Thunderstorms Developing At 8 PM

Good late evening bloggers,

Thunderstorms are developing and moving into the KC metro area at 8 PM. The new data coming in is still looking good for our 2 to 4 inch snowfall forecastin in the KC Metro area. Could we have thundersnow?

Okay….while we are waiting for the new data and an update I would like to know how much snow you think will fall in KC?   Here is the radar from around 7:30 PM. That is a nice area of snow out to our west.


I will write up a new blog entry around 9 PM…


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71 comments to Thunderstorms Developing At 8 PM

  • Skylar

    I say 5″ KCI, 4″ on the Plaza and 3.5″ at my house by JoCo Executive (although it’s not like you’ll be able to tell the difference). More showers and storms popping up just SW and moving in, too.

  • braysmama

    Maybe an inch or two in KC.

  • sedsinkc

    3.5 inches at KCI, 3 inches at my house in KC North, and 2 inches in Overland Park south of 435.

  • weatherman brad

    Ill say about 3-4 inches for kc metro, 3.6 at my house


    • mukustink

      Bradley if you win the contest I would sell the stuff to pay for your education! Wait do you have to pay for middle school? :)

  • McCabe58

    Wow tornado watch down at table rock lake! This must be a strong storm! I think the plaza gets 4.3 inches and where I’m at in phill we get 2.7 inches

  • WeatherNerd

    I think 2″-3″ from just south of metro to northland. Isolated amounts of 4″ throughout the metro.

  • mukustink

    Gary I had been saying a dusting to an inch. Then I saw that the storm was digging and slowing down. I then changed it to 2-4 for the immediate metro. The change was before you changed your forecast. So I will say 2-and I hope I don’t regret it in the morning!

  • WeatherNerd

    How long has it been since we have seen a storm intensify so close to KC like this? Seems like forever. Going to be a long night…

  • Cacti51

    I predict at least 3 in Olathe

  • mukustink

    Gary when is George’s last day on air? We want to have a blog send off for him.

  • k10k7

    I am trying to get a decent look at where the low pressure system is located, several sites show right on the Oklahoma, Kansas border. Would have liked to have seen the system down closer to Tulsa to get more snow….

  • ChiefsFan

    Just heard thunder, pea size hail now here in KCK

  • Weatherman Kumke

    4 inches for Olathe. 6 inches+ for KCI-Northward

  • ChiefsFan

    4 inches for downtown KC

  • LittleAndy

    4.5 inches officially. 3 on the plaza. 5.5 at my house in st jo mo

  • Farmgirl

    4.5 inches in KC…good luck measuring it. I think I missed the snowfall guess by just a few hours if it comes later in the morning. Boohoo!

  • mgsports

    So Sleet or Ice on top of Snow not Good.

  • Tornado watch in Springfield? My son is a met down there. Just let me know.

  • sedsinkc

    The heaviest snow will fall north of Kansas City. There is little doubt about that. But the intensity of this storm means that even though the upper level feature is a bit far to the north for Kansas City, the strong vorticity associated with the storm should wrap a significant swath of snow around on its west side in a classic comma head configuration as the system matures late tonight. That’s what the models say it is going to do. If the system takes longer to fully mature, then less snow will fall in Kansas City. It is virtually a sure bet that some accumulating snow will fall in KC. But will it be 1 inch or 5 inches or somewhere in between?

  • Skylar

    Nice little conveyor belt of storms lining up along I35 towards the city.

  • Unstay_Bill

    1/2″-Harrisonville 1″-Downtown 2″- KCI 4″-St.Joe

  • mattmaisch

    Plaza = 3.75″

  • ChiefsFan

    Gary, man I just hope and pray this thing move in and out in the morning, please

    • sedsinkc

      Have faith, it will. This storm will not stall or slow down. It is moving rapidly and will continue to do so.

  • Skylar

    Thunder and light rain in Overland Park

  • 160.5WB

    4.25″ in KC. This will be the start of a wetter trend.

  • LittleAndy

    Weather Channel and my phone (accuweather) says its arain/snow mix in st jo. Just looked outside. Though it does seem like that could happen at any time I did not observe any snow flakes or sleet.

    • nbell_13

      accuweather once told me it was sunny when there was a tornado warning/torrential rain/hail. never used it since.

  • Jerome36

    I’m going with 2.5″ on the north side of Olathe and 3.5″ near my office located ~96′ above ground north of the river!

