Winter Begins December 21st

Good morning bloggers,

Winter begins at 6:11 AM Central Time on December 21st, one week from Friday.  Well, this is when the Winter Solstice will take place.  In astronomy, the solstice happens two times a year when the sun is at it’s greatest distance from the equator.  In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice occurs around December 21st when the sun shines directly over the Tropic of Capicorn.  The Summer Solstice occurs around June 21st when the sun shines directly over the Tropic of Cancer.  The Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year with the sun appearing at it’s lowest point in the sky.

So, we are changing seasons, and yet nothing seems to change.  Kansas City continues to be near the center of one of the most “boring” weather patterns that I have ever experienced in our area, and we have had some really boring patterns.  This next storm, approaching our area later in the week, will at first warm things up into the 50s, possibly even 60 Friday if the clouds hold off. And, then the system is forecast to just zip by early Saturday morning with a brief period of rain. Rainfall amounts forecast by the computer models are in the 0.01″ to 0.50″ range and I don’t have confidence that this storm will produce much again.  After this storm goes by, a major storm will begin forming east of Kansas City next week. The energy from this next part of the weather pattern will move by early in the week and it will be carving out a major storm near the east coast by around a week from today.

This above forecast map does not paint a good rainfall picture for us. This is really the total rainfall for this storm as it tracks to our north. In this scenario we will barely get clipped and again be missed by the bulk of precipitation.  Let’s see how it looks later on with the new model runs.

Here is a picture of me being serenaded by “Feliz Navidad” in Cabo last week.  It is a desert down in southern Baja California, but they have had almost as much rain as we have this year from being hit by three tropical systems.

Thank you for spending a few minutes reading the Action Weather Blog.  Have a great Wednesday and we will go into more details on these weather developments on 41 Action News today and tonight.


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29 comments to Winter Begins December 21st

  • teamster83

    Thank, for the good news that this boring weather pattern is going to continue.

  • Gary, you kind of look like you’d rather be somewhere else. :D

  • yewtrees

    “Winter Begins December 21st” also means that the daylight is getting longer from that day on. Bring on the Spring!!!

  • f00dl3

    If you go purely off day lengths, you would think winter would be at it’s worst from October 21 – February 21, and the hottest days of summer would fall between April 21 and August 21. However, the hottest days and coldest days generally occur about a month or two after the longest and shortest days. Is there a reason why this is? Something to do with the pattern of atmospheric cells maybe?

    • R-Dub

      It’s because the earth itself is a heat sink that delays the response to changes in sunlight. The ground stays warm in fall and warms up slowly in spring, so the changes in air temperatures lag the changes in sunlight by about 1 month.

    • sedsinkc

      This temperature lag also occurs in the oceans. Northern Hemisphere water temperatures are normally at their warmest in mid-late August and at their coldest in February. This, in part, is why the Atlantic hurricane season ramps up in August and peaks in early September.

      • R-Dub

        The lag is even more pronounced near oceans, or with wet soils…that’s why we went into summer so quickly last year, no moisture in the soils to slow the warm up.

  • The question is not ,what did you think of Cabo,but what did Cabo think about you???

  • Gary, I,m heading to Bora Bora next week to get Leid…That,s where the real action is….Alot of beautiful women,sexy sunsets,while wearing a lei….I would ask you to join me even thou you did not invite me to go to Cabo… Anyone else want to get leid,call KSHB,and ask the for the marketing dept. and ask if they will sponsor you a chance to get Leid….A contest would be the most appropriate…Just think of the possibilities….A Leing Marathon,like a dance marathon,except w/ Leis,or maybe something else…I can just imagine all the possibilities of getting Leid….Please Everyone,put in your two cents worth,and call KSHB now….Have a good 1,and I hope everyone gets Leid sometime in the future… ;)

  • McCabe58

    I wish I could block some people on the blog… Mainly the 12 year olds like douchechaser. I bet his response will be completely immature and say something like “you need a bj, that will calm you down” enough is enough already man, just shut up and talk about weather. Grow the f up

    • I agree. I’ve contacted the station. This needs to end now! My daughter gets on here from time to time. Tired of good bloggers giving up, or being run off. This used to be a great place to go for better weather info, and discussion. Now it’s turned into a few punks(and multiple ID punks) running their mouths. Sad indeed!

