in the weekend. KCI is above average for the whole month and it’s only August 7th.

    1-29 and Barry Road: (Platte county) 3.89
    152 and Indiana: (western Clay county) 3.16
    435 and 96th street: (Clay county) 2.89
    NKC(1 mile north of Downtown(S. Clay) 3.56
    I35 and 95th street(Johnson county KS.)4.01
    I70 and 27th street(Jackson county Mo.)4.21
    1-70 and Little Blue Parkway)(Independence)4.45
    119th and Roe (Leawood KS. (Johnson county KS) 1.87
    I35 and the Holt exit(Clinton county) 3.21
    69HWY and 135th(Overland Park) 1.68

    Yearly totals show 5 of these locations are above average for the year. (my totals I collect) Remember, I use the same equipment the NWS does and feel that these measurements are very accurate.

    How about this from the LRC forecasting center:(posted on July 29th)

    The next seven days: Mostly dry in Kansas City with temperatures below average. A very wet pattern will track from Colorado southeast into Oklahoma which will affect parts of southern Kansas.
    Days 8 to 14: A very good chance of 2 to 5 inches of rain in the KC metro area, followed by a big warming trend with a surge into the middle to upper 90s.
    I just looked at the latest GFS model, and even though it has a flow of disturbances next week it still produces very little rain in our area. I believe it is wrong. We will look deeper into it tomorrow.

    The above forecast was ridiculously accurate. WOW!!

    • mowermike

      Correction: I posted 4.01 for 95th and I-35, mistake, the total there was 2.66. The rest are good to go.

    • Dobber

      Wow is right, we had 4.4 inches last night. Wet start for August for sure. Gary nailed this one! JD, kalee, penner all did good as well. Glad it verified. No drought in the Kc metro. 0 drought.

    • someweatherdude

      Near 151st and US 69 (Johnson County), I picked up around 2.5 inches — that’s total through this morning. I assume my rain gauge is accurate.

  • Emaw

    2.35″ in north Olathe.

  • mcarr1066

    I got 6.25 inches of rain at 40th and Pennsylvania in Kansas City. So nice to see that much rain.

  • Dobber

    What does the next week look like moisture wise? Hope we get more!

  • Thanks bloggers,

    This was another huge success for the LRC forecasts that have been 80% accurate since December. Pretty incredible. This storm was in the forecast for 50 days to hit right around August 6th, which hit on the nose. I have a discussion of this on Weather2020.com’s blog.

    Now, let’s get some more rain. The latest data has a good chance by Sunday into Sunday night. The pattern will continue into next month and then we get a new LRC by around the first week of October. Before that happens there is a decent chance of an early frost or freeze in parts of the upper midwest down into KC later next month.

    Have a great day. I have two more days off. The Royals are hot! The Chiefs play tonight, and the weather is great for August 7th. Wow, did we need that rain.


  • mowermike


    The US drought monitor went unchanged this week and likely will look a bit different next week. Still no drought headlines for the KC metro area.

    Latest GFS has some more good rains later in the weekend.


    The weather log you were keeping on the dry spell….shattered last night, the dry spell is over, at least for now. Long term, you still need some more.

  • Hume-Dude

    Yes, around 3″ down here! Definitely Killed the dry spell, which was quite the die hard. I hadn’t seen an estimated precip. map so colorful around here for a long time! Was also a crop saver, gave my bean plants that needed boost of moisture to start building actual beans. Plus pasture was getting vaporized, they will bounce back nicely. Best thing about a 3″ rain is that subsoil moisture will be around for another couple weeks, so beans are all but locked in now. Plus I am expecting some more rain now that the seal has been broken!

    • Dobber

      Vaporized pastures huh?

      • Hume-Dude

        maybe I’m little overdramatic at times….I should gave gone into theatrics or became a foreign diplomat.

        • Dobber

          Theatrics yes, diplomat eh……. Who would want a job like that?record yields this year Hume. New diesel pickups for all the farmers! Now don’t complain the prices are cheap. Cause and effect.

  • Hume-Dude

    Tell me FARMERMIKE got some good rains!

  • luvsno

    JD are you doing another marathon ? 10 out of 11 days …from last Thursday thru this coming Sunday ? (I recall you were off this past Sunday)
    the running blogs are great.! Thank you, and Kalee both !

  • Bill Z.

    More rain please.