Which Forecast Graphic Do You Like?

Good evening bloggers,

Which one of these forecast graphics do you like and why?   And, I am talking about the text style on the forecast, not the background graphic.






It looks like rain tomorrow night, and possibly thunderstorms.  And, let’s see what the next few model runs look like on the late weekend storm system. I don’t buy the latest model solutions.

Again, let me know which graphic you like and why?


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36 comments to Which Forecast Graphic Do You Like?


    I like the first one. It’s alive, vibrant, active….the second one is silent still and asleep.

  • Greenstein

    First one

  • Put me down for #2.
    I like the color(s) and the depth created by the shadows of the numbers. It has a much bolder look and is easier to instantly pick up what information it is relating.
    Just need to drop the font size a notch or two.


    Well color me stupid. I went for the background. Oooops.

    Okay I like te graphics of the second one, it does stand out better. Adds depth which makes it stand out. Based on the demographic who typically watch evening news, I think the font is about right. Te problem might be the color yellow. Yellow can be lost especially in brighter backgrounds. Maybe increase the opacity if the background to blur out background lights or change the color to a darker color style.

    • It sounds like you have some artistic flare?

      I like the yellow, but I could test out some other colors?


        Just a bit.

        Yellow is a good color, however I think you are going for appeal to a broad audience who see the news on a varied style of TV sets. Since the main colors on a TV are red, green, and blue I would steer away from those colors. Yellow is a primary color so it cannot be made by mixing of colors. Green actually stands out the best to the human eye because we see on wavelengths. The color green is on a wavelength that is closest to the most sensitive part of our eye.

  • rred95

    2nd one… has a more 3-d feel to it.

  • ChiefsFan

    I like the 1st one Gary

  • wxfreak


    Number two is too bold for me.
    Number one is more subtle and blends better IMHO.

  • Skylar

    I think it would depend on the background. With the ones you used above, #2 is much better. It looks nicer and the colors go with it perfectly. However I can imagine some backgrounds you’ve used in the past that would make the first better.

  • StormyWX

    The first one by far. It looks a ton more professional to me, although its colors do blend in to the background picture too much. However if you replaced the font to that of the second one (and made the bezel a little bit less), and maybe made the “This Evening” text black instead of that dark blue, I believe that it would be perfect


    Te thing I dislike about the first one is that the background stands out more than the actual information. Background should be just that, the background. With the smaller text box and subdued colors ones eyes are drawn to the background rather than the information. Depending on the length of time the slide is on TV, people may not observe and process all if the information. The information is what is important and should draw the viewers eyes to it.

  • Dobber

    Will it snow anymore this year?

  • MCIRamp

    I like #2 the best simply due to the larger font and 3-D type image. I do like the colors of #1 better. #2 with the #1 colors? If this were Burger King, that’s how I’d have it my way.

  • Sv7Fooster

    Gary, is this something you can have a contest for? It might be neat to see what people come up with.

  • Kole Christian

    The second one because I feel like it has greater emphasis on the forecast and not the background.

  • Kole Christian

    KC Champs,

    Are there any maps giving us a good dose of snow next week. I want snow!

  • StormyWX

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention, on the first one, the box with the forecast in it is so barely unaligned with the box above it it’s maddening. If you could just move it over a smidgen…

  • weathermanwannabe

    I prefer 1, but on the air, the 2nd is bigger and would b better to see for us who r blind.

  • kellyinkc

    #2 IMHO. Im watching the effects of the 8.0 quake a bit ago.

    • Hey everyone,

      I just added another one, changing the color to the blue reflection. What do you think of #3? And, I will show it on the air at 10 PM to test it out.


  • kellyinkc

    here is the link.

  • StormyWX

    Well if you insist on using the second or third one, at least have the text centered in the middle of the bar on top. It seems odd having it pushed up against the logo like that or barely off-center like the second one.

  • HeatMiser

    The first one is more plain, but by far it’s the easiest to read against the background.


    Don’t like the third one. The purple doesn’t pop and the smaller font becomes blurry. Increase color tone and darken the font a little. Increase word size of smaller font or change font to rich

  • cweb

    i prefer the graphic that says 3-5 in of snow

  • beckysma

    First one. I like a traditional look.

  • The first one is on the boring side, but unquestionably the easiest to read, so I’ll go with that one.

  • At the risk of making this more complicated than it needs to be..how about tying the temp color to the sort of day/night on tap.

    Nights are generally cool, so how about Cool Blue.
    Days that are sunny get Yellow.
    Days that will be heavily overcast get gray.
    Snowy Days end up white
    100 degree days qualify for Red.

  • mgsports

    Royals Colors for baseball Season and Chiefs Colors for Football sesson.

  • Paul M. Galbrecht

    # 1 Gary. It’s simple, easy to read. The other two are harder for me to read. (I wear corrective lenses)