Early morning thunderstorms

Good morning bloggers,

Morning showers and thunderstorms have continued, but they are now weakening as we move into the 8 AM hour.  Here is what I wrote and posted around 3:30:

3:30 AM post:  It was electrically active with frequent lightning at 3:30 AM. These thunderstorms are working their way into the KC metro area.  Take a look at 2:40 AM radar I saved earlier:


KCI Airport had 0.79″ in one hour between 6 and 7 AM.  Many other areas had torrential downpours, but at my place in Overland Park I received only 0.32″ as of 7:45 AM.  And, there are spots that haven’t really had one of these bigger thunderstorms in weeks, while other spots 125 miles southwest of us are approaching 30 inches of rain in the past month.  This wet weather pattern is going to continue across much of Kansas. The spots that have had the heaviest rain are much more likely to get hit again as we continue to be in the same pattern.

I have been having trouble updating the blog, so I may wait until later this morning to write up today’s more in-depth blog entry.  Have a great morning.


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46 comments to Early morning thunderstorms


    Yes i think we will get some good totals out of this one (atleast the southern KC the atmosphere is just primed for some rain in our area. I say this because it is coming from the SW. Most of the rain we have missed this summer has come from an MCS forming in NB and going North of us or just fizzling out before it gets here, But from what i have seen this year, and with the pattern, stuff that forms to the S SW, seems to give us our greatest totals hoping I’m correct.

    • KFC even has missed a forecast,or two,lately.

      I now have it fixed.

      My new Intern has erected my forecasts to a HIGHER notch. She is supper!

      Had to give her a shout-out.

  • Mildcatz

    Most of the metro should see a nice line of storms…it I was north of KCI, I would not count on much rain. It seems to be firing up to the SE and may take some of the punch out of our line.


    what are your thoughts Gary?

    • It is still acting strange, but there are some very heavy thunderstorms holding together as they move in. So some spots will have some very heavy rain.

  • Farmgirl

    La Cygne is getting pounded by wind and heavy rain. Almost severe levels on wind gusts. Wow! More active weather in August than all Spring. I probably should have emptied the rain guage from yesterday’s storm as I would guess we are getting another inch.


    that cold front is really doing some damage to the N KC, its keeping the storms from advancing north. Will south KC be the new zone for heavy rain for the next couple weeks?

  • Henley

    Very odd complex

  • Hockeynut69

    This one could be the most frustrating storm yet. All this rain in the area, the radar images being shown on TV and online says it is raining just west of Liberty. However, when I go outside I can hear the thunder, see the lightning, but not one stinking sprinkle thus far.

  • Drought Miser

    Its raining it’s pouring the old man is snoreing finally KC is getting some beneficial rainfall at these rates I will have received well over two inches of rain here in Merriam KS! Ty Mower man Mike your forecasts have been spot on do you work for Gary?

  • EmmysMom

    Once again, these storms are dropping nice rainfall everywhere but here. It seems they get right to our doorstep and then won’t advance any further north. I live up near Liberty near Cookingham and Stark and while we’ve had lots of thunder and lightning, it basically sprinkled and now nothing. On Sunday it was POURING when I left church just 10 mins east of here, got home all excited about the rain and it literally barely even sprinkled here all day. I just don’t get it

  • frigate

    As of 6:00 AM when I left for work, had recieved almost .95 in Grain Valley and was still pouring.

  • ginapuff

    Had a small tree snap in half from the wind in Gardner!

  • Drought Miser

    Wow rain shut off in a hurry does all these morning storms help or hurt are chances for good rain totals tonight and tomorrow?

  • GreenwoodMO22

    Only .31″ here but that’s alright because we had 1.5″ the night before.

  • Skylar

    .63″ by JoCo Executive Airport. Since its rained basically every day this month, our August total is already up to 2.2″ even though they’ve mostly been light events of only a few tenths of an inch.

  • OlatheMatt

    It was pouring like crazy here in Olathe this morning. The grass here is back to lush green.

  • sedsinkc

    Only .10″ here in KC North this morning amid all the atmospheric clamor. Total of 2.04″ the past 14 days.

  • trinlivco

    Gary, Chillicothe was hit by a isolated thunderstorm this morining at 7:45 A.M, lasted about 30 minutes moved south of town. I had 0.80 of rain here in town. You go 5 miles north of town and points north like Trenton (NOTHING). South MIssouri gets pounded again. Mother nature is very burtal in some areas. Wish she would spread it around, we could use alot more rain in our area.TR

  • overlandpark4me

    Calm until 4, then a nice outflow steady 10 mph breeze before it started to rain. Felt great. .59 Merriam OP line.

  • Weatherfreak01

    Based on the water level in the swimming pool, I would guess we picked up another inch of rain here in LS near Lake Lotawana. The tall plants like sunflowers and the corn have really taken a beating the past two mornings.

    The NWS said rain the past two nights for me and they were right. It will be interesting to compare what KSHB says about tonight and what NWS says. (I like to look at more than one source for weather and compare what they say.)

