Up, up, and away!

Good morning bloggers,

The warming trend picks up steam today into Friday. There will be a bump in the road Saturday, and then it gets out of control a bit Sunday into Monday.  We have been forecasting 70 degrees on Monday for a few days now, and that is likely low. It may zoom into the 70s on Monday.  There is a two part storm system that will pass by Saturday morning and we may see a light mixture of precipitation late tomorrow night, somewhat like what happened yesterday.

Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

  • Today: Sunny and much warmer. High:  49°
  • Friday:  Even warmer with increasing afternoon clouds.  High:  59°

The end of the work week will see some rather nice weather ahead of a bump in our warmer road.  This bump is a two part system for Friday night-Saturday along with a one day shot of colder air.  Lets go through the sequence of events for Friday into Saturday.

First, while we are near 60° on Friday, snow and 20s will not be that far away!  Yes, snow will be likely northwest of Omaha.



The cold front will move through Friday evening, so if you are out, a jacket will come in handy as colder air drifts in from the north.  At least this will not be a major Arctic blast like we have seen about 15 times this season.  Behind the front is part #1 of the storm system.  It will bring our area a light mix of precipitation for a few hours, similar to what happened Wednesday afternoon and evening.



We are not expecting roads to get slick Friday night.  The only thing we will have to watch for is some patchy black ice by Saturday morning as temperatures fall to the 20s after the light precipitation.

Then the second part of the storm system will form on Saturday and affect areas mostly along I-44 with a mix of rain, sleet and snow.  Some spots could see a period of heavy precipitation.  So, if you have weekend plans from Springfield to St. Louis, be aware of Saturday’s weather.


The good news is that southern system exits quickly and Sunday will rebound to highs in the 60s with 70° or 70s likely on Monday!

Also check out the Weather 2020 blog for more information as I am discussing this weather pattern that continues to cycle:  The Same Pattern Continues

Gary and Jeff

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41 comments to Up, up, and away!

  • mowermike

    The last few runs of the GFS has the cold returning mid-late next week and into the following week. This pattern is still very cold, likely a few more snows yet to go.

    Is the LRC predicting some more snow??

  • luvsno

    Check out weather 2020 blog….new today…..Gary says “Spring is just two weeks away, and yet the pattern continues to be a cold one. Warmer days are around the corner right? Well, yes in some respects, but don’t expect a warm beginning to spring. In fact, Weather2020 is forecasting a cold first half of spring as the same pattern cycles into April. There is even a good chance of a late March and even an April outbreak of Arctic air”

    And he goes into more depth…..go have a look at it

    • luvsno

      I just wonder what ” a good chance of a late March and even an April outbreak of Arctic air” means. Yesterday Gary said we are done with below zero. Hope that is true ! READY FOR WARM.

  • Alex Pickman

    Final “total” from yesterday @ 12th and Grand here in St. Joe….0.5″

    This brings my season total to 38.7″

    One thing I did notice is how slick the streets got up here once the sun went down. The back road behind Missouri Western was closed, and a few other streets were closed due to the sheet of ice on top. Im ready for this warmer weather!!

  • NoBeachHere

    Since the Weather2020 site will not let me post over there.

    Well, I’m glad you kind of answered my questions. Since I am a teleconnection watcher as well as the LRC watcher, could you not also hypothesize that the PDO & PNA have also been players. Could the AMO, which seems to be cooling may play into the overall picture?
    My question is, with the overall pattern quit right now, does this give the AO & NAO a chance to go negative?, And how would that change the positions of the storm track over the eastern 2/3rds of the country? Growing season has started in NW Florida.

  • Jerry


    What are you forecasting for the end of this month — when the massive record-breaking February 4 snowstorm returns to the area? Another massive snowstorm? Or a severe outbreak? Something else?

    57 days after February 4 is Wednesday, April 2. How crazy is that day going to be around KC?

  • frigate

    I would also be curious as to what Gary means tempwise, when he says, another artic outbreak coming? In a normal year, one would think maybe 10-15 degree’s below normal…but with this year, I’m sure we’re talking at least single digits for low’s and upper 20′s for high’s even into April and that may be stretching it. At least we get a few above average days to remind us about spring, whenever that finally gets here.

    • Drought Miser

      Oh man let’s hope we can do without those single digits till next winter frigate you and i both am done with that stuff and ready for spring time temperatures to return

  • Drought Miser

    Wowowo what in the world is all this smog doing here and when will it go away!!

    Gary is there some type of inversion layer going on here in KC this morning or is this smoke or something around this morning this haze reminds me of my brief stent living in Salt Lake City gosh that city had smog issues when the inversion would setup!!

