What A Sunday & A Look Ahead

Good morning bloggers,

What a day!  Morning thunderstorms created a large rain cooled air mass that almost prevented the afternoon thunderstorms from being generated. But, that is not what happened as the atmosphere destabilized just enough for intense thunderstorms to develop later in the afternoon and evening.  The evening thunderstorms targeted Kansas City and one of the cells had some interesting lowerings right over downtown.  The late afternoon thunderstorm dumped an inch of rain on KCI Airport, so they finally caught up with the rest of us on rainfall with 1.72″ of rain yesterday.

Take a look a this storm system on the water vapor satellite picture taken at 10 PM last night:


As the late afternoon thunderstorms were developing, the morning activity developed a westward moving outflow boundary which acted like a cold front moving west. Take a look at all of the activity on the 4:45 PM visible satellite picture. The thunderstorms would get a boost from that westward moving line of cooler air:

445 PM

Take a look at this closer version of the 4:45 PM satellite picture:

445 PM Close

Just 15 minutes later the line was about to interact with the developing supercells.  When that wind shift line entered the thunderstorms the cells ignited and got stronger and started producing tornadoes. I believe that this line played a factor in the strengthening thunderstorms.  Here is a look at the 5 PM Satellite picture:

5 PM

Tornadoes were about to touch down, and by 6:15 PM we already experienced a few tornadoes on the southern part of our viewing area.  You can also see the dust spreading east behind the dry line/Pacific front. This is shown in that arcing line across central Kansas:

615 PM

Here are the severe weather storm reports from yesterday:



The upper low will be spinning east today and wrap around moisture will rotate some rain south into our area later tonight and Tuesday. There is also still a chance of a frost or even a light freeze later this week . We will go over the details on 41 Action News today and tonight. Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog.


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48 comments to What A Sunday & A Look Ahead

  • KCsnowhater

    There were late afternoon and evening thunderstorms? I’m in Blue Springs and I only saw the fairly light storm in the early afternoon

  • Drought Miser

    With the parent Low moving over us this week do you think we will have any dry days at all this week?? looking pretty unstable all week. 1.70″of rain and light hail damage in Merriam Ks

    • Today is a dry day, some rain on Tuesday, and then maybe a few showers Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will mostly be dry.

      • Drought Miser

        I can also report that the dust from West – Central Kansas has made it to Merriam Ks… a very light but noticeable layer of dust on my truck this morning.

        • gwh64063

          Same here in SE Lee’s Summit. My car’s windshield had a light coating of dust this morning.

  • NoBeachHere

    It has been nice to finally get some rain. Little heavy at times were I am at but good stuff overall.

    With The flow finally blocking a bit, if that was to continue could we see more chance at continued rain?

  • Skylar

    That milky sunrise is a result of the dust. You can see it moving into Missouri on the last few frames of the satellite loop:


  • Kole Christian

    I’m glad we didn’t get anything to bad yesterday in Maryville.

  • mattmaisch

    Hi Gary,

    It was an intense day for sure. My wife’s family had quite a bit of damage to their property in Odessa. Just curious, how do you think the second round of storms would have played out last night, if not for the earlier round that stabilized the atmosphere? I’s assuming things would have been far more significant, but after reading this entry, it almost seems like the earlier round of storms actually helped fuel the evening round. Interesting, if so. Hope all is well. Thanks!


    • I do believe strongly that the late afternoon round would have been much worse with a few larger tornadoes, so we got very lucky. That morning rain was just strong enough.

  • AW

    Mayflower and Vilonia Arkansas were completely destroyed, with, at least, 8 people dead so far, and another day of Severe weather today in Mississippi…

    Gary, can LRC tell me what’s going to happen May 10-11? Accuweather is saying non-stop rain both those days and nights with 2.83 inches falling. I want to know if I should seriously look into this, or if it’s just a joke.

    • AW

      Update: At least 17 people killed in Arkansas.

    • Aw,

      Accuweather is wrong! There is a good chance of strong to severe thunderstorms between May 4th and May 10th, but by the 10th it should be off to the east and certainly dry on the 11th.


      • AW

        Not judging, but the Farmers Almanac says that’ll all stay in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas with just showers up here. Interesting to see how it’ll play out.

  • mgsports

    The Severe Weather has hit mostly on Sunday’s and May 4 is a Sunday but Mother Nature can’t do any severe on 8-10 because NFL Draft happens and their would be to many unhappy fans if the power goes out and can’t watch it.

  • j-ox

    Thankful this event was no worse. Thoughts & prayers to families in affected areas.
    Reporting .4″ of rain in NW Lawrence.

  • AW

    “tornadphistoryproject.com”. Very interesting site for facts.

