Tornado Drought Record Will Be Broken This Week

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A tornado drought record will be set this week.  While Oklahoma and Kansas have yet to have one tornado in 2018, Fort Walton Beach Florida has had this yesterday:

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 10.50.17 PM

A waterspout is like a landspout. What am I saying here?  Many waterspouts form from weak thunderstorms, or sometime just a towering cumulus cloud building over the water.  Over eastern Colorado, these features called landspouts are similar to waterspouts as they form without a Supercell thunderstorm, and don’t quite have the same structure as of a tornado that forms from a mesocyclone within a mature and strong cumulonimbus cloud.  These waterspouts and landspouts are usually rather weak and most often considered EF-0 tornadoes with wind speeds under 75 mph.  This one, in the picture above, was more likely an EF-0 to EF-1 tornado that formed from a stronger thunderstorm. I haven’t done an analysis of radar, so I could be wrong, but just by looking at the video it quite obviously looks like a real tornado. Here is the link:

Tornado season begins over the deep south and southeastern United States during the late winter and early spring, and then it will gradually shift north and west as it warms up. This cold beginning to spring caused by the LRC, the cycling pattern that we have been experiencing, has lead to what will be a record breaking tornado drought to 2018. Oklahoma has never gone past April 26th without one tornado, and they are likely going to get past Thursday without any risks.


Add to this fact that Kansas has also gone the entire year thus far without a tornado. The average by now in Kansas is 12 tornadoes.  This may all change next week as some severe weather risks are now coming into focus on the models.  I am moving my targeted date range by just a couple of days to be in the April 28th – May 3rd range for the storm chasers out there.

Today will be a nearly perfect day in KC.  Here is the Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Today:  A few morning clouds and then sunny.  It will be a nearly perfect day. High:  71°
  • Tonight:  Clear and cool. Low:  46°
  • Tuesday:  Mostly sunny and nearly perfect again.  Light north winds around 5 to 10 mph.  High:  73°

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  We will continue our discussion over on the Weather2020 blog.


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