Warming trend begins

Good morning,

Yesterday’s weather will end up being this summer’s coolest day. When you look at this temperature map from yesterday afternoon you would have thought we had an all day rain event with 3 inches of rain, but instead, once again, only sprinkles in KC. It did rain nicely just northwest of KC with 1/2″ in a few spots around St. Joseph and thunderstorms did form just west of us during the afternoon, but we ended up dry again:



A big warming trend will begin this afternoon and pick up steam next week as we head towards 90 degrees. ┬áThe chance of any significant rain is not showing up at this time and we will go over the details on 41 Action News today and tonight. It’s FRIDAY! Have a great weekend.


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8 comments to Warming trend begins

  • kcbearcatfan

    Hey can you guys update the 7-day forecast and Day planner on the Weather homepage? It has been since Wednesday.


  • yewtrees

    Gary. How could a cooler temp of 66 degree in KC have anything to do with 3 inches of rain? Please explain. However, Emporia was 78 with higher amount of rain than KC yesterday. I don’t think temp is the main factor of rain producer.

  • f00dl3

    Any reason the 7 day has not been updated since Wednesday?

  • j-ox

    Rainfall discrepancy in Lawrence:

    Lawrence Journal World (using Lawrence Airport/NWS)
    Weatherunderground.com ~> using local cable Ch-6 weather station (downtown?) comparisons:
    August: 3.25″ vs 5.5″
    Year: 20.28″ vs 31.42″

    I will generously say that the Lawrence Airport and Ch 6 downtown are less than 7 miles apart. AND, I would think that there would be times when the former gets more precip than the latter…which never seems to be the case. However, these are large discrepancies = 2.25″ for Aug & over 11″ for the year thus far.

    Do you have any comment on this conundrum, Gary? Is there a large tree hanging over the rusty weather station at the Lawrence Airport??

  • Drought Miser

    I agree J ox it was quite the downpour yesterday when we drove back from Topeka right near the Lawrence area luckily I didn’t ride my scooter back!

  • douglas6280

    Good news: the weekend is here and we are only 5 days away from the 7 Day Forecast being on the right day!

  • Drought Miser

    Hopefully it warms up soon almost labor day weekend! Go Royals!!! Maybe this cooler weather also cooled of the Royals bats!

  • Emaw

    Gary, they won both, they’re going to make us keep watching . . .