  • gwh64063

    It was amazing watching Gary on KSHB yesterday evening covering cloud lowerings and storm rotation near downtown KC and Olathe with very bright skies (overcast) at the time here in Lee’s Summit. It seemed a bit surreal and almost like I was watching some other major city’s storm coverage. As the helicopter panned the KC skyline, you could point out the direction to Lee’s Summit with the very bright skies in that direction. Around 7:15 PM, we received a brief downpour for five minutes and that was it for the evening; we were fortunate.

  • AW

    Meant “tornadohistortyprojet.com”. NOT “tornadphistoryproject.com”.

  • mowermike

    4th large rain event for the month: Here are the totals that my 10 stations recorded: + means that location is above for the month and – means below.(the totals reflect the thunderstorms from Saturday and Sunday) I will post the monthly totals at the end of the week. It’s been a good moisture month! Need a couple follow-up months of good moisture.

    1-29 and Barry Road: (Platte county) 1.82 inches +
    152 and Indiana: (western Clay county) 1.61 inches +
    435 and 96th street: (Clay county) 1.77 inches +
    NKC(1 mile north of Downtown(S. Clay) 1.35 inches +
    I35 and 95th street(Johnson county KS.) 1.74 inches +
    I70 and 27th street(Jackson county Mo.) .97 inches +
    1-70 and Little Blue Parkway)(Independence) .68 +
    119th and Roe (Leawood KS. (Johnson county KS) 1.33 +
    I35 and the Holt exit(Clinton county) .83 +
    69HWY and 135th(Overland Park) 1.27 +

    Thanks weather team for all the coverage. I know that is the last thing you want to do on a Sunday is be on the air for many hours. Good job. Thankfully we missed the rough stuff.

    • Dobber

      No one is behind…… Can’t be true! Where are the mongerers?

      • j-ox

        Still behind for month and year…but grateful for what we’ve received. Just want to finish ’14 with a surplus for the first time in several years.

      • Pete Capone

        It isn’t true. That’s just it. These aren’t official weather reports. Facts beat no facts every time D-bomb. Adrian doesn’t get that either. 1 above average month in how long? KCI hasn’t had one since October and only 4 above average since April, 2012. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your argument D-bomb.

        It’s 70 miles from downtown KC to Pleasanton. The way people act on this blog, you’d think an F5 went through the 435 loop. Understand, it’s horrible when a tornado hits, but one that’s 70 miles away? Hardly qualifies for round-the-clock coverage.

        • chris

          Pete u cant keep talking about totals from 2 years ago..that is the past..i understand your arguement about but that is not the way totals are figured. You are beating a dead horse and those are the FACTS.

    • Drought Miser

      Thanks for posting the totals Mike!

  • AW

    28th-30th. Severe weather Plains; cold air sweeps in, brings freeze conditions.

    Will we get that Freeze on Thursday? If so, it’ll be a perfect forecast.

  • AW

    Accuweather is totally following the Farmers Almanac.

    4th-7th. Line of storms capable of breeding a few tornadoes. Accuweather says strong Storms for Dallas Tx those days.


    I wondered if the dust would show up on any images from yesterday.
    Here in n/c kansas late yesterday evening there was so much dust in the air it covered up the sun like thick clouds. From one of the hills on my farm you could not see more than a mile away.
    We need rain in this area every chance is a spit/mist nothing to do any good.

  • Henley

    Nothing even remotely close to severe here in Southern LS…maybe an inch of rain and several minutes of pea size hail. No major wind or anything. The skies weren’t even that threatening. I didn’t understand all of the hullabaloo…guess we just missed it.

  • Fredd

    I kept an eye to the sky throughout the day yesterday and I am appreciative of what our weather forecasters did for us. I was also surprised by the level of hate and anger being spread on the blog by a few…namely Batman (MUKU) and his friend Pete throughout the entire event. Further, the number of people who wish to see a tornado is almost bizarre.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the town of Vilonia, Arkansas, as they deal with the aftermath of yet another tornado that destroyed their entire city. Luckily, their forecasters were on TV, telling people to take cover, move to tornado shelters, and breaking into programming to bring them updates. If not, more people could have been lost. My friend, who teaches at Vilonia Primary school, is dealing with the loss of two students this morning and possibly more.

    So before you anonymous arm-chair weather bloggers (not all, but a few) yell on a weather blog about drought and hockey games and television programming…stop for a moment and think about how many people were saved yesterday because of the coverage extended by news crews (both locally and nationwide) Further, for those of you who wish to see a tornado up close, go ask those residents of Vilonia who have seen two in the 3 years…ask them their opinions…and perhaps you will stop the bizarre rantings of wanting to see utter devastation.

    Look at this quote from the Vilonia Police Chief:

    “The storm warnings went out fairly early,” he said. “I went to the tornado shelter myself with my family, which was a couple miles away from where we were at. A lot of people in the community were there, and so it did work. If you see the destruction that is here, even though we lost some lives, there’s many lives that were saved because of the storm warning.”

    • chris

      Very well said fredd…petey and batman just crave attention and fall into the loser category lately.

