The Finale Of The Second Storm

Good morning bloggers,

Today’s timeline:

  • Now through noon:  Bands of light snow, blowing snow, windy, and cold.  Temperatures below 32°
  • Noon to 6 PM: Cloudy and windy with a chance of flurries. High around 33°

One last band of snow is rotating around the huge upper level storm that is spinning away to our east.  It is snowing as I am beginning to write today’s entry. And, with temperatures below freezing, the water content in the snow is come down just a bit so we actually have some blowing snow this morning.

1This last band of snow is rotating around the upper low that you can see off to our northeast on this map.  You can click on the map for a larger view. The Arctic Oscillation is going deeper negative right now and there is an upper high, a blocking pattern, developing near Greenland. This is helping force the jet stream deeper to the south.  And we are in the late February/early March freeze for another week.  This blocking will eventually break down and we will warm up next month.

2This next map shows the 500 mb flow valid Friday evening.  There is a 569 upper high near Greenland and the AO is going even deeper into the negative ( go to www.Weather2020.com for more details later today as I will be writing up a more extensive discussion over there soon). The jet stream will be diving right over us Thursday and Friday in response to this blocking pattern.  We may see a few snow showers Thursday or Friday as this energy drops right over us.  This entire blocking pattern should break down in the next two weeks and we can begin thinking about severe weather season.

As today’s last bands of snow rotating around the larger storm come to an end, I will be taking a deep breath, heading into work today, and we can look ahead.  Warmer days are ahead of us!

Here is a picture from my walk with the dogs at midnight last night, just minutes before I passed out and got seven full hours of sleep.  What a snowy scene with March just two days away.  All three dogs were adopted from the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. The 13th annual KC Pet Telethon is on 38 the Spot at 6:30 PM Sunday evening. I am the host with Stormy.  We are taking care of Stewie for another few days (the Miniature Dachshund) for another few days:

Snow Gary Dogs2


Have a great Wednesday! I will go over the changing weather pattern on 41 Action News today and tonight. And, tonight is Elizabeth Alex’s last day at KSHB-TV. Let’s watch the 6 PM newscast as we say goodbye.  It will be an emotional last half of that newscast. She has worked at KSHB for over 17 years.


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67 comments to The Finale Of The Second Storm

  • stormchaser


  • Henley

    wish my plow guy would show up so I can get out of this house

  • ShanePBrady


    In addition to really appreciating all the hard work you do with weather, I love what you do for animals as well. My wife and I have adopted seven dogs (all still with us) over the years, and one big reason I was following the weather so closely on this blog, was to make sure I was prepared to shovel walkways and a spot on the lawn for the dogs. We have a dachshund who is 15 and blind, so knowing that we would get a good chunk of snow was pretty important!

  • luvsno

    Awww….good pic Gary :) You are a good daddy and dog-sitter. Love how you are sitting in the snow with them

    Elizabeth is leaving ?? :( Where is she going ? Oh she will be greatly missed !

  • Kole Christian


    This last band of snow brought our total up for the whole storm over TEN INCHES! Quite the storm.

  • mgsports

    So will do Special’s for station and more with TLC and no replacement yet for her.

  • Skylar



  • f00dl3

    What an amazing weather pattern we are in. We have had over a season’s snowfall in 1 week.

  • smiley10


    I volunteer with the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City and will actually be volunteering myself at the telethon on Sunday evening. I think they have assigned me to work the phone banks. I’m really excited to be a part of this year’s event. I actually adopted a dog that was featured on the telethon last year, Gigi, a small basset hound who had just finished her heartworm treatments at the time of the telethon. I don’t know if you remember her. Anyways, thank you for being a part of this great event!

  • weatherkcmo

    This has been an amazing week of weather. Over a seasons worth of snowfall in just a week!

  • Twistersis

    Gary – our last dog was adopted from the Humane Society and I am pleased to support this wonderful organization. Thank you for being a highly-visible spokesperson for adopting/rescuing dogs that had no homes. It’s the kindest way to find a wonderful forever friend. Get some rest now!

  • stjoeattorney

    OK it happened! STJOE had 6.2 even the morning paper said, “just over 6 inches.” Now another 2 inches plus lite snow still falling and 27 degrees.

    TOTAL 8.2

    That with the 6 from earlier in the week and December storms (9 inches) gives us a season total of 23.2 just above average.

