Thunderstorm Potential

Good afternoon bloggers,

This mornings thunderstorms were not very strong but they left some outflow boundaries around the area that seem rather weak. It may be a struggle to get anything organized developing today.  The chance of thunderstorms redeveloping later this afternoon and evening at your location is around 20%. There were a few thunderstorms early this afternoon trying to develop, but they have been rather weak.

The risk of severe weather the next two days:



Severe weather season is gradually fading away as summer approaches.  The top graphic shows todays risk and the bottom one shows tomorrows risk.  Kansas City is barely in todays slight risk and then out of tomorrows at the moment.  Let’s see how this evolves in the next few hours.

We will write up a more in-depth blog entry tomorrow. I was up very early this morning and for some reason the four hours of sleep has gotten to me today. Here is a picture of Sunny with the weak thunderstorms approaching early this morning.


Have a great afternoon. If we see anything more significant we will update you at that time. Thank you for participating. The comments are open on the Weather2020 blog, and they will be opened here in around two weeks.


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