Very Warm Start to the Week

Good Sunday,

Sunday started about exactly the same as Saturday.  This is what happens when you are in an “Omega Block”.  We are in the nice weather part, so we had another great sunrise.


We are in for a big Monday warm up as temperatures will come close to 90°.  Let’s go through the weather for the upcoming week.

SUNDAY: We will see highs come close to 80° as winds come from the south and a warm front moves by.  This warm front is moisture starved, so there will be no rain and barely a cloud associated with it.



MONDAY MORNING: The warm front will move by and temperatures will be in the 60s.  There may be a few thunderstorms in Iowa and northeast Missouri ahead of the warm front.



MONDAY AFTERNOON: This has potential to be warmest day of the year, so far, as winds come from the southwest and gust over 25 mph.  Highs will surge well into the 80s, close to 90°.



SUNDAY SATELLITE: We remain underneath a ridge, part of an “Omega Block” (Jet stream is in shape of Greek letter Omega).  This is why the weather is changing little from day to day.  The jet stream is going to be shifting around this week.



UPPER LEVEL FLOW MONDAY-TUESDAY: We are still in the ridge, which means more sun and warmth.  The upper low in the southwest, the western part of the “Omega Block” will be moving east into the Plains Wednesday.



UPPER LEVEL FLOW WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY: The southwest upper low will be moving into Kansas as a cold front comes in from the north.  These features will combine to bring areas of rain and thunderstorms to our region.  See next graphic.



WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY:  The best chances of heavy rain will be from eastern Colorado to the water logged areas of southern Missouri.  The I-70 corridor, in our area, is on the northern edge of the heavier rain, but we should see some rain. Also, this heavier rain axis may shift north or south by 50-100 miles.   The good news is that even in the heaviest areas amounts will be .50″-2″ with a few 3″ amounts.  This is much better than the 8″-10″ amounts from the last storm along I-44.  Also, after this storm, the “Omega Block” will likely return bringing more dry weather for several days after this event.  So, we should not see the major flooding like we did last week.



Have a great week.


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