The Heat Wave Breaks with cooler air here today!

Good Sunday bloggers,

Some locations received some great rain, too much rain and not enough rain. Welcome to the 2018 weather pattern in our area. There was some severe weather and flash flooding Saturday. Let’s take a look at the reports and then we will look ahead to the 4th of July.

There was a corridor of severe weather Saturday from the Plains to western Great Lakes. KC was on the eastern edge.


As we look closer at the severe weather reports there was 1″ hail around Platte City with flooding northwest of Leavenworth.


Platte City, MO hail:


There was also 1″ hail near De Soto, KS and 60 mph winds in Eudora, KS.


Let’s shift to the flooding part of the weather. There was 4.25″ near Atchison, KS and in Potter there were numerous roads closed. This location does not need anymore rain for awhile. But, as you will see below it is quite localized.


This is the radar estimated rainfall totals from mostly Saturday. Nebraska and Iowa had extensive rain which has been occurring all summer. It has been a different world up there. The red colors are 4″-6″ rainfall amounts.


There were rainfall amounts of 4″-7″ along highway 237 near Iatan. You can see why flash flooding was a problem. Remember, flooding kills more people per year than tornadoes and lightning. It is #2 to heat.


The 4″-7″ rainfall was in a relatively small area compared to the viewing area. Rainfall amounts in most locations have ranged from zero to 0.75″. This is good for most, but we need more rain.


Highs today will be in the 80s after the rain. So, the heat wave ends at three days. Monday will see highs near 90° after lows in the 60s. So, we have one comfortable morning. Then, Tuesday-Thursday will see the heat return with highs around 95°. We have a chance for our third heat wave, but some of those days may fall short due to clouds and the slim chance of an isolated thunderstorm. You can see the scattered showers and thunderstorms across Illinois and Indiana on Tuesday. This is a weak disturbance that will drift west. So, the 4th of July and Thursday may see more clouds and the chance of an isolated T-Storm. This could keep highs under 95. So, this weeks version of heat will be just a few degrees cooler than last week. Heat index values will be 105°-110°, so still stifling.


The anticyclone, “heat wave creating machine”, is being shoved to the east by our current storm system.


The anticyclone will return, but come in from the east. Sometimes, when they build in from the east they are cluttered with disturbances and cooler temperatures at around 10,000 feet. So, this means there are more clouds and the chances of isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms. This will be the case Tuesday-Thursday. So, if you get a downpour on the 4th of July, it won’t last long, it will cool you off and don’t cancel any plans. Now that being said, if you are out and about, keep an eye to the sky.


4TH OF JULY: The chance of rain in any one location is just 10% at this time.


Have a great holiday week,

Jeff Penner

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