Storms Rolling Through


Storms are moving out this morning and we will begin to see clearing skies throughout the rest of the morning and into the afternoon.  The cold front will continue to push to the southeast very slowly today and we will have to watch for some thunderstorm development later on this afternoon along the front.  Here is where the front is now:


The front will slowly sag to the south today, but stay in the southern edge of the viewing area this afternoon.  This is where we need to watch for some thunderstorms to develop late afternoon and into the early evening hours.  A few of these storms may have damaging winds and hail once they get going, but most of the stronger storms will be into Illinois and southeast Missouri.


We added to the well above average rainfall for the month of June.  Here is the rainfall totals from the rain this morning:


Enjoy the rest of the day!




Good Morning Bloggers!

Storms are rolling through the area right now with some reports of 50+ mph gusts, but mainly heavy rain and some thunder.  What do you have going on out there?  I’ll have a more in depth update coming up later.


Kalee Dionne

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34 comments to Storms Rolling Through

  • Hockeynut69

    About a half an inch just west of Liberty. Great timing on the rain and looking forward to the rest of the day. Happy Father’s Day!

  • stl78

    .32 five miles nw of liberty.

  • sedsinkc

    0.32″ in KC North.

  • Are we still looking at redevelopment in the afternooon? I’ve gotta get my roof done starting today if possible. Daddy’s literally putting a roof over the family on Father’s Day. How poetic!? lol

  • Drought Miser

    Jeremiah I think this afternoons storms are forecasted to all be south of the 435 loop, although the SPC does have us in the slight risk still for this afternoons storms

    • Thanks Drought,

      I think we might play conservative on the main “A” frame of the house and just worry about the smaller torch down portion of the front porch.

  • Drought Miser

    .47″ here in Merriam

  • j-ox

    .85″ in NW Lawrence.

    • Dobber

      Dr (Lucy) dobber, how much did the law of averages help us in ’12 & ’13? Your psychiatric help is worth $0.05. Tell those who care where to send a check…knowing full well the stamp and envelope are worth more.
      Don’t make me a troll by posting a response, PLEASE.

      I couldn’t resist ox,

      2012 was very dry ox. 2013 was average was it not? Who’s Lucy? Do you have anxiety about droughts too ox? Like that other fellow with multiple names?

      • j-ox

        How much rain did you get? Oh that’s right…you don’t have a rain gauge.
        Just go back under your bridge, troll.

        • Dobber

          Did the manager at your apartment complex piss you off ? I have a rain gauge, and like yours my totals vary from others around town…

        • robyn corzine

          Just ignore Dobber. He’s one of Gary’s favorites over on the pay to play with Gary site. He can do no wrong! Gary lets him say what ever he wants because he’s part of Gary’s circle over on the pay to play blog. He’s just a ignorant fool.

      • j-ox

        Dobber stated:
        2012 was very dry ox. 2013 was average was it not?
        Locally speaking, Lawrence was ~20″ below avg in ’12 & ~10″ below avg in ’13. Pretty sure KC and eastward was not this dry either year.

        • chris

          J-ox – i Drove through north lawrence on saturday morning and all i have to say is wow there is a lot of standing water. I haven’t seen the river that high in years.

  • lenexa_loon

    .6″ in western Lenexa. That puts us just shy of 9″ in June, not bad for 15 days. Of course, it’s no match for ’93 when we had 16″ of rain in 10 days in June after a wet early spring.

  • terrydsnowy

    The TWC showing monday at 92 Tuesday 94 degrees. This must be one of the four heat waves this year. Cools down after that again. Gary did say that they would only a few day’s an that was it. That’s from his summer forecast!

    • Drought Miser

      Yes Terry he did say that and hopefully the on and off heat waves become the normal for the summer!!

    • robyn corzine

      Terry I doubt it. A few days of 90 degree weather does not make a heat wave. Oh wait it has to fit because Gary said so. Sorry I forgot that part.

  • robyn corzine

    I see where Gary was up all night updating the pay to play blog while this one was silent once again. So much for that 2020 blog being a national and LRC only blog. What a liar Gary is. It’s really just a love and praise Gary blog. I mean if you dare to make a comment that is factual but not praising his theory or him you will get the boot.