      • dogncatmom

        Scott, I am glad you contacted the station. This blog used to be a fun place to read, now it’s just, as you say, sad.

        I used to post here more often, but more importantly, I used to read more often. If anyone in authority is listening, please do something!

  • mukustink

    Gary who is the person sitting to your right? It looks as though they had to back up to let th “players” in. Did you get your camera back?

    Looks like the drought will continue. This has to end! I have contacted mother nature to put an end to this. I haven’t heard back yet from her but I hope she will respond. She can be a punk at times and she has several ID’s and numbers. Sad indeed!

  • Emaw

    I have a weather question. Have we ever had a winter with no measurable snowfall? That would be awesome!

    • mukustink

      That would be a no. There’s always a first for everything though! This could be the year!

    • sedsinkc

      Last winter’s 3.9 inches is the least recorded in 122 years of Kansas City climate records, this season might be another snow-challenged winter.

  • Theo

    Gary, you need to adopt the donkey. You need a real weather donkey instead of Mikey.

    BTW: You need to update the chance of a white Xmas to 0%. There is no chance.

  • dogsinkc

    I’m really starting to get pissed. Everyone in the whole northern hemisphere will get more snow than we’ll get – which will be none. Keep raising them temps for next week! Outside BBQ and pool for X-mas day, woo hoo!!

  • Emaw

    Cool, I love BBQ’s!

  • Lisa

    Hi Gary,
    I keep noticing that whenever you show the “first 1 inch of snowfall by year” chart, that you keep putting the first snowfall for 2012 (last Feb. 13) as 2011. Last February was still 2012, it was just last winter. This also most likely throws off the years you show after it for date of snowfall. I’ve seen this over and over, and apparently no one else has noticed. I just wanted to say something so you could fix it for future times you show it! ;-) Thanks!

  • mukustink

    It’s going to be near 50 on Christmas for sure. Gary just keeps that 2% for marketing to keep people on the hook so to speak. At this rate we have a better chance for a tornado then snow.

  • JohnNCWX

    People will be singing a different tune before the new year, its not even winter yet.

  • davidmcg

    This is the great plains. We are in a drought. A drought that is normal for this area. The great plains evolved over time for this type of weather, it is normal, not average, not climate change or anything else. All living things that have survived here for hundreds of years have evolved and adapted to this. With the exception of people. We attempt to change the soil, impound the water, change the plants and animals, along with import animals and plants. But we fail because the great plains always wins out with its weather. The plants survived because they can adapt to frequent changes, usually hot and dry in the warm months and cold and dry in the winter months. But there are exceptions, and that usually means fast changing wet conditions. You can see it in the carved out pastures and river beds that have changed numerous times by rapidly rising and fast moving water. On any giving day in this area there is a roughly 5% chance of precipitation, so to say that the KC area has a 2% chance of a white Christmas is not hype, it is fact. Gary leaving town and the weather changing is not a fact, it is coincidence, even though so many of us including myself at times like this ask Gary to leave town so the LLTI will kick in. But for now, we must all live on in this normal drought cycle we are in. They always run about 3 years before they modify. The current trend began just over a year ago, so we are about half way through it. The cycle will change, but not until the fall of 2013 at the earliest. So until then, we must all adapt and wait, or lose.

  • Weatherman Kumke

    Let the Brian Brosco Era Begin.

    First of many changes for KSHB.


  • DougHeadyImpersonator1

    The new Drought Monitor comes out at 730 in the morning. It should be interesting. My bet is that they put us in Extreme drought. Everyone be careful tomorrow, we have a very high fire danger from about 11am-5pm.