“The Trough That Doesn’t Move”

Good morning,

Sunny Snow

Sunny The Weather Dog shows us that it is nearly impossible to make paw prints in the sleet.  The sleet, freezing rain, snow mixture added up to 1.1″ at KCI Airport and this makes this years total already more than the past three winters combined:



We just reached 28 days with snowflakes this season. I will have to add up the past three winters total. Maybe numbers guy can do that for me before I get to it later in the day.  And, now the weather pattern is on some something, as it is a bit wild and crazy.

I titled the blog “The trough that doesn’t move” as Jeff Penner and I coined that phrase for this part of the pattern that cycled through in November, again in December, and for a third time right now. We are in that part of the pattern. Oh, the troughs are moving, but in this part of the pattern they seem to move into the central part of the nation, and then suddenly there is another one moving into the central part of the nation the next day, then three days later, and then again.  Then, the “St. Louis snow storm part of the pattern” followed, and then the “blizzard part of the cycling weather pattern” followed that a couple weeks later.  So, hang on for this ride.  We have a series of storm systems to track, and the next one will zip by on Sunday.

Sunday Morning:



These two maps show the latest raw data output from this mornings first model in, the NAM.  A warm advection pattern sets up, and I need to analyze some more models first. As you know we have had a 60% chance in there for Sunday morning early. So, let’s see how this sets up. This would be a rather quick band, and if it forms early enough some accumulation is likely. And, then we will look at a stronger storm early next week.  This system may get its act together either just before it gets to KC or just after it gets past us. So, it will be an interesting next 48 hours.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog featuring the LRC.  Go over to the Weather2020 blog to join in the conversation.  It is FRIDAY!


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