The Pattern Continues To Do Everything To Miss KC

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This is a later blog post as many of you likely realize I am a bit overwhelmed, and overjoyed, at the response to my personal statement on Facebook.  I came out of the closet, per say, but I have been out anyway, just not publicly. Go and read the entry on Facebook for more, and you can leave a comment there, or in the Weather2020 blog if you would like. Why is it important to come out? For me, it is to allow me to no longer “hide” on the air, and to be able to help be a role model and lead in this area where it is still a difficult journey for so many finding out about themselves, and for the parents dealing with learning and how to cope with this “stigma” that society still has.  Anyway, onto the weather.

The weather pattern is just “ridiculous” when it comes to having any excitement near Kansas City. As we have been showing, KC is not alone as there are other places around the nation also experiencing rather boring weather results. Just look at this forecast from the latest GFS model:


This is the forecast for Saturday night as we move into Christmas Eve. An upper high is forecast to be closing over northwest Canada and northern Alaska. That deep trough is forming over Hudson Bay. And, yes, another ridge on the west coast.  There will be a breakthrough storm, however, and it is right on schedule according to the LRC, This breakthrough storm will have to be watched for New Year’s week.  If it does EXACTLY what happened in the last cycle, then there will be a storm moving out into the plains, but warmer air would be drawn into KC. But, if there is just one colder twist to the pattern, then next week could finally break the ice.

Have a great day!


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