Thanksgiving Holiday, Day by Day

Good Sunday bloggers,

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving week is here, but it is, and we will take a day by day look across the USA through next Sunday. There is building Arctic air and we will look at the chance of any travelling hampering storm systems.

It was a cold Sunday morning across much of the USA, but Arctic air is sitting over Alaska and Canada.


Look at these temperatures in the Yukon, -40° to -30°! When it gets this cold up there this time of year, we must watch it closely for a southward blast. At this time, however, we do not see it coming south anytime soon.


Here is the upper level flow for the biggest travel day of the year and there is a huge ridge in the western USA with a flat trough in the Great Lakes. This is a quiet weather pattern, which is good news for travelers. Remember, a ridge usually means dry and warm weather while a trough means colder air and potential storm system.


Here is the flow for the end of the holiday weekend, next Sunday. The ridge in the west has pushed east as a new trough sits over New England. This is still a calm weather pattern with showers for the Pacific Northwest and snow and rain showers for the northeast. It will be cold for the Great Lakes and New England, but the Arctic air will likely stay farther north. So, we do not see any big storm systems for the entire week of the Thanksgiving. We are going to go day by day with an emphasis on the temperatures.


Ok, here we go, seven maps, starting today.

SUNDAY, 11/19/17: The storm system from Saturday is already off the east coast which means dry weather for the Chiefs and Giants, but the wind may gust to 40-50 mph.


MONDAY, 11/20/17: It will be windy in the middle of the USA with showers in the Pacific Northwest and Florida, but the weather pattern is calm.


TUESDAY, 11/21/17: A cold front will be surging south, but the Arctic air stays in Canada. Highs here will be held to the upper 40s and low 50s. Rain is likely for the Pacific Northwest and Florida.


WEDNESDAY, 11/22/17: The weather will be calm for the biggest travel day of the year. There will be more showers found in the Pacific Northwest and Florida and right near or off the east coast. A small snow system is possible in the northern Plains, but overall this is good news for travelling.


THANKSGIVING, 11/23/17: Look at the warmth in the western USA. 62° in Billings, MT on Thanksgiving?  Wow! KC will be around 60° with 30s and 40s in the northeast. The Arctic air is bottled up in Canada.


FRIDAY, 11/24/17: Oh my, it is black Friday and we have a real chance of reaching 70° with no big cold air anywhere in the USA. 50s are possible in the northern Plains.


SATURDAY, 11/25/17: There is some data suggesting that a cold front from the north will be slower, which would mean KC has a chance to reach 70° again. There is colder air from the northern Plains to northeast, but this is not that bad considering the time of year and the fact that Arctic air is lurking in Canada.


SUNDAY, 11/26/17: Colder air will be heading south and our highs will drop to the 40s, but again the Arctic air is north of the border.  Also, remember there are no big storm systems, so in summary, the weather through the entire Thanksgiving weekend across the entire USA will be relatively calm and mild.  We will be watching the Arctic air closely as we enter December. We also expect the pattern to become more active.


If you are headed to the Plaza Lighting this Thanksgiving the weather is looking great with temperatures falling from the 50s to 40s, a clear sky and light wind. Two years ago Gary Lezak, Rhiannon Ally and Mike Marusarz had to stand out in a pouring rain with temperatures in the low 30s and winds gusting from the north at 30-40 mph. So, this year will be considerably better.


Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday and remember to NOT drink and drive.

Jeff Penner

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