The New LRC Is Just Days Away From Beginning

Good morning bloggers,

The old pattern is almost over.  The weather pattern, that we are about to experience for the next year, will begin later this week. There is still strong evidence that we are in the last few days of the old pattern, and the new LRC has yet to begin.  Every year a unique pattern begins around the end of the first week of October. Our team has been discussing how this past pattern was so bad, so unique, and so frustrating to us near Kansas City, that it will likely be  quite obvious when the new pattern begins. And, the evidence is showing up by later this week, which we will be discussing today.

Let’s begin with this mornings radar:

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 6.59.36 AM

There is a small area of mixed precipitation of rain. sleet, and snow near the USA/Canada border early this morning.  Tropical Storm Rosa, what is left of a major CAT 4 hurricane was about to move across Baja California into the southwestern United States. This tropical system is getting absorbed into the new pattern.  This system is a great example of how a major hurricane, Super Typhoon, or any tropical system is just a very small disturbance in the flow that does not help create any pattern, as other meteorologists suggest at this time of the year.  The LRC, the cycling pattern just picks these systems up and they are just as influential as a complex of thunderstorms or disturbance.  Take a look at what happens to Rosa as it enters the overall westerly belt farther north:


At 7 PM tonight Rosa will be crossing the coast and spreading some rain into the southwestern United States. The old LRC and new LRC are combining in last years last gasp at frustrating us in KC.  Look at what happens just a couple days later:


This strong cold front is being generated by the old LRC. The pattern is actually ending on the cold part of the 2017-2018 pattern, and something so incredibly different is developing.  A small storm system is forming near California and this storm gets kicked out as something much larger develops:


Look at this closely; you have got to be kidding me? Is this really happening? A HUGE trough is predicted by most models to form over the western United States.  This is exhibit A for the new LRC.  This is something so very different. Now, we have to experience this first as it is still on models. It must actually happen first.

Kansas City Weather Time-line:

  • Today:  Periods of clouds with a front near by.  South winds south of the front with northeast winds north of the front.  High: 80°
  • Tuesday:  A few clouds and warmer. South winds 10-20 mph.  High:  84°
  • Wednesday:  Partly cloudy with near record high temperatures.  High:  85°



So, with a different pattern, we will get very different results.  This rainfall forecast above shows 2 to 5 inch amounts by Sunday night near KC.  Let’s see how this sets up.

Thank you for sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  Click here to join in the conversation, or read the comments from other bloggers and have a great day:  Weather2020 Blog Featuring The LRC


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