The First 90° since September 19, 2013

Good Monday bloggers,

It has been 277 days since we officially hot 90 degrees at KCI, which makes it official.  It looks like the streak is about to end as we are going into a hot and humid air mass.  There are a lot of clouds today, so the high will be about 88-89.  The best chance for a 90 degree day is Tuesday, as more clouds will enter the sky on Wednesday.  However, it still may reach 90 Wednesday as well.


This heat is pushing the thunderstorm zone north to I-80.  Tuesday looks calm, but later today and tonight there will likely be big thunderstorms across Nebraska and Iowa.

Then on Wednesday night and Thursday a cold front will be approaching from the west.  It will likely take 3-4 days to drift through.  So, there will be thunderstorm chances each day Thursday-Sunday.  There will be small severe weather chances, but we could see some heavy rain.  We will have more on this in the coming days as timing and location of the thunderstorms will be a daily challenge.


Have a great week!


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9 comments to The First 90° since September 19, 2013

  • Hume-Dude

    I am wondering if these late week chances are for anything organized, or are we talking about little scattered storms with 1-2 mile cores? LOTS of people out there trying to get Hay baled and these little aspects of the forecast are critical…I will cut hay without fear if we are only talking about tiny scattered storms, if we are talking MCS’s then I am all ears….

  • AW

    Mile wide tornado north of Pilger, NE. It is confirmed.

    • chris

      Aw – Was watching it stream live on tvn weather..it was nasty and dangerous looking..it also had a second tornado on the ground right beside it..the chasers drove through pilger and the town was pretty much destroyed

  • luvsno

    Christa Dubill’s dress is hideous tonight…..
    Sorry I know this is a weather blog….just sayin

    Will JD be doing the blog this week. Or Jeff ?

  • Drought Miser

    All I have to say is wow never have I seen two stovepipes side by side save for the movie twister was watching TVN storm raiders when they dropped

  • robyn corzine

    ROFL @ Chrissy & luvsno. I am not sam hill and I don’t pay to view the I love Gary blog. I guess I’m also Farmgirl as she doesn’t pay to read his blog either. There are a few others who have stated that they don’t pay either. If you know anything about computers and the company he uses to host his propaganda then you can read it with out paying. Don’t know if you can comment or not since I don’t feel the need to comment over there where even legit questions that question his theory are deleted.

    Looks to be a great week of summer weather. Could use some time to dry out. Will be interesting to see the next drought report to see where we are at. We will most likely still be in the abnormally dry category. If we are then hot dry weather could easily tip the scales to the drought category. You know the one that was forecasted not to happen by the mighty LRC yet portions of the viewing area were and still are in a drought. Go figure.

  • robyn corzine

    For all you LRC pay members why don’t you ask Gary for an All Star Game Forecast? Let’s see how he does with it. I think he will nail it. Not to hard to nail a mid July forecast. Will there be a heat wave? Chance of storms? Who will win NL or AL?

    Glad to see the Royals playing well. How long will that last? You always have to wonder when the wheels will fall off. Will the longest streak of missing the playoffs continue this year? Yes I think it will. Bummer. Aloha