Two Snow Chances and an Arctic Blast

Good Saturday,

We are tracking two snow chances and it looks like they will each come through with accumulating snow in our area. The second snow will be accompanied and followed by an Arctic blast, almost as strong as the one from New Years day.

Here is where we stand for snowfall this winter in KC (readings taken at KCI). We have seen 2.6″ of snow and average is nearly 11″ by the end of the month. We will add to this total, but by how much and when. Let’s go through the MLK weekend forecast.


SATURDAY 3 PM: It will be dry and mostly cloudy with highs around 20°. Our snow system will be getting its act together around Rapid City, SD.


SATURDAY 10 PM: It will still be dry in KC with temperatures in the teens. The snow will be entering southeast Nebraska and north central Kansas.


SUNDAY 5 AM: The light to moderate snow will move into eastern Kansas 1 AM to 3 AM with temperatures in the teens along with a light wind.


SUNDAY NOON: The snow will end by noon with flurries lingering. Notice how the temperatures are in to the mid and upper 20s as after the first system exits, a warm front will get close.


SUNDAY 3 PM: It will be dry and mostly cloudy with highs ranging from 30°-35° south and 25°-30° to the north.


SUNDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT: The second round of snow will be increasing from the northwest along the leading edge of an Arctic blast. Temperatures will be in the mid 20s.


MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY 3 AM: The second band of snow will be tracking south across the region. At this time it still looks like the heaviest will be west of KC, but a shift 50 miles farther east is not out of the question. Temperatures will be mostly in the 20s and this looks like the warmest of the day as the Arctic air will be ready to blast in.


MLK DAY 7 AM: The band of snow will be racing south as the Arctic air does the same. Temperatures will range from 5° to 10° in northern Missouri to the mid and upper 20s to the south. The Arctic air will be coming in on north winds 15-30 mph.


MLK DAY 3 PM: The snow will be over as north winds blow at 15-30 mph along with temperatures dropping to the single digits. This puts wind chill values around -15°. There will be blowing snow if we can get more than 0.5″. So, the $64000 question…How much snow are we looking at?


SNOWFALL FORECAST, SYSTEM #1: It looks like most locations will see 1/2″ to 1″. So, yes the snowflake contest may very well end on the morning of January 14th. It will be a close call.


SNOWFALL FORECAST TOTAL, SYSTEM #1 + SYSTEM #2: Right now it looks like a total of 1″-2″ through KC, 1/2″ to 1″ northeast and 2″ to 4″ southwest. Again, we will be looking for shifts east or west, as 50  miles either way can have a huge impact on snowfall totals in your location.


Here is a summary for the two snow chances and an Arctic blast, sounds like the name of a movie! The snowflake contest should end Sunday morning or Monday morning as we just need a 1″ snow depth at 41 Action News. If it does not end, well, then there is more wrong with our weather pattern than we could ever imagine!


Have a great weekend.

Jeff Penner

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