  • weatherman brad

    ok so its the lunch hour and lezak hasn’t given the late morning blog update, am I or we missing something here just wondering.


  • weatherman brad

    so no blog update from gary, that just disappointing. I guess there wasn’t reason that I should’ve check in this afternoon then if there wasn’t a blog update, oh well I guess.


  • akm76m

    At what percent is it considered to be high humidity and what percent would be considered ‘perfect’? Thanks!

  • jeffnskc

    Hey Gary:

    It’s after “later this morning” …

  • f00dl3

    FYI – the 7 day on the website says 70% chance of rain Thursday, but shows a “Sunny” image.

  • Weatherfreak01

    Wow, everyone is a little needy today concerning the blog. Gary posted blogs when he was on vacation. He is more than devoted. Give the folks at KSHB a break. Maybe they got busy doing something like their jobs..

    The NWS still has us at a 70% chance for tstorms tonight and tomorrow. Along So I would assume it is a fairly good chance someone in the viewing area will get some more rain. Here is what they said, “ISOLATED THUNDERSTORMS MAY REDEVELOP ROUGHLY ALONG AND SOUTH OF THE I-70 CORRIDOR THIS AFTERNOON AND EVENING.”

    Looking out the window I see what I call popcorn clouds (high small clouds) and some lower storm clouds forming. I was taught in high school (a million years ago) that what I call popcorn clouds (really called alto something or another) means that the weather will be changing. NWS says that it is currently 84 degrees with 67% humidity here in Lee’s Summit. So going by what I see outside, I will say that the NWS is right. The folks along and South of I-70 will get more rain in the next 24 hours. (I know, big stretch.. )

  • NCSUguy77

    NWS Forecast Discussion clearly says the focus for the MCS tonight would be in southern Missouri, much further south than this morning.

  • f00dl3

    Only 40% per NBC action news for tomorrow now.

  • Jrock

    Gary probably hasn’t updated the blog because he’s still trying to figure out what his in house computer model is saying. Tmrw night, Tmrw night, tmrw night. None of the local mets have a clue on the timing of the next rain event, the models have changed a hundred times in the last 24 hrs. Maybe Gary still has jet lag from his big Hawaiian trip. Welcome back Gary!

  • luvsno

    Well, 23 min ago Gary posted on Facebook:

    “I am back on 41 Action News and it has been a long day. I was up at 2:30 AM watching the developing thunderstorms. And, now we are looking for the next round. I will have the details on 41 Action News tonight!”

    So there you have it. It has been a ” long day” for him after being on vacation for 14 days.

    I just think it is so totally unnecessary that he talks about how long of a day it has been for him, or that he is tired. I have never heard other mets complain about long days or how tired they are. Doesn’t it “go with the territory” when there is weather going on? And this isn’t even an extreme weather event…..it was lightning, thunder and good old fashioned rain. He may have been up since 2:30 am….but so were a lot of other people.

    Nobody expected Gary to keep posting while he was in Hawaii…he did it because he couldn’t resist staying away from the blog and let Kalee or Brett keep us informed.

    • mukustink

      Gary just needs the attention. He’s like the kid who is always saying look at me,me,me,me,me,me. You know that anoying little kid in the store that won’t shut up about the candy and you just want to back hand him lol. I think he didn’t have a lot of friends growing up or something so he’s always looking for attention.

      Onto weather…Once again he cliamed that this was all part of the LRC. Really? No one has yet to explain how the east moving west storm fit the the LRC. If 41 is constantly in last place you would think they would try something different. The new 6 o’clock anchor is unwatchable in my opinion. That nasaly whiney voice is annoying as all heck.

    • mmack66

      Talk about unnecessary. What is the point of this diatribe?

      Are you operating under some ridiculous assumption that he owes you more blog today?

  • jeffnskc

    Hey Mower Mike:

    What’s your take on the up coming rain/storm chances??


  • Emaw

    1.25″ this morning in north Olathe bringing my 2 day total to 1.95″.

  • Henley

    I noticed the Farmers Almanac (NWS) brought their chances of storms tonight down to 30% from 70%

  • mukustink

    I just received the results from AccuGauge and KFC came in a close second. They were .25 points behind me. Better luck next year Kevin hopefully your new intern can help you reach a Higher standard! Please don’t even think of using the most accurate title or you’ll hear from my lawyer!!

    • Can you spell,”Forecast-Off”.

      It is a competition between two forecasting teams to see who can Out-Spell,and Forecast each others team.

      The rules,,,,well,,,, there are NO rules…..

      By the way,you are not allowed to look above to spell that word I asked you to spell…….

      BRING IT ON!!!!

  • The new 00z NAM has showers/t-storms moving in to the metro fri.morning… 2.2in.of Precipitable Water is forecasted w/ these storms…3-4 inches of precipitation is also forecasted from Topeka to K.C.,and along the Mo. river valley areas…
    Minor small stream,and street flooding is,also,a concern…