Winter Weather Advisory, Active Weather

Good Saturday bloggers,

Our next winter event arrives after midnight tonight as a Winter Weather Advisory has been put in effect for all of Missouri and extreme eastern Kansas. This is being caused by warmer and more moist air racing north along with a disturbance or two heading northeast from the Pacific Ocean. The disturbances are being kicked northeast by a larger storm on the west coast bringing a ton of snow to Seattle. This main storm is strong and will affect our weather Monday and Tuesday. So, let’s go through this wild weather.

If you are headed out today or this evening it will be dry and cold with existing slick spots.


SATURDAY 6 PM-MIDNIGHT: It will be dry, cloudy and cold. Wind chill values will be in the teens.


SUNDAY MIDNIGHT TO 3 AM: Precipitation will rapidly increase. It may start as a mix of snow, sleet and freezing drizzle with temperatures in the mid 20s. So, all surfaces will instantly become slick.


SUNDAY 3 AM-6 AM: This is the main part of the event as the precipitation should change to mostly snow with a mix south. The snow may be briefly heavy.


SUNDAY 6 AM-NOON: The precipitation will rapidly end from southwest to northeast 8-10 AM, so that by noon it is cloudy with some mist possible. Temperatures will rise above freezing which will help crews treat the roads and any surfaces untreated will get a chance to improve. Periods of drizzle will be possible Sunday afternoon and evening. If temperatures slip below 32, then the drizzle becomes freezing drizzle. This is something we need to watch.


SNOWFALL POTENTIAL: We are expecting less than 1″ south of KC due to more of a mix. 1″-2″ is possible from KC and points north. There may be pockets of 2″-3″ across northern Missouri. The amounts may adjust up or down in your location, based on if there is more mix than snow and/or the precipitation area ends up bigger or smaller. This is something literally forming in eastern Kansas and western Missouri. So, it is always tough to forecast something that does not exist and that is forming overhead.


SUNDAY NIGHT-MONDAY MORNING: The next round of precipitation comes streaming north. Right now it looks like rain/drizzle for around I-70 south with a mix to the north. All locations will see rain by noon Monday. The KC area could see some freezing rain/sleet early Monday for a short time if the precipitation comes in faster or it is a few degrees colder than we are currently forecasting.


MONDAY AFTERNOON: Periods of rain are likely with temperatures 35°-40°. A snowstorm will be occurring along I-80. Rainfall amounts will range from around .10″ to .50″ in our area.


TUESDAY: The storm will rapidly track into the Great Lakes. This puts our area on the southwest quadrant of the storm, which means very windy conditions and a chance for a period of mostly light snow. Temperatures will drop into the 20s. Now, we must watch this closely, because if the storm tracks south by a state or 1/2 of a state, then our area will see much more snow.


The crazier the weather, the tougher the forecast.

Have a great weekend.

Jeff Penner

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