Still waiting for our first snowflake

Good morning bloggers,

Our winter forecast comes out on Monday night and we will have an in-depth winter forecast blog issued at 6:30 PM Monday evening!

It’s Friday and it will be a very nice stretch of weather ahead as we move into the holiday week.  Thanksgiving Day still looks amazingly nice with near record breaking high temperatures likely.  Our forecast high for next Thursday is 68°.  There will be almost no wind today with just a light breeze at times as the pressure gradient is quite weak. There will be an increasing southerly wind Saturday and a chance of showers or even a thunderstorm on Sunday night.

Today is the last day to enter the snowflake contest. Click on this link Snowflake Contest  to enter the contest.  We haven’t even had one snowflake fall yet this season as the dry weather pattern continues.

I am still analyzing the data and will finish the blog soon.


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14 comments to Still waiting for our first snowflake

  • dogsinkc

    Gary, why don’t you guys ever respond to posts anymore?

    • Nick,

      I do all of the time. There are certain days that I get very busy and don’t check the blog. Maybe it is because our weather is so boring right now. Sorry! Do you have any questions?


  • dogsinkc

    Sorry, this weather is vexing me. I know you have work to do.

    I have just been asking why this Thanksgiving looks to be hotter than last because this year there is more snowfall in the U.S and around the world than there was last year. Shouldn’t that be influencing the temps more?
    Additionally, I heard that the solar cycle is declining, slightly.

    I’m just hoping for much cooler weather soon, but you probably aren’t seeing that yet.

    • Fred Souder

      There are a lot of factors that come into play that are more dominant than the snowfall amounts. It is true, that if all other factors are constant, then the temperature in a given region will be cooler if over snowcover. However this has more to do with snow extent than amount of snow. An area with 12 inches of snow won’t lose heat faster than an area with 24 inches of snow. When we have warm spells, our winds prevail from the south or southwest, and so the snowcover to our north will not impact the temperature of these air masses.

      When the wind blows from the north, then the temperature of the air DOES depend on whether it is blowing through areas with snowcover. What this means for us here in KC is that snowcover does not usually cool our warm spells, but makes our cool spells colder.

    • Fred Souder

      “the solar cycle is declining, slightly).
      Lots of interesting things going on with the sun these days, one of which is a moderating of the activity on the sun. There is a lot of speculation concerning solar cycles and our climate, and some very good scientists trying to puzzle out any mechanisms of influence.
      Unfortunately, the recent plateau of Earth’s temperature (over the last 15 years, the Earth’s temperature has not warmed, and is showing signs of a slight cooling) is coinciding with a lot of competing theories. The sun has also been winding down its activity. The PDO is shifting negative. ENSO is entering a period of time when it favors La Nina over El Nino. So, thus far nobody has been able to pinpoint which of these (if any) is the driving force behind the temperature trends. Truthfully, all of these theories of climate have their weaknesses, and at this point it is anyone’s guess what is the true driving force behind short term global temperature changes.

      “just hoping for much cooler weather soon…”
      I hope you don’t mean globally! Cooler temperature correspond with a destabilization of the weather patterns, which causes lots of hardship for farmers.

  • luvsno

    Gary, Is this all of today’s blog ? Ok, you get a pass…after all “it’s Friday it’s Friday”…can’t get that song out of my head now Gary after hearing it this morning on 810 radio…and you singing it . lol
    Have a grreat weekend everyone…enjoy the nice weather while we have it !

  • rred95

    not much to blog about with this weather. I think he said all that could be said.

  • Hockeynut69

    Next weekend it will dip into the 50’s is that cool enough?

  • Hockeynut69

    I have to laugh at George’s tweet. “wondering how much snow we’ll get this winter? How cold it will be? 41actionNews has the Winter FOrecast next Monday at 6pm.” Aas if anything predicted will be the truth. The way this weather has been going the past few years, it is the luck of the draw if you call it right for the whole season. I will still watch but just to see what went into their predictions and to see what they are saying is going to happen. And no I can’t do any better job so I am not blasting them.

  • redavis

    Gary: I have been seeming some long range forecasts & models saying that starting with the work week following Thanksgiving weekend that there will be shots of colder air diving southward out of Canada & it will become more stormy with storms parading across the country right into the first few weeks in December. I saw several days with forecast highs in the 30’s & at least 4 or 5 days with chances of snow showing up with this pattern change. Are you seeing any signals yet that colder air & storminess could be setting up as we end November & head into December?? Thanks, Rod

  • Theo

    “Pacific Ocean is getting active” is Gary’s quote at 6:20pm tonight. Really? For whom? There is nothing (.05 inches Sunday night) until at least Nov. 28th showing up. I do not get how you can consistently cry wolf? The pattern is nearly zonal.

  • Emaw

    Zonal flow rocks in the winter! Rain is more beneficial to our situation anyway.

  • Skylar

    Latest dugout monitor shows KC only in a moderate drought now.