Waiting for the Front

Good Morning Bloggers!

To the sound of J-Lo: “Waiting for the front…ohhhh…I’ve dreamed of this for so long.”


The front is currently stationary in the northwest portion of our area.  It will not move until late week until it lifts back north as a warm front on Thursday then FINALLY a cold front passes through Friday into Saturday.  We have a chance along and north of I-70 for a few showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday morning, but the rain chance goes up for our entire area Friday lingering into Saturday.  This graph shows you temperature in orange and rain chance in blue:



Looking at the models there is still timing difference on when the front moves in and how fast it gets out of here.  The NAM has it moving in early Friday morning.   We will watch for the next run of  the NAM to see how long it lingers.


The GFS has it moving in Friday with it lingering a small chance for rain through late Saturday.


Rainfall totals will be around .25″-1″ for our area with the more impressive totals staying in Iowa and Nebraska where most of the rain will stay this week.


We will watch this storm as it develops and continue to update.

Kalee Dionne


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11 comments to Waiting for the Front

  • j-ox

    Let this be a soaking rain.
    The (other) long range forecasts have been all over the place re: next week. What does the LRC say?

  • Hume-Dude

    This is the driest, boringest , most mundane pattern and I need it to stop for the sake of my mental health. Watching storms JUST to west every single day is maddening. FarmerMike must be happy! Meanwhile areas further south of KC continue to dry up , that powercast last night showing the storms blowing up just to the south of KC will not happen. If it does happen it will be WAY to the south like OK and AR , they have no problem getting rain down there. Just a big ol’ dry bulls eye right in the center of the country, centered over Vernon Co. MO. I don’t even have much hope for the next LRC pattern, probably just more of the same. Certainly not getting any more active

    • Dobber

      Hume, you could plant cacti. How are the tumble weeds down in Vernon county?

      • Hume-Dude

        Tumble weeds, no. 12 foot tall ragweed, yes. And grasshoppers by the millions, maybe billions. I estimate current population of grasshoppers in Vernon Co as nearly the human population of earth, 6-7 BILLION. We do have prickly pear in some areas down here, but I think most species would love our current climate and would think they are in NM or AZ right about now.

  • Kole Christian

    Maryville had a nice thundystorm this morning. We’re hoping for more this evening.


    Dude I know your pain very well. until about ten days ago I had the same sickness. BUT for once my farm has been in the right spot and right time for good rains. I have gotten just a little over 3″ in the last 10 days and the crops/pastures are turning around and looking good again. if not for those rains these last several days of almost 100 would have done in most of my crops.
    its a very sick feeling to watch things struggle and die for the lack of moisture. Hopefully your turn is just a few days away…

  • Bill Z.

    Sure would be nice to get a soaker. Pretty dusty.

  • weathergeek

    Christa is one hot momma! I think she’s very cute and sexy. Who cares about the weather.

  • Hockeynut69

    You could almost copy and paste this blog for today. Uggggghhhh!. If this were a song it could be Aerosmith’s “Same Old Song and Dance”. If it were a movie, it could be “Groundhog Day”. The morning run once again I saw the sky lit up to my North but still nothing here. Time to take drastic measures, wash the car etc etc.

  • frigate

    This daily ritual of rain up north of KC, is definitely becoming ridiculous!!!