The Winter Storm Continues With An Arctic Blast

Good morning bloggers,

At just before 10 PM we had a severe thunderstorm warning in areas where the temperatures were in the 20s.  There were thunderstorms with sleet, hail, freezing rain, and snow across the region as this winter storm intensifies early today.  Here is a look at the severe thunderstorm warning in the middle of the Ice Storm Warning; something we may never see again.


Just look at this next surface map, and remember this is February.  It was in the 70s at 10 PM over southern Oklahoma into north Texas, while at the same time it was 24 degrees in Kansas City, 30 degrees where the severe thunderstorm warning was issued in Sedalia, MO, and 6 below zero over North Dakota:



Some of the thunderstorms did produce hail, and possibly severe hail. Remember, for a thunderstorm to be classified as severe it must satisfy one of three different criteria:  1) have at least a wind gust of 50 knots (58 mph), 2) have hail 1″ in diametor or larger, or 3) Have a tornado. This picture was sent in from Clinton, MO:


This hail stone is likely just a bit smaller than 1″ in diameter.  There was hail and sleet falling at the same time.  By 6 AM, the surface cyclone will be centered over southeastern Missouri.  There is a chance of a little snow as this system goes by, and then the Arctic air will blast in. Bundle up!



Thank you for sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC. Have a great day!  We will look ahead to the next two storm systems in the comment section and in our next blog. I am a bit wiped out and heading to bed as it was midnight when I posted this blog entry!


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