There Was Not One Tornado In The United States Yesterday

Good Sunday morning bloggers,

DSCN4563I snapped this picture yesterday as the storm was rolling into the south side of the KC metro area. This thunderstorm ended up bowing out and producing a 65 mph wind near Greenwood, MO around 30 minutes from this moment. You can see Sunny The Weather Dog ready to come back inside as the wind and rain had just started. ¬†Farther north, there was a severe thunderstorm that created 65 mph winds over north Kansas City leading to some pretty big trees getting knocked down. This thunderstorm produced over 2″ of rain as it moved across the north side of the KC metro area.

There were strongly worded discussions that came out yesterday suggesting the tornado risk being rather significant. This system certainly had the strength in the upper levels and some conditions at the lower levels that raised these concerns, but something was always a bit off yesterday and in the end there was not even one tornado reported over the entire region.  The surface low ended up over Iowa, as it was supposed to be, and the trailing cold front was northwest of the area of thunderstorms. There was a tropical influence with a plume of moisture coming in from Mexico and the Gulf of California. This plume of moisture helped induce showers and thunderstorms most of the day over northeastern Kansas and this likely affected the instability just enough to keep these thunderstorms from becoming discreet cells.

Here are the severe weather reports from Saturday:


And, here is one of the trees knocked down:

North Kc

This is what a 65 mph wind is capable of doing. There were a few other big trees knocked down. Wow!

The weather pattern continues to evolve and the new cycling pattern as described by the LRC is beginning to show up. The key word is “beginning”. So, I once again am asking everyone to be patient and let’s wait and see how this evolves in the next three to four weeks. We just must wait another few weeks as the pattern is still setting up. The early evidence over the past 10 days has been fascinating.

The weather should become quite nice for the Steelers/Chiefs game this afternoon. GO CHIEFS and have a great Sunday everyone. Go to Weather2020.com and join in the conversation as we share in this weather experience.


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