Tuesday Cold Front

Good Sunday bloggers,

The day Chiefs fans have been waiting a long time for has arrived. Patrick Mahomes at home. The weather looks great for the Chiefs, last day of the Plaza Art Fair and first full day of Fall.


We are tracking a cold front that arrives Tuesday, so let’s go through the sequence of events today through Tuesday.

SUNDAY: It will be another sunny and gorgeous day with highs in the mid to upper 70s which is slightly warmer than Saturday. There are low clouds along and south of I-44 and these will be heading north tonight.


MONDAY MORNING: The low clouds will be in the area with temperatures in the 50s and 60s along with higher humidity. There may be some mist and fog as well.


MONDAY AFTERNOON: The low clouds will break up as highs climb to 75°-80°. You will notice the humidity is back as well. A cold front will be approaching from the northwest and will interact with the humidity, in our area, on Tuesday.


TUESDAY: The front will be moving southeast across the region and showers and thunderstorms will be likely. Some locations will receive .25″ to .50″ while others see a trace or nothing. Yes, it is the same pattern at this moment. Also, the temperature forecast is tricky as it will be in the 50s and 60s behind the front and 70s and 80s ahead of the front. So, your high temperature forecast is greatly dependent on the timing of the front. All locations will drop to the 50s and 60s by evening.


Here is the bottom line for the week ahead.

You can gamble with the fertilizer and hope your yard sees .25″ to .50″ on Tuesday as this is the only day with a decent rain chance. If you have grass seed, you can give the sprinklers a one day break, but more rain is needed than one day of trace to .50″ to get the grass to germinate and grow.


We still need the rain, as officially we are about 4.50″ below average. It will be harder to make up the deficit as we go into the colder season as heavy rainfall events become less likely. Colder air holds less moisture.


Have a great week and go CHIEFS!

Jeff Penner

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