  • Dobber

    A tag team blog Gary and Jeff, how nice! Anymore chances of winter weather of significance?

  • yourmom

    It is so nice to have someone so accessible who is actually knowledgable!

    • HH

      So what was with the sirens going off about an hour ago? They were in the distance, but then I turned on the tv and some bogus tornado warning was going on.

      Did someone hack the NWS?

      Pretty bizarre…

      • luvsno

        It was a only a drill…testing sirens metro-wide

        • HH

          On a Thursday at 1:30 in the afternoon? Hardly.

          The tests are done on Wed. at 11. And the tv sure as hell doesn’t run a red banner stating how many counties are under tornado threat.

          Trust me, this was strange.

          • Pete Capone

            Test was moved to today from Tuesday (Missouri only), whether you want to believe it or not.

            Sorry for the link:

          • luvsno

            It WAS A DRILL…..It was announced in various outlets all week that they were going to do it today rather than Wed.

          • batman

            HH… better then 1:30 in the morning.

      • Weatherfreak01

        Today was a national severe weather preparedness drill day. Kind of like when you had earthquake or bomb drills in school. You were supposed to act like it was a real threat. NWS even had a posting on FB that they asked people to like and share to see how many people they can reach with the drill. It was always planned for today, so for those of us who knew about it, it was not a surprise when the sirens went off.

  • GarySaid71Degrees

    I’ll believe it when it gets to 70 for real, instead of all this talk.

    And ENOUGH of the wishing for winter weather folks. Do you ever get enough? Move to Fargo already, would you all?

    We will never forget Gary forecasted 2 Arctic outbreaks this winter. Two. Really.

  • luvsno

    When the cat’s away……muku will play.
    Must have noticed that Gary is not in studio today. Revolving door this week at KSHB

  • f00dl3

    Anyone notice how a good section of the nation is in drought right now? Something tells me this will lead to another large anti-cyclone this summer and a bad heat wave.

    I hope the LRC says I’m wrong. I hope the LRC is right about a rainy spring, because we’re hurting.

  • batman

    I have a feeling that the drought will continue. I know some have said that the drought was over but I think they were just wrong. The drought may have briefly ended in some small areas but the drought was never really over. I’m with foodl3 I hope I am wrong and we have plenty of rain this spring and summer. Muku must be a legend around here. Every post that’s not in favor of Gary bloggers say it must be muku. I wonder if it is muku?

  • batman

    It would appear that the winter forecast was a bust. The only thing close was snowfall amounts. The original storm maps were way off. I know Gary updated them in December but I thought the LRC set up by the 2nd week of November. Am I wrong on that? Anyone know where Gary is?

  • Kcchamps

    looks like we have a chance for snow/mix/rain the 16th,17th, or 18th of the month. Then when the stormy part of the pattern returns around the last week of march into April.

    • luvsno

      There really has not been a “stormy” part of the pattern, has there ?
      We have basically been bone dry and cold
      since Dec, except for the foot of snow on Feb 4 and the non-snow/sleet last week.

      Have we had a stormy part of the pattern ? If not, then I am finding it hard to believe that we will have any kind of beneficial moisture this spring. I don’t think we really ever “got out” of the drought….just took a vacation from it here and there.

      With ElNino in the future..what does that mean….wet/cool or hot/dry summer ?

  • yourmom

    We can’t seem to go more than 2-3 days without some form of cold precip. I know the cold changes the equation, but it doesn’t seem all that dry to me.

    • luvsno

      Except for the frozen ground and moist ground where snow has melted, we had large cracks in yard and around our foundation before the Feb 4 snowfall. Here in JoCo we have not received precip every 2-3 days, not at all.

      • batman

        You are correct as we are currnetly in a drought.

        • Joe

          we are not in a drought.

          • Joe

            8% of Missouri is in a moderate drought. Last I checked, that leaves 92% dry or normal so how is it you figure Missouri is in a drought? Majority rules? Now, if you are discussing Kansas, ok, then you are in a drought

  • Kcchamps


    latest NAM snowfall forecast for saturday night.

  • batman

    We’re done with any measurable snowfall amounts. I mean more then an inch of snow. I hope Kalee stays with the morning show! She always gets me up in the morning with a smile on my face :).

  • luvsno

    No new blog this morning ?? Hmm….Gary was not in studio last night, but he was just now on Sports radio 810 with the Border Patrol. He said nothing about the weekend weather, but said 75 for Monday, then for Big 12 week a cool-down for Tues/Wed, then 50′s-60′s for Thurs/Fri.