In the wrong spot every time!

Good morning,

Today’s Pool Forecast:

  • Big cumulus clouds forming, towering, and a few possibly developing into a thunderstorm. Isolated Thunderstorms are likely with the chance at any one location 20%.  High:  93°
  • There will be light winds with high humidity. There may be some rather gusty winds near the thunderstorms

Cumulus will begin building before noon. Let’s keep our eye to the sky!

We have now made it to July 17th and the Kansas City area continues to dry out.  The weather has been pretty nice for summertime, but we need rain. Yesterday there were a few very small showers and thunderstorms, but they had some really interesting features including this one that produced a funnel cloud:


Connie Robinson took this picture from up near Leavenworth, KS last night around 7 PM.  The small thunderstorm was able to produce this tight funnel.  There will be a few cumulus clouds building up before noon with again a very slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm.

An extremely strong anticyclone formed by yesterday evening. The heights reached record levels over parts of Ohio and Indiana when they got over 600 dm.  And, this high height area formed right over the same spot that the upper low formed last week.  This is now weakening and shifting south as the Superstorm Sandy part of the pattern dives in.  Take a look:


The upper low, that formed over Ohio last Friday, moved southwest to eastern New Mexico today. It has been producing a cool wet swath of summer rain and thunderstorms for days now.  Of course, it missed our area as we continue to be in the wrong spot with every one of these rain chances. It should have been much wetter this month, but it has not been. Some spots have barely had any measurable rain at all as mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Our next good chance is Friday night, but that is already becoming suspect for our area and I have concerns.  Between now and the end of the month we see around three or four more good chances as the weather pattern continues to cycle according to the LRC. We are going into the Superstorm Sandy part of the cycling weather pattern and two or three more weak cold fronts will make their way into our area. As the pattern continues to cycle we have identified the first half of August as the most likely period of time to have a legitimate heat wave in our area, so it better rain between now and then.  We are currently in the very weak summer-time version of the cycling weather pattern and a storm did dig right over the plains in each cycle, and this is again forecast to happen in a very weak way early next week. This should provide us with a good chance of thunderstorms. So, we will have two decent shots at rain within the next seven days.  Let’s see if we get missed again.  If you would like to see how the first cycle of this year’s LRC compares with what is happening in the next week then click on this link:  Weather 2020 Blog

Last night, Jack Harry enjoyed the Neil Diamond “Sweet Caroline” moment during Major League Baseball’s Allstar game:


Have a great Wednesday and we will keep you updated on these slight rain chances on 41 Action News.


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22 comments to In the wrong spot every time!

  • sedsinkc

    Last night’s Neil Diamond moment was great, but doesn’t quite equal ND surprising the packed house at Fenway with a live rendition of Sweet Caroline just after the Boston Marathon bombings back in April.

    Rainfall potential for Fri nite/Sat still looks unpromising for us. Now the NAM has joined the party and its rain prospects for us are worse than those depicted by the GFS, with under a quarter inch forecasted locally. Since June 1, KCI has had only about 3/4 of an inch more rain than during the same time period last year. KCI is about 4.5 inches below average since June 1.

    btw Syfy is scheduled to re-air that train wreck “Sharknado” tomorrow nite at 6 p.m. A sequel is also in the works, lol.

  • Hank Hill

    An old guy enjoying another old guy singing. Question is did he start headbanging when they played Enter Sandman for Mariano Rivera.

  • The new 12z GFS has T-Storms off,and on next weak for N/E Ks.,and N Mo.

    N/W flow may become strong w/ embedded short waves…

    Severe wx.”IS” possible…

    Sharknado chances appear low,at this present time thou…

    Please stay tuned to your local weather outlets,or your local fishery dept.

    • sedsinkc

      Hope it verifies. KC water is expensive and the bushes and house foundation will need watering soon if there’s no natural water.

  • Jrock

    “In the wrong spot everytime”
    That’s what she said!!!

    We had a sharknado in Leavenworth last night!
    It was unbelievable!

    Jack, ask KSHB if you could watch some sports on a better TV there at the station. That TV looks like it’s from the 80’s.

    Gary, Great job on the forecast! It’s time for stormy & breezy to do the indian dance on live TV! We need some SKY JUICE!


  • sedsinkc

    Close but no cigar…watching Cb tower grow just to my north in KC North…even heard a rumble…but it’s moving the wrong way to benefit me.

  • Drought Miser

    Seems to be more height today to these clouds maybe there is hope!!

  • Crismac

    5 or 6 claps of thunder here in Raytown,no rain yet.

  • wags

    Sprinkles on the windshield driving down 50 highway east of Lee’s Summit about 30 minutes ago.

  • Drought Miser

    Huge cloud tops to my SE here in Merriam and distant thunder!!


    A small storm appears I be making its way from south to north in metro area.

    That summer forecast of yours Gary is looking bleak.

  • Drought Miser

    This may be are Drought buster folks!! one one thousand two one thousand the storm is getting closer!!

  • Weatherfreak01

    So close…. I had tons of rain 1.25 miles from the house at 3:44. I could hardly see out the windshield even with the wipers on high. When I came home, the ground was wet up to 3/10th’s of a mile from home. I was hoping for some nice rain to go with the thunder and lightning. BTW, I live between Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs and Lake Lotawana, basically the 7 and Colbern.

  • mukustink

    I hear ya WF01. The rain was basically 2 miles to the east of me. Heard the thunder and saw the lightning and had just a sprinkle here. Looks like Gary’s summer forecast will be a bust.

    Gary what’s up with the Killdeer eggs? Did they not make it? PLEASE answer. Thanks.

  • f00dl3

    Gary, what’s wrong?

    This summer was supposed to be wet to near average if I recall right.

    Spring was supposed to be filled with numerous severe weather outbreaks and wet. We got more snow than severe weather.

    Winter was supposed to be slightly below average snowfall but more than last year. We got a lot of snow. 36″+.

    Forgot last fall, but last summer was supposed to be near average if I recall correctly – it ended up dry as a bone as that “tropical jet” never got here.

    Last Spring was supposed to be near normal – dry as a bone.

    The winter before was supposed to be near normal if I remember right – was warm and record lowest snowfall ever.

    And to top it off, appears the last “Summer Forecast” is now deleted with the exception of the bloggers thoughts. Searched for it in the blog – nowhere to be found.

  • Skylar

    Heard thunder and saw the lightning from a storm just east of me, but it never made it. You never realize how great a little rain is until it stops coming.