Thanksgiving Day Forecast

Good morning bloggers,

We will have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day Eve, but what about tomorrow?  Our Plaza Lighting Special is on 41 Action News Thursday night at 6 PM and it will be broadcast/srteaming live on KSHB.com.  A cold front will be approaching the area Thursday afternoon with increasing clouds and perhaps a little bit of rain. It hasn’t rained measurably on Thanksgiving day in 25 years.  Here is one surface forecast valid at 3 PM Thursday:

As you can see on the map above, a cold front will be on our doorstep as everyone is heading out to the Plaza for the Lighting Ceremony.  The good news…..it will likely be near 70 degrees. The bad news, and it isn’t bad at all, is that there will be a northwest wind shift with temperatures dropping into the 50s for the lighting, which is great weather!!!!!  Now, will it rain Thursday around noon? This is something that the GFS insists on, and other models do not. We will go over the details on 41 Action News today.


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10 comments to Thanksgiving Day Forecast

  • frigate

    Gary, I see once again (for the upteenth time) that areas just to the east and south are going to get rain tomorrow…while we’ll get a few sprinkles or hundreths. This is why I agree KC isn’t going to get much precip/snow this winter, unless something changes this current pattern of the past several months. If I lived about 75 miles to the east or south…I’d be investing in a snow blower!!!

  • hobart

    I don’t care what anyone says, for KC it’s just the same old pattern.

  • sedsinkc

    Based on the latest data, it is becoming probable that November will end up being the 8th consecutive month with below average precipitation at KCI.

  • mowermike


    How’s this prediction (from you) looking next week??

    November 19, 2012 at 5:28 PM · Reply
    As predicted last week, the first real chance of good precipitation will be around Nov. 28th, give or take a day. We will be essentially zonal flow until late on the 26th, which means above average temps and no precip.

    Snowflake contest could end Nov. 28 or 29. That’s by far the best chance in the next 3 weeks.

    • Theo

      Unlike you Mike, I stand by my predictions. 28th is still the best chance for snow in the next 3 weeks BY FAR! I predicted it 2 weeks out before anyone else.

      How’s your Chiefs?

  • mowermike


    Just asking a question cranky!! I hadn’t looked into next week yet. Plus, I forecast for fun, I can care less if it’s right or wrong.

    BTW, your winter forecast last year called for 15 inches of snow and below average precip. We had under 4 inches of snow and we were above on precip. How was that a great forecast as you claimed the other day.

    Just asking..

    Have a good Thanksgiving.

    • mukustink

      Really you forecast for fun? Then why is it when you guess right you are the first on here blowing your own horn? Hell you even copy and paste your “fun forecast” from a previous blog to show you are right. Mikey your a fool and everyone on here knows it.

      Are you going to give Hunt your money next year for “your” (mom and dad’s) season tickets? If you are the you are really a fool!!

      Just asking..

      Have a good Thanksgiving.

      • mowermike


        It still amazes me how loud you talk on here and have yet to take me up on my invites….you know you’re all talk behind the screen

  • Emaw

    I would like to go ahead lay claim to the most accurate winter forecast from last year, as I predicted 9″. I usually live by a self imposed rule of not tooting my own horn but in this case I will make an exception! Happy Thanksgiving, like Billy Joe down on the farm likes to say, “let ‘er eat”!