Will we hit 80 today?

Good Morning Bloggers!

I hope you’re doing well!  Heading to Saint Louis this morning for the KU game?  Fog on the eastern half of the state will lift early today and lovely weather is expected state-wide!

Today, our temperatures approach 80°.  Winds will be very light from the south, so that may limit the amount of warming we realize.  Nevertheless, 80 with a light breeze verses 78 with virtually no breeze is a win-win forecast dilemma.

The storm system that brought us 5 days of rain was still at it yesterday, with severe t-storms across the east and southeastern U.S.  Click on the video link below to see a unique type of storm damage from yesterday’s storms in Franklin County, Virginia.


Ping Pong Ball sized hail fell from storms in Franklin County.  Now when you take severe t-storm wind and and it sends this hail sideways, it can scour the side of a house like a giant sandblaster.  Wow!

Winds pick up Monday ahead of the next storm system….severe hail and wind will be possible across the Dakotas Monday afternoon/evening.

Tuesday morning a cold front will be approaching KC…it should move into KC Tuesday night.  Here’s the deal with this front.
-T-storms may develop ahead of this front Tuesday morning around KC, this could amount to a brief round of rain/storms Tuesday morning in the Metro.
-Latest NAM forecast supports t-storms refiring near the front/near KC Tuesday afternoon…if this were to happen, we’d have to watch these storms for isolated wind/hail.
-With the front lingering in the KC area for a few days, t-storms would be possible through the second half of the workweek.

I’ll have an update tonight at 5pm…meanwhile, go outside and enjoy an A+ day!


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1 comment to Will we hit 80 today?

  • sportsfreaked

    As the late great Bill Grigsby would say what a beauuttiffuuulll day outside it was and still is today. Thanks for the blog entry George.