      • batman

        Chrissy I offer my opinion just like you do. CB

        • chris

          True batboy but u never hear me trolling anyone but u and petey when u troll someone. Now i will give u credit when u make a good statement which i can do without a problem. The problem is that u constantly troll other people to get attention which is so damn juvenile.

  • Chuck

    Here’s some facts for your Petey……I just love how you and a few others pontificate on here like you are professional weather people. While it’s certainly ok to give your opinion, it never seems like an opinion. From you, you tell us what’s going to happen and you are rarely correct. Yesterday you said Springfield to Jeff City….watch out. Wrong. Luvsno says Gary, you can watch all you want (before the last round fired up), but it’s over. I never see the crow eating that you need to be doing to give yourself some more credibility that you want weather people to do. What goes around comes around doesn’t it? Yes, if a tornado hits inside the immediate kc metro that would be worse as we are more dense, but the weather people DO have a responsibility to report to their coverage area, whether you choose to believe that or not. You are rationalizing. I’m sorry they interrupted your hockey game or basketball game. If you only want to talk about “official” weather reports, I assume in the kc area you must be talking about mci. Let’s remember that. If that’s the case, then Pete, you NEVER received 17 inches of snow from that big snowstorm we had a couple of months ago. Since that wasn’t an official report, then id did NOT happen. How’s that?

    • chris

      Petey knows everything….he and batman muku are the only ones that are able to provide official numbers. They are always right. They are in the basement together in their official reporting station. They provide all the weather for the entire nation but it is only right at their exact address. They are both a joke.

    • Dobber

      Your wasting your breath

  • Hockeynut69

    The problem with the coverage was that the tornado warning had expired. The coverage continued far belong the time it needed to. If there was something new to report, then yes break in. The issue becomes that when you continue to cry wolf and there is nothing to cry about, people WILL tune you out and that creates an even larger danger. There has to be a balance and certainly overkill is not balance. Just my opinion and flame away if you want but as an avid fan of weather, I even got tired of the coverage.

  • batman

    The coverahge was way overblown. It’s one thing to cover a tornado on the ground and quite another to cover thunderstorms. The storms weakened rapidly as they enterted the cool air and yet the coverage went on and on and on. It would be one thing if the coverage was FACTUAL but you have Jeff saying the 435 and shoal creek was a tornado that blew the semi into the ditch and he thought it was out on I-70. No tornado just bad driving by the semi truck. Then in the A.M. you have Michelle who doesn’t know her directions east from west. The “threat” in KC lasted for aprox 15 minutes yet they were on the air for over an hour I think closer to an hour and half. It was ridiculous and they were not saving lives here in KC as there was nothing to be saved from. It was DRAMA at the highest level. It was ridiculous the way they went on and on and on. Blast away folks. It’s my opinion and no one will like it but I don’t care. I’m not the only one who thought this as KSHB Facebok page was lit up with complaints about the coverage on a NON EVENT! It was kind of like the chimp that got out. How long did that go on? I guess that saved lifes too.

    • Drought Miser

      I kinda liked the Chimp coverage he had good balance whilst on that wall….and wall to wall coverage is what most folk’s want when we’re in a tornado watch and it’s storming like crazy outside, in my opinion of course.

  • AW

    Well, ask the people in Baxter Springs if it was a non-event. Ask Hume-Dude, who was there under a tornado warning, if it was a non event.

  • sedsinkc

    If anyone thought it was a little foggy around sunrise in KC this morning, that was not fog. That was the dust arriving here with the wind shifting from south to southwest and the air drying out. Look at the official obs from KCI:
    5:53 a.m. it was 60 degrees, dewpoint 54, wind south at 15 mph, visibility 10 miles.
    6:53 a.m. it was 56 degrees, dewpoint 47, relative humidity 72%, wind SW at 12, visibility 3 miles. This was the dust, not fog. It was too dry for fog.

    The sun had to rise out of being obscured by the dust. I’ve seen that sky many times when I lived in Texas, but it was in the evening as the sun sank into the dust.

  • AW

    Weather Channel has Tornado Emergency up for Alabama. If you look on the Weather Channel Alerts page, you see a line of severe T-storms and Tornado Warnings from Louisiana to Alabama. We already had to messed up cities, maybe a third and fourth if Tupelo MS is bad and Baxter Springs counts. Plus, all these Tornadoes and Severe T-storms are striking the same place. Roughly 45% of Alabama is under a flood warning. SPC put up a high risk of severe weather for that area. This is a disaster zone.

    In other news, Bismarck ND got an inch of snow today.

    As I type this, there is three new tornado warnings for Kentucky near Paducah. Back to you, seds.

  • Hockeynut69

    Joel Nichols will join KSHB this summer. They haven’t said in what capacity but he was doing weather at KMBC, even though he is not a meteorologist. Guess those on the blog can pester him about not being one. He is a funny guy so he could be a great addition.