  • RickMckc

    It’s nice to see the storm wrapping up to our southwest … but I fear the mean old dryslot will turn out to be part of that action, plus the current convection will rob the atmosphere of moisture.

    So, I’ll say 1.5 inches on the Plaza (Brad wins by a half-a-nose), 2 at my house in the Northland and 2.5 at KCI.

  • KCWeather

    HEAVY rain north of KCI with LOTS of lighting!

  • NorthlandKB

    Per a question on the prior blog post, it started snowing at about 2:30 here in Omaha. So far we have had about 3-4″ and it continues to come down at a very good clip. Snow plow at my hotel can’t keep up with it. Local mets are saying 7″-11″ tonight, but I can’t wait to see the drifts!

  • numbers

    Light rain here in Salina, Ks. Still sitting at 37°..

  • sedsinkc

    Wow, the storm that earlier brought hail to near KCI kept trucking NE and is now warned severe near Trenton.

  • stl78

    We have had More post in two days than we have in 6 mo!!…..3.8 @kci

  • numbers

    Im more interested in next week’s storm..

    • Jerome36

      +2. That’s all I want for Christmas…Ho, Ho, Ho!

    • redavis

      +3, Were going to miss out on most of the accumulating snow in Columbia, MO but when I saw the liquid equivalent of 1.00″ or more for the 25-27th time period & some of the models showing 12-18″ of snow across MO I am looking past tonights storm & dreaming of snow on Christmas day in Central MO. I hope it all comes together.

  • mattmaisch

    Back to business at hand. New NAM out. Looks pretty good, but not quite as aggressive as 18Z run. QPF is down and low closes off a bit further east. Still seems to stay inline with snowfall forecast though. 2-4″ still looks like a good bet.


  • McCabe58

    Guys, I’m sure brad wasn’t the only one that picked the 20th lol… Maybe the only blogger, but definitely not the only person. And I agree, going to be very hard to get an accurate measurement

  • StormyWX

    HAIL, pea sized in Wyandotte County just now.

  • snowfan65

    I think 4inches on the north side of the river 3in in downtown and 2in south of the metro

  • caliinkc

    Got an account just to report a bout of thunder-sleet in Plattsburg! It’s been pouring with thunder and lightning for nearly 2 hours now…

  • MikeL

    Pea size hail and a thunderstorm in SW Topeka. Temp 39.2F. The hail is actually turning the ground white. Crazy!

  • Curiosity

    Gary – it would be nice for you to explain methodology of measuring an inch in the middle of 40 mph winds.

  • kellyinkc

    guess we will wake up to a winter wonderland

  • Skylar

    Thundering again :) I also just noticed the HPC has a 7-day qpf forecast now, that’s something new.

  • hippygoth

    What time are we looking at transitioning to snow? Leaving for work around 0300-0400 in the morning. I’ll have my Winter gear, shovel, salt and blanket. Just wondering if I need to leave a little earlier.


    • hippygoth

      Guess I should add south side of the metro, OP area.


      • mukustink

        You will be ok. It will just be starting around 4 or 5 in my opinion. If the wind is blowing it will take some time for it to build up on roads. This is if we get snow in the metro.

  • f00dl3

    These thunderstorms – sure eating a lot of that QPF available. Parts up north near KCI have already had ~1/2″ rainfall. Is there still going to be enough moisture left over for any snowfall beyond a dusting? Would like to see 2-4″ – but kind of wondering now.

    • yewtrees

      I am concerned too, f00dl3. So was Gary. This was what he wrote on Dec. 17 “By midnight Wednesday night that 540 line is passing us, so it would become cold enough to snow at this time, but will there be any precipitation left?”

  • ksloco

    a few flurries with maybe slight accumulation to the north. We are finaly having a spring, I hear thunder.

  • 3-Ball

    Other station has very different forecast. This will be interesting!

  • mattmaisch

    New blog..

  • l lohr

    she’s veering northward more than i thought…maybe .5″ @ plaza. rats.

  • yewtrees

    This is a very fast storm!!! I am so concerned that there won’t be any moisture left for snow. This was what Gary wrote on Dec 17 “By midnight Wednesday night that 540 line is passing us, so it would become cold enough to snow at this time, but will there be any precipitation left?”

  • Wow! My Davis weather station showed rainfall rate of 4.2″ per hour!