The Jet Stream Is Reaching Its Weakest Position

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It’s Friday!!  Here we go again. More rain chances, and the drought strengthens.  Here is the drought monitor that came out yesterday.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 7.43.37 AM

The drought that is being experienced near Kansas City is expanding as we move deeper into summer. What is so fascinating is that it ended over parts of southwestern Kansas during the past few weeks.  S and L indicate both short term and long term impacts, and this was just placed over northwestern Missouri. The drought is more extensive over the typically arid southwestern United States, and extending over most of California where some horrible fires continue to rage.

This weekends weather pattern:


The jet stream is reaching its weakest average strength and farthest north average position.  I plotted the 570 decameter line, which shows the 500 mb pressure at 5,700 feet above the surface.  Look at how far north this line is located over northern Alaska and tracking across Canada and the northern Atlantic. After the first week of August it will begin strengthening and shifting south. There is an anticyclone, or heat wave creating machine located over the southwestern United States.  And, there is a series of disturbances tracking across the plains in northwest flow aloft.  These disturbances will help create areas of thunderstorms this weekend, but will they continue to miss most of our region?  Here is the rainfall forecast from last nights GFS model.


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