Try Not To Get Too Excited About Snow Yet

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Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Today:  Mostly cloudy with a few snowflakes possible this morning. Much colder and windy. Temperatures dropping into the 20s this morning. High: 32°
  • Friday:  Partly cloudy and warmer again with winds returning to the southeast. High:  35°
  • Saturday:  Mostly sunny with high clouds increasing.  South winds 10-20 mph. High:  50°
  • Super Bowl Sunday:  A 60% chance of some light snow. Some minor accumulations are possible.  Temperatures dropping with winds increasing from the north.

Snow is falling above Kansas City this morning, but it is sublimating, like evaporation, before reaching the ground. Sublimation is a process of going from solid, snowflakes, to vapor, and not melting first. It is just too dry near the ground and the snowflakes aren’t making it all the way down.  A few may break through, however.

Here is today’s weather video which explains why we most likely will not have a direct hit from next weeks storm. I am hoping it takes a twist in the right direction, or wrong one depending on who you are. A slightly different solution and then KC is in its biggest snow storm in four years, but slightly different the other way and it is under an inch again.

A look into our next possible storm from Weather2020 on Vimeo.

Thank you for sharing in this Action Weather Blog Experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  Go over to the blog on Weather2020 and join in the conversation.


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