Take A Look At The LRC: The North American Vortex Returns

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Let’s begin with a fascinating look at the first four cycles of this years weather pattern. This video is a comparison of the part of the pattern we are moving into right now.  This is just one snapshot, one part of the entire cycle that lasts for close to seven weeks; each cycle is around 46 to 49 days long.  A friend of mine who is a doctor in KC messaged me yesterday saying that he watched The Weather Channel yesterday.  They discussed the dry weather in Amarillo, TX. If you have been reading this blog we have been talking about the historic dry spell in Amarillo for months now here in the blog and on 41 Action News.  He quoted them as saying, “The reason for Amarillo’s dry spell is the pattern”.  Exactly, THE PATTERN is at the very least an explanation for why Amarillo has been so dry. The PATTERN is a reason for why the northeast has had the return of the “bomb cyclone” multiple times this season. And, it is A REASON for the return of the pattern right now, the North American Vortex.

Todays Video – A look at just one part of the first four cycles of this years pattern:

The Cycling Pattern from Weather2020 on Vimeo.

So, what does this mean?  It means that this part of the pattern cycling through in these next two weeks is right on schedule. It is the part of the pattern that has produced some of the coldest air from this past winter. It is the part of the pattern that produced the “bomb cyclone” and that part of the pattern is due within two weeks. Could we have another one?  Likely yes, but it will be the April version of it.  It means that a very cold air mass will build and move into the United States.  Again, we will get the April version of this pattern. In 47 and 94 days we will get the May and July versions of this same pattern. There won’t be an Arctic outbreak in July, for those of you wondering, but the same pattern will cycle back through.



Just look at these two maps above, and they are two of the cycles that are in the video today, which shows all four cycles.  We are currently cycling through the pattern that happened at the end of 2017.  Isn’t that an incredible comparison? So, what does this mean for the next seven days, not to mention the next six months. The new pattern sets up next fall. Learn more about the Cycling Pattern Hypothesis in the peer reviewed paper by clicking here:  The CPH (#LRC) This is the reason for why El Niño forecasts failed in California two years ago. This is the reason for why La Niña forecasts failed California a year ago.  This is the reason for why the northeast is getting blasted regularly this season.  This is the reason for why Amarillo shattered its all time longest dry spell.  And, this the reason for why the pattern is right on schedule right now.

Opening Day Forecast For Major League Baseball:


We are still monitoring this opening day forecast closely for Major League Baseball. One of the more challenging forecasts continues to be near KC.  And, you can see why by looking at the above forecast map.  How did this pattern leave KC with under 10″ of the third straight winter snow season? Or, are we not done yet?

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