    I was thinking when this cycles back around on the first storm in 45 days that is April 12 could it be April snow??

  • HeatMiser

    Did I hear something about a storm next Monday or Tuesday?

  • frigate

    KUDOS, Gary…your the man! Great and awesome coverage and forcasting as well!! However, hard to think about severe weather season at the moment. I just want to see all this mess melt away…which will take weeks, then we can think about spring and severe weather. When are you doing your spring forcast? Had thought it was coming up soon?

    • Jeff,

      The Spring Forecast was supposed to be on Monday night, but something happened in the past week that didn’t even allow me to spend 15 minutes on it. We will look into this next week, but I need some time to put it together.

      Thank you!


  • No! I wish Spring would never come!!!!

  • olathe-snowkid

    The mobile blog still doesnt work for androids and iphones…

    • 2soccerboyz

      I second that. On android, the last thread I can get to is Feb. 25 “Winter Storm Warning Tonight-Tuesday”. LOVE the blog and all the up-to-date information!!

      • gwh64063

        Same here. If you tap on the “41 Action Weather Blog” title at the top, it will take you to the full site with latest blogs listed. Not a fix, but it’s a workaround in the meantime.

  • blue8091

    Aww – nice pics of your dogs! I WISH my dog loved the snow like that. He even has a maze in the yard, which all the other short dogs in the hood are enjoying – but not him! Glad you got some much needed sleep and time with your dogs!

    Thanks for the great lesson on the AO – the graphic you showed yesterday was a learning experience! I messed around with the LRC forecast and sure enough – it looks like we could see 2 storm systems somewhere around April 20. Interesting!

    • stjoeattorney

      At 51 days 7 in FEB 31 in March it would be like 12 April or so, still early enough for more snow!

      • LibertyJeff

        Or a whopper of a severe weather outbreak!

        • blue8091

          Yep – from the 21st it lands somewhere between 12th-17th and for the 25th, the 18th-23rd if the cycle is 50-55 days. I should have said between 12th-23rd possible 2 storm systems :) I had the 20th on the brain as it is the day of my neice’s bday party in the PARK is scheduled! According to the LRC – we will be using plan B – pizza party inside!

  • TeacherInStJoe

    Okay it is still snowing in St. Joe. It’s like the last band has decided to just stay put and not go anywhere. There is at least another two inches on the ground since I shoveled yesterday afternoon. I think I’m ready for spring.

    • stjoeattorney

      Yep 2 inches at 8 am when i went to work, perhaps a little more now, cars are coated in the lot from 8 am on.

  • Allollie

    Gary and Team, Thanks for the great job you have done last week! I really rely on your weather expertise. The only draw back was the BLOG. When you get caught up and done with your write up on THE SPRING FORECAST, can you look into getting it fixed really good this time? I know that this weather cycle will repeat itself in 50 days or so. I now that we will be starting server weather. Please, please have it working 100% by then!

  • realcindylouwho

    Help please! I have a friend, who loves to joke, who said he was listening to 810 radio this morning and Gary was on. He was talking about the potential for a HUGE snowstorm to hit K.C. in the month of March that would make the past week look like a joke. So, is this true (did Gary really say this)or is my friend pulling my leg again?!

  • Sky

    Shelter dogs are the best! All of our furkids were rescues (2 dogs and 2 cats) and they are all amazing pets (well, except for one naughty dog who makes up for her mischeviousness with personality!). I let all of them out to run around the snow yesterday – including the cats who weren’t real thrilled with it! And while this snowfall has been fun – we are counting on the relatively calm and warm-ish March you predicted on the Weather 2020 page as we are driving West for Spring Break!


    Still snowing in Platte city. Blowing snow on drive in to work. Fun stuff but bitter wind

  • Morham

    It is just beautiful outside. Medium sized fluffy flakes falling out of the sky, everything looks so different from our normal winters. Love it! I bet we got at least another inch or two in Independence but I am too lazy to go measure. I am content with just sipping on coffee while staring outside and watching the dog play in the snow. I know there has been lots of trouble with accidents, power, roofs, etc, but we really needed this I think. Now I can smile all the way until spring arrives. Cheers!

