Wind Advisory & A Weekend Storm

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A Wind Advisory is in effect for the Kansas City area today.  The Blizzard Warning continues up north as a major snowstorm is in progress this morning. Winter is still battling with spring, and it is winning the battle up north today. Farther south, spring has seemingly taken over, and we are paying close attention to the storm that is on the heals of this one.  Let’s discuss in today’s blog, beginning with the surface map from 10 PM last night:


It was 76 degrees at 10 PM last night in KC and 80 degrees in Tulsa, OK.  At the same time, it was 19 degrees and snowing in Denver Colorado, where it was near 80 degrees the day before. Wow!  A cold front was blowing through the KC metro area as I was writing this at 7:30 AM, and the wind will shift to the southwest and west-southwest. The colder air is moving in from the southwest this morning:

7:30 AM Temperatures:


It was 38 degrees in Wichita, KS and that air was surging our way.  Look at that temperature range.

The next storm system has a few questions yet to be answered.  There is a northern extension of the storm, and will there be snow mixed with the rain, or could it change to all snow?  These are the two main questions. Some of the models track this storm south of KC and some of them track it right into KC.  These next two maps are from the European Model from yesterday:



Look at the northwestern edge of the precipitation shield in the comma head of this weekend storm.  The pink is heavy snow.  If the temperatures are above freezing, then there will be no accumulation of snow.  And, the track of this storm is still highly suspect, even though I lean in this solution above of that northern edge making it to north of KC. In the five previous LRC Cycles, this storm hit Kansas City a couple of times, and it tracked farther south in other cycles.  The pattern has been most in line with the last cycle, in February, and the storm came farther north and affected KC then, so I favor this farther north solution of the storm.  So, let’s see how the models trend this morning.

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Today:  Increasing clouds this morning and becoming quite windy. The temperatures will fall into the 40s. And, then the clouds will clear allowing for a rise to near 50 degrees or into the lower 50s. The wind will shift to the west-southwest and gust to nearly 50 mph during the afternoon. A Wind Advisory is in effect.
  • Tonight:  Periods of clouds and windy.  The temperatures will drop to 33°
  • Friday:  Mostly sunny and windy.  West winds gusting to 35 mph.  High:  52°
  • Saturday:  Becoming cloudy. The clouds may move in fast enough to prevent a freeze. The clouds will act like a blanket.  If the storm goes farther south, a freeze is more likely.  Low:  35°
  • Saturday Night – Sunday:  Cloudy with rain likely from I-70 south and a chance of rain farther north.  The rain may mix with or change to snow.  It will then become sunny Sunday afternoon.  Low: 34° High:  49°

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  Go over to the blog on Weather2020.com to join in the conversation.  Here is the link to click on:  Weekend Storm


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