Winter is Not Over, Groundhog is Wrong

Good Saturday bloggers or Happy Groundhog day,

This is by far, my least favorite holiday. I just don’t get it.  The groundhog says it will be an early Spring as he did not see his shadow. In Punxsutawney they say he has not been wrong for 133 straight years!  Does he use the LRC?  No, because the LRC does not suggest an early Spring and actually he has been right 39% of the time. Now, I do like the movie with Bill Murray.

Let’s get to real weather. This morning we are running 25 degrees above average which is 50 degrees warmer than it was Wednesday morning.  This roller coaster ride will continue as winter returns next week.

SATURDAY: Today will be cloudy, breezy and mild with highs 50°-55°. There will be areas of fog and the chance of drizzle. The roads become wet overnight without a drop of rain. It is due to condensation as the warmer, humid air flows over the cold ground. It is just like a cold coke can outside in the summer, the outer part of the can turns wet.


SUNDAY MORNING: It will be cloudy and breezy tonight with temperatures holding in the low 50s. There will also be areas of drizzle.


SUNDAY AFTERNOON: It will be windy and mild with a chance of more drizzle. The wind will gust to 30 mph from the south. If the sun pops out we will exceed 60°, otherwise it will stay 55°-60°.


MONDAY EARLY MORNING: It will be windy and mild as the first of two cold fronts approach. More drizzle is possible as well.


MONDAY AFTERNOON: Here we go again. Colder air will be moving in. Temperatures will drop from the 50s to the 30s with winds gusting to 30 mph from the north and northwest.  These fronts will come through dry.  The colder air is not as potent as last week and the colder air will stall in the southern Plains.


TUESDAY: The first in a series of storm systems tracking across the Plains from the Pacific ocean will be moving by. These systems will interact with the stalled cold air mass, resulting in rounds of rain, ice and snow. The system for Tuesday looks to bring it’s precipitation east of our area. It will get it’s start around here, so we cannot rule out a brief period of rain or freezing rain.


THURSDAY: This system looks bigger and has our attention. It will bring a widespread area of rain, ice and snow. The locations that receive these precipitation types is yet to be determined as it depends on many factors, the track being the main one.


Have a great weekend.

Jeff Penner

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