  • sedsinkc

    A surprising 2.5 inches of snow on my deck and all day shaded sidewalk this morning since yesterday afternoon. Brings storm total to 9.2 inches and 19 inches in 6 days. We’ve now had above average snowfall 3 of the past 4 winters. In hindsight, it seems comical that only a couple of weeks ago Gary was asking the bloggers if we would get any more snow this winter!!

  • hoeperk2

    10.6″ of snow out of this storm as of 6am at KCI. Now the second snowiest Feb on record, about 1.5″ short of snowiest on record. 10 days ago we were wondering if we would be in the top ten least snowiest winters. Amazing!

  • sedsinkc

    From NWS: As of 12 pm, Kansas City Int’l Airport has measured 1.1″ of new snow since midnight. This puts them at a storm total accumulation (since Monday afternoon) at 11.0 inches, the first time a system has officially given KC over 10 inches of snow since February 25, 1993. This puts the monthly total at 20.5 inches, which is the 2nd snowiest February on record and just shy of the record snowiest February of 20.7 inches in 1960.

  • Farmgirl

    I give!!! Enough with the snow! It is snowing heavily in La Cygne again.

  • snowplowman

    High school spring sports started this week. Coaches will expect me to snowplow athletic fields now.

  • HeatMiser

    The Heat Miser is hoping for a nice big fat flaked, deep heavy snow storm in March! Perhaps the one next week will decide to provide it? Gary, make it not miss us to the north…put in a good word would you?

    • snowplowman

      NO! Please NO!………POOF..POOF..POOF……….O wait that’s bad now….makes the storm actually happen.
      anti-poof….anti-poof. I’m so confused…….

  • mgsports

    Macy’s South had to evacuate this Morning because worring about Roof because of to much Snow.

  • snowplowman

    New contest………”QRocky’s last flake contest”
    I guess March 6th, 2:30PM

  • R-Dub

    Some thin spots in the clouds around OP over lunch. Even had to grab my sunglasses.

  • stormstalker

    Regarding the non working app on android, I had to uninstall and reinstall it, then sign into the blog. Now it works great again! Hope this helps.


    What we need now is overcast and temps above freezing to allow melting into the soil vice evaporation. We will loose some to evaporation but this has been awesome for starting off the year with basically a trickle hose of water into the soil. Hopefully we will benefit from a good cycle this spring and into summer.

    While I may cast lingering hesitation on future forecasts I won’t doubt Lezaks prognostications. Lol. Proved me wrong this time. Good work on the forecasts and the call of 2-4 snows in February.

  • frigate

    The NWS web site has some very interesting facts/records on snow amounts for each month and 1 day snowstorms. I liked how the amounts go down dramatically after the end of March. So hoping to survive the next 4 weeks, though the moisture, we got, is a good thing, so I can’t complain to much. I wonder once the AO goes back to postive, if the drought will return?

  • KUweatherman

    The blog doesn’t work for some because they changed the url with whatever fixes they did. The old link said nbcactionnews whole the new one says kshb. Just change that in your bookmarks and it will work again

  • JJ

    Snowing again in H’Ville.

  • sedsinkc

    Ahhhh, sweet (intermittent) sunshine in KC North with slow melting going on.

  • yewtrees

    Here is a nice tribute for Elizabeth Alex from the Kansas City Star.


    Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavor, Elizabeth! Thank you for your 17 years of contributions toward our community.

  • thundercolt

    Im going with 1.3 inches of melted water in your Sow/Raain gauge Gary well thats my guess!!

  • sedsinkc

    1.37 inches.

  • hippygoth

    I hope these last two bouts of moisture are a good signal for Spring, although a nice start we’ll need plenty more. Although, personally I’d like the unfrozen type. :)



    1.69 in the gauge

  • sedsinkc

    Another interesting factoid from local NWS office: “Not only is KC 0.2″ away from tying a February snowfall record, the 20.2″ measured since last Thursday makes this the 2nd snowiest 7-day period in Kansas City history (falling short of 25.1″ ending 3/24/1912).”

  • Teachermom

    1.57 inches in the gauge.

  • Weatherwatcher

    Hi Gary,

    After watching your experiment on the news program, I would have to say that there is 1.65″ of moisture from the snow.

    BTW… thanks again for the great coverage and dedication!

  • Kcchamps

    I think we have the chance for 1or2 more of 3″+ snow events before spring takes over for good