    Not much rain out of last nights fast moving system. on the average about a half inch of rain. All this rain will be gone by the end of the week if we have the wind and temps in the 90’s. Will be nice to get actual forecasts this week with out dogs and outdoor camera shots and the infamous we will know more by tomorrow LOL.

    • chris

      U just like to complain lol..u are a paying member of the 2020 blog yet u come over here and whine and complain. You live a sad life sir

      • robyn corzine

        Chrissie I don’t pay to read the love Gary blog. There are ways to view the blog with out paying. You just have to be smart in order to do it which leaves you out in the cold. Cheers mate.

        • chris

          Oh no i am not smart…lol..oh well guess i better give up my very successful business haha..have a good one sam robyn batman ed muku pete amd whatever other name you wanna use..

          • luvsno

            chris….Good one !
            robyn does pay to read the 2020 blog. He admitted to it.

            • chris

              I know luvsno..i have actually come to like his posts. They make me laugh a lot to think that someone thinks the way he does. I get a good laugh everytime

              • Dobber

                Im suprised OX hasnt showed up to defend robiin

                • chris

                  Ox is a good guy dobber

                • j-ox

                  I’m a fan of the LRC actually. While I don’t see it as a true ‘see-all’ predictor, I do view it as a useful tool in the shed of weather forecasting. Most of us tend to see, notice, even look for/seek out patterns in many aspects of our lives. And Gary has discovered some patterns in his years at the healm. Weather is a huge part of his life…and he deserves respect for how he goes about his craft. It is unfortunate when others so negatively scrutinize his efforts. Weather forecasting “ain’t no” coin-flip.

                  Look at it this way: if a MLB player hits .250 he’s not much to speak about, yet if he hits .333 he’s a stud. This is merely the difference in going 1 for 4 vs 1 for 3.

  • Headdog245


    Nope. You view the comments under the name Sam Hill. You did indeed pay to play. Sam likes the words “yahoo” and “Cheers” also. I have read those multiple times with both your screen names.

    You make it to easy to figure out. It’s amazing that you think your’re fooling all of us with all these screen names over the years. Once one gets deleted you come on here with another but the nature of your comments remain the same. You don’t find it weird at all that so many bloggers point this out?

    • chris

      Bingo..he lives in a bubble that he thinks he is the smartest trickiest person around..it is quite comical sometimes

    • luvsno

      Yes, he is SO recognizable with the comments he makes.
      His disdain for Gary is what is so bothersome though. He lays low when the other mets write this blog……until he sees something on the 2020 blog that pushes his buttons, then he comes over here to rant about it.

      Hey, robyn ! Gary is going to present his LRC to his PEERS at the conference on Friday ! Will THAT make you happy ? Noooo….because you will still find something else to complain about. It’s what you do.

  • AW

    I’ve been watching other states weather stations lately to see how other parts of the country are. In particular, I was watching Sioux Falls, South Dakota weather, and 3 weeks ago their main headline was “Drought leaves a mess for farmers” and they were talking about how they were hoping for rain. Their main headline today is “Flooding leaves a mess for farmers” and their talking about how they want dry weather. All I think is that they just can’t be pleased. I mean, at LEAST it’s raining and storing water for irrigation systems if drought conditions reappear.

  • Hume-Dude

    AW – Those headlines are just their local media trying to make a big story. I understand from the outside looking in it appears farmers cannot be pleased, but its either too dry or too wet most of the time. We rarely ever get “ideal” conditions, if we do they are very short lived. We don’t live in CA, so our weather varies a tremendous amount in the central plains. Imagine if your paycheck was directly tied to what the weather decided to do or not do? It would test anybody’s patience , let me tell you. Any farmer will take it wetter than drier, so they are making a story out of nothing, typical media.
    I got a nice .5″ out of Sunday’s storms at the farm, some decent wind damage in the town of Hume itself, a power line was blown over and many down branches and limbs. Everything is green and my strip pit is at full pool. New ponds have 4′ or so, still 6-8+ feet to go , wondering if these will EVER fill up.