Thunderstorms Moving Our Way!

Good Saturday afternoon bloggers,

A band of heavy thunderstorms has developed, is increasing, and it is heading directly towards Kansas City. Right now it is timed out to be arriving between 3:30 PM and 6 PM tonight. How long will it last? We will be monitoring this closely, but it should be out of here before the Kenny Chesney Concert tonight. Timing the beginning and the ending of this area of thunderstorms is still being analyzed.  Here is the radar image as of 2 PM this afternoon:


You will likely notice the building cumulus clouds as the form into cumulus congestus clouds. They are growing into cumulonimbus clouds and with the dewpoints as high as they are now and the slow movement of these thunderstorms rainfall amounts will likely exceed 2 inches in a few spots.


That was quite the thunderstorm. We had 50 to 60 mph winds blow through the city.  This should last another two hours.


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53 comments to Thunderstorms Moving Our Way!

  • sedsinkc

    With all this heat/humidity we have locally and with the sun adding more fuel, along with the general instability in the atmosphere, I don’t see how we can miss this. With favorable upper flow, the storms will develop NNE into this area, as they like to migrate toward higher instability.

  • Farmgirl

    Big ol’summer time thunderstorms in La Cygne. Lots of rumbles and heavy rain. We got caught out in it putting up fence. Guess we get a little nap before heading back out to finish late this evening.

  • kellyinkc

    man its humid out. Just got done mowing 2 yards.
    A MD just south of KC

  • kellyinkc

    question, on the NWS site their radar has composite or base that I can click on. Whats the difference??

    • sedsinkc

      Composite includes echoes detected from other radar sites such as Topeka and Springfield. Base is just the echoes detected by the Pleasant Hill radar.

    • Unstay_Bill

      The difference is composite reflectivity shows the highest dBZ (strongest reflected energy) at all elevation scans. Base just shows the reflected energy at the lowest elevation scan.

  • udndcs

    Out of here by concert time? Really? The rain looks like it stretches all the way down to OKC. It’s all going to move through by 8:00? I hope you’re right, but I unfortunately don’t see how we dry out by then. And so much for our cookout this evening..

  • Farmgirl

    Hmmmm….severe thunderstorm warning for Linn and Miami. This surprised me.

  • Hockeynut69

    Warning says 60mph winds but no mention of hail but radar getting some pink in it now.

  • kellyinkc

    thunder in Raytown, weather radio went off, T storm warning.

  • LSPeter

    Severe and heavy downpour right now in Lee’s Summit, with an inch of rain in the last 20 minutes, along with thunder, lightning, and small hail.

  • udndcs

    Heavy wind and rain in South OP. Any idea how strong theses gusts are? Still calling BS on Gary’s proclamation that this will be out of here before the concert tonight; rain looks to be filling in to the south of this squall line and moving directly towards us. Also calling heavy BS on the seven day forecast from earlier this week.

    • mmack66

      First of all, your evening plans are shot, and second of all, if you relied on a forecast from a week ago, without further followup throughout the week, then that was pretty dumb.

      Nevertheless, it’s time to build a bridge and get over it.

  • Kansa

    Peak wind gusts of 22 mph in South Olathe. Rain amount so far is 0.38 inches.

  • WeatherorNot

    Can someone please tell me how this storm does not at least qualify for a significant weather alert let alone a severe thunderstorm warning??!? Winds are definitely blowing in excess of 60 mph with frequent cloud to ground lightning in Olathe. I’ve lost power several times. Is the NWS asleep?

    • LSPeter

      My weather radio went off with a severe thunderstorm warning from the NWS just as the second big crash of thunder echoed through our house.

    • KUweatherman

      We got a Severe Thunderstorm Warning alert from the NWS for the storm. :dunno:

  • kellyinkc

    warning has been canceled for jackson, fell below severe limits.

  • udndcs

    Aaaaand there went a window screen from my second floor onto the patio… Winds have to be gusting 50+ mph.

  • kellyinkc

    there went Dish… wind and rain now.

  • Skylar

    That was a pretty intense storm! We’re at a spot near several construction sites and all the dust that got blown up made it look like we were in Arizona or New Mexico. A small tree was snapped in half and there’s some large furniture and lots of trash that got blown away. This is at 135th and Metcalf.

