Where Will Powerful Hurricane Florence Track?

Good morning bloggers,

Hurricane Florence is still a CAT 4 hurricane this morning.  It will be moving over very warm waters and as it approaches the coast on Thursday afternoon/Thursday night it may slow down a bit. The steering currents weaken considerably by Thursday. The momentum of the west-norwest movement will likely still take this system and blast the Carolina coast. The track shifted a bit south on the last model runs. Let’s look at these first two pictures that show last night at 10 PM and this morning:


Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 7.50.13 AM

As shown above, there are three tropical storms in the Atlantic, and there is another one approaching Hawaii.  There is also a disturbed area near the Yucatan Peninsula.  We are at the peak of hurricane season, and this year it is living up to its reputation. It is ridiculously active right now.  The track of each of these systems is challenging.  The exact track is rather important as the impacts will be significant.  Look at all of the tracks from ensemble runs of the computer models:


Most of the models slow down the system and try to loop it around. This hurricane is going to have some fascinating twists that will have high impacts on effects on the ground.  I will be doing a Facebook Live tonight around 8 PM.  Join in if you would like.



While Maui is in the path of a weakening tropical storm Olivia, North and South Carolina are in mandatory evacuation orders from Major Hurricane Florence.  Let’s see how the models trend today.

In Kansas City, there is no chance of rain for quite some time. The LRC has three weeks left, and then we will welcome a brand new pattern. I am so ready.  Have a great day.  You can join in the conversation on the Weather2020.com blog.



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