The Second Half Of July Will Be Interesting

Good morning bloggers,

“Interesting” is something we have had almost non stop with this pattern. “Frustrating” is what we have experienced if you live near KC.  So, Interesting and Frustrating has been the theme since this pattern started in October.  There have been many times, from October through today, where we have had models shown some exciting set ups producing lots of rain, potential snow, and exciting weather set ups for us weather enthusiasts.  Next week is yet another one of those times that shows a set up featuring a stalling front that may produce the rain we have been waiting for, or it may very well end up leaving us in the dust again?   Take  a look at the next few days, and how it is lining up:





The front will likely stall and gradually weaken between Monday and Wednesday.  It is certainly interesting, and the chance that it will be frustrating is high. As we have thought many, many times however, is that maybe this one will be different. And, maybe it will?

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Today:  Mostly sunny, hot, and humid. South winds 10-20 mph. High: 95°
  • Saturday:  Mostly sunny, hot, and humid. South winds 5-15 mph.  High: 95°
  • Sunday:  Mostly sunny, hot, and humid. South winds 5-15 mph.  High: 95°
  • Monday:  Mostly sunny, hot and humid. A few afternoon clouds building up, but the chance of rain is less than 10%.  High:  94°
  • Tuesday:  Partly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms.  The chance of rain increases to 50%.  High:  85°


06z (1 AM) GFS Rainfall Forecast:


We will learn more about this pattern over the weekend.  Have a great day. Go to the Weather2020.com and join in the conversation or just share in this weather experience as we all learn together!


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