The Cool August Pattern Continues

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IMG_0482Sunny & I got out early this morning to get some pictures of the sunrise and the moonset, which happen nearly at the same time when there is a full moon. How is the corn doing?  How are the soybeans?  As you can see here, the corn fields on 135th street near Mission Road are looking about as good as I have ever seen.  Yesterday, by the way, Sunny went after a rabbit. The rabbit ran under the fence. Sunny didn’t see the fence and she smashed into it.  She got a bruise right below her eye, but she will be just fine.  Today, we are heading down to Table Rock Lake. It does appear there will be a good chance of showers and thunderstorms late Thursday and Friday down there.  Today, however, the weather is outstanding.  On the surface map, as you can see below, high pressure is again building over the plains in response to this cycling weather pattern. Where is the summer heat? A big ridge is forming way up into Canada. We did expect this to happen, but I thought it would be a huge closed off anticyclone. Instead, in this version of the pattern it is a big ridge that is allowing for Great Lakes troughs to dive south and create these surface highs with our potential thunderstorms through the plains, and over the eastern states.


How is this the same pattern? Well, take a look at these two maps, and watch the video I made this morning:

Cycle 6 on August 6th:

Cycle 6 August 6

Here is the pattern 234 days earlier, or exactly on cycle at 58.5 X 4.  This is December 15th. Just add in a bunch of lines and you can see the same pattern. There is a lot more energy in the flow on December 15th:

Cycle 2 December 15

Here is the video that will put it together for you:


The Cycling Weather Pattern In August from Weather2020 on Vimeo.

Let us know if you have any questions. I will be on the road today and the next blog may come later in the day on Wednesday. Thank you for participating and sharing in this weather experience. Click on the blog on Weather2020.com to join in the conversation.


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