  • blue8091

    wow – heavy wind and rain..lightning. getting hammered here in S OP. Sheets of blowing rain. Lost my satellite w/i minutes of the heavy winds. 119th/Antioch

  • Henley

    Guess the SAME feature on my weather radio doesn’t work anymore…getting warnings for the Storm heading north, annoying

  • We’ve had 2 or 3 days where they issued Tornado Watches when there has been almost no chance of tornado’s, yet today, with a few t-storm warnings, they never put us under a severe thunderstorm watch? Are they smoking funny stuff down there in pleasant hill gary? lol

  • blue8091

    I have a Midland and it’s gone of twice – the 2nd time was for NE Johnson County, among others. First one was for me in S johnson county…weird.

  • Skylar


  • blue8091

    Yep – I can confirm the winds. Weirdly they seem to be at a standstill now.

  • lsx347

    Trees and powerlines down all over Shawnee. Got some real good video of powerlines going crazy on the ground off 75th street

  • bethhatessnow

    Is pissed! Why aren’t you breaking in and letting us know what to expect with this storm!! I keep losing power…weather radio is just now going off…where is this storm and how long is this going to last?!!? I threw my kids in the basement when I saw the anchored trampoline rise straight up in the air!!

  • Lilydale

    I find it strange, also, that a severe thunderstorm watch was not issued today. Winds and humidity this morning. Dead winds and humidity around 2:OO. Sunshine around 1-4:00. Watching storm clouds build with interesting formations and the storm front in Eastern Jackson County. Have they down graded what classifies a thunderstorm watch? Anyone could check radar to the south and see those storms building and heading towards KC.

  • sedsinkc

    Had winds gusting to 50 mph or a little more at storm onset over 30 minutes ago here in KC North. Torrential rainfall as well, but no hail here.

  • Hockeynut69

    My willow tree is weeping. It is snapped in half, so looks like I will be digging out a tree stump for father’s day.

  • udndcs

    Gary, are you still thinking this will move out in the next hour or two? Or are we wet all night? I’d love to get back outside this evening. Storms firing in north-central KS appear headed this way, too.

  • bob osoborne

    If this was back in the days before warnings and watches, people would be saying, gosh we had a big thunderstorm. Now because we expect, nay, because we demand it, every thunderstorm with some wind ( very small hail is not classified as severe BTW)causes people to cry out for severe warnings. Go inside, stay away from windows, park in the garage, and secure your patio furniture. It’s the same crap they say for all storms so why didn’t you do that?

    • understand what your trying to say/do, but they had the area in a severe thunderstorm warning..so it sounds as if it was a bit more than “some wind”. lol

  • rdoggy

    Pretty nice rain here between 435 and 35 North of 291 just nw of liberty-7/10 of and inch with initial storm!

  • davidmcg

    Out here just NW of McLouth we got 0.91″ of rain, a peak wind gust of 36.0mph, it blew my sons flag pole right over in his front yard. We also briefly had nickel size hail for about 2 or 3 minutes. It was a down pour, definitely did the ponds some good. Hope there was little or no damage to the wheat and corn.

  • kellyinkc

    an inch here in Raytown now and still raining. looks like another batch out towards Topeka headed east.

  • kellyinkc

    Probability 40% for a watch

  • kellyinkc

    not heard of that one. Not sure if the SAME can distinguish between different sections of a county.

  • Emaw

    Bob, I agree. 1″ in north Olathe.

  • lenexa_loon

    1.75″ in western Lenexa. 45-min. gully washer followed by a 2-hr. soaker. It’s beautiful. A few little weak branches down. We didn’t have one of these last Spring, Summer of Fall.

  • Rodney Sherman

    Desoto got Trashed. We look to have had at least 1.5 inches of rain from this. trees got uprooted from these storms.

  • LSPeter

    Total rainfall in our backyard in SW Lee’s Summit today of 2″. No trees down or wind damage, but the sump pump is working hard.

  • Did anyone enjoy my video I posted a while back?

  • McChilliMo

    In Chillicothe MO on Fri midday 0.55″ , on Sat early AM 0.54″, and then on Sat evening another 2.05″. Please be wrong about Sunday rain. Still some fields not planted yet, and not likely to happen any time soon.