Trying To Stay Positive

Good morning bloggers,

ZERO POINT ZERO EIGHT INCHES!  That is right, KCI Airport has had 0.08″ this month. The average July rainfall is around 4 1/2 inches.  I know we are all going to get tired of hearing this, but we are in a horrible weather pattern.  It is so hard to describe how things will miss us over and over again, and that is my job.  And, this of course fits this years LRC perfectly.  The same pattern has actually produced similar results near KC since it began with very few exceptions. Hey, we are just three months away from a new LRC.  Right now, the anticyclone, or heat wave creating machine, is forecast to drift out west and by Wednesday it will be over Las Vegas, NV.  It will be sizzling out there.  The main jet stream, which is indicated by the dark blue line over central Canada, is way far north, but there is a strong negatively tilted system singing southeast over the plains as indicated by that black dashed line. This is directly related to a storm that dug southeast in January, and this system is heading southeast now.  This should produce some interesting thunderstorm set ups this week.


One of the thunderstorm set ups is forecast by last nights GFS model to produce thunderstorms over KC Wednesday night.  Well, we know what is more likely going to happen, right?


Have a great day. Here is a picture of last nights sunset with Sunny The Weather Dog.  Go over to the Weather2020 blog and join in the conversation as we share in this weather experience.  This picture is of an anvil at sunset. The anvil is really an “orphan” anvil, what was leftover by its now dissipated parent thunderstorm, and it provided the clouds for the beautiful “Sunny” sunset.



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1 comment to Trying To Stay Positive

  • kuwxman

    The good news (for snow lovers anyways) is that the last time we were in a pattern like this (2012), that winter walloped us with snow.