Tragedy At Table Rock Lake

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There was a boat tragedy, with at least 13 people dead and this count is likely going to go up as people are still missing, at Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO yesterday evening.  The system we saw developing over central Kansas turned southeast and tracked right over Table Rock by evening. There should have been no way that any boats were on that lake with this system approaching. I have been down there the past few years, and I understand how, once you are out on the lake, there is very little time to come back to dock once you are out there and a storm is approaching.  This storm was moving fast, but there was warning and it is a tragedy that could have been prevented if the weather conditions were being seriously monitored. It is rare to have thunderstorms moving 40 mph in July, and this unfortunate storm created the conditions for people to lose their lives.


After I arrived at work yesterday, I saw this little system spinning over central Kansas. It was just east of Salina and thunderstorms organized around this and started producing 80 mph winds. The SPC enhanced the risk and it turned southeast directly over Table Rock Lake.

Lake Radar

The captain of that boat likely did not have a lot of time to make a wise decision.  Unfortunately this moved fast and created almost impossible conditions to get back to the shore. The video from the eye witness says it all as we can see the duck boat with 31 passengers on board in trouble and going over.  Very, very sad.


Here are the storm reports from yesterday. There were 33 tornado reports all clustered over Iowa. I am sure it will end up being around 15 or so tornadoes, but a July outbreak of severe weather none the less.  Here are two of the tornadoes from two separate updrafts in this rare multi-cell severe thunderstorm near Altoona, IA.


And, look at todays outlook:


There is a moderate risk of severe weather over the Tennessee Valley in this active July weather pattern. Let’s hope there are no more disasters today.

Incredibly Accurate Forecast Made 12-Weeks Ago For This Week.  This is from the 1-Weather App using the LRC:


A 12-Week Forecast was provided for this bride and the wedding is tomorrow. The LRC provided the insight and this forecast was made without a computer model. Think about that!  And, we hope that Matt & Joell have a great wedding.

Have a great day and thank you for sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather 2020 and the LRC. Go over to the Weather2020 blog to join in the conversation or read everyones comments.  Here is the link to the Weather2020 blog:  Weather2020 Blog Entry


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