Winter Weather Advisory Thursday

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What? I am writing a second blog today? Something must be going on right? I just presented to the big AMS Conference in Austin and made some bold predictions using the LRC.  And, from the second I concluded my talk the trend on the models has been good. Now, we have been through this a bit before, so we are on a weather ride that may not end up so nice.  Three chances! I have said this before. Three storm systems, but we must break through the first one and we never break through, or we haven’t yet.  The first chance is Thursday. The second chance is Saturday morning. And, the third chance is Sunday.  We have had these three chances before, but when we don’t break through the first one, the the others fizzle as well. COME ON MOTHER NATURE! We deserve this.

Winter Weather Advisory:

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Kansas City.  Right after sunrise on Thursday we are forecasting a strong cold front to blast through with rain, possibly a thunderstorm, changing to freezing rain, sleet, and possibly some snow.  Accumulations are expected to be light, but very slick, on the icing, and then a dusting to an inch of snow could fall fairly quickly, with a few spots possibly getting a bit more. Northwest Missouri has the best chance of 3 or more inches of snow.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 2.31.30 PM

The wave of energy that is causing this potential fast moving winter weather event is trending farther south, just a bit. Some areas may get missed and if this is just a bit farther north that miss could be KC again, but as I said, the trend is south and a bit stronger.  I am getting on the airplane and heading back to KC. I will check on the blog from the air. The presentation this morning went very well. The response was overwhelmingly positive, but still a shocked look from my peers.

Here is the NAM Snowfall Forecast that just came out:


Thank you for reading the second blog of the day and go to Weather2020 to join in the conversation.  Have a great evening.


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