Tracking Jose, Maria, and a Gradual Change In The Weather Pattern

Good morning bloggers,

Kansas City did it again. We just experienced a completely dry first half of a month, and the second half of the month is now much wetter.  An area of thunderstorms and rain is moving across eastern Kansas into western Missouri this morning.  This is being caused by a series of weak waves aloft moving northeast from Texas, Oklahoma, and western Kansas. This will move through during the day.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 7.42.07 AM

This was at 7:37 AM central time. These showers and thunderstorms were increasing and moving northeast.  There are huge changes going on in the overall weather pattern during the next two to three weeks. According to our Cycling Pattern Hypothesis (CPH) a unique pattern will set up by around the first week of October. So, the big evolution in the pattern likely has started, but we still are in the old pattern that is on its last legs.  Hurricanes Jose and Maria are both caught now in this transition, which is likely a good thing.  Maria may very well target the eastern United States, but due to the massively changing pattern, this strengthening hurricane may very well stay out over the Atlantic. Unfortunately, Maria will be blasting some of the islands once again before it gets caught in the changing pattern.


We can see some of the changes that seem to be happening just as the sun is setting at the North Pole.  The sun sets at the North Pole on the Autumnal Equinox, then it turns dark up there around two weeks later. There are two weeks of twilight and this is about the same time the weather pattern goes through its massive change.


At the surface there will be a rather strong front developing by Saturday night. You can see this front on my analysis of the surface map valid at 7 PM Saturday.  South winds will be overspreading the plains this week, and it looks dry for most of the Plaza Art Fair this weekend.  It will be fascinating to track Jose and Maria as well, and you can see them off the east coast trying to rotate around each other. Jose will have weakened considerably by Saturday.



Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

  • This morning: Rain likely with a 100% chance of rain with a few thunderstorms moving in.  It will mostly cloudy with a light wind.
  • This afternoon: The rain and thunderstorm activity will move off to the northeast. South winds will increase a bit at 8-15 mph. A warm front will be in the area drifting north. High:  75°

Rainfall amounts will be between 0.25″ and 1.25″ today.  Have a great start to the week and thank you for sharing in the Action Weather Blog experience featuring Weather2020 and the CPH.  Let us know if you have any questions. We continue to have some great discussions over on the Weather2020 blog.


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