Spring Will Push Winter Out

Good Tuesday bloggers,

After a hard freeze this morning with lows in the low 20s, today will be sunny and cool with highs nearly 20 degrees below average, the low 40s.  Spring apparently is tired of losing, so tomorrow warmer air will begin a northward push on south winds gusting to 45 mph during the afternoon into the night.  We will also be tracking two disturbances as well.  The first moves through tomorrow evening with the wind.  It will likely bring a fast moving area of rain showers from the city southward.

Tomorrow afternoon along with the 45 mph wind gusts will be increasing clouds.


Tomorrow evening we will be tracking an area of rain as the winds continue.  Our high tomorrow will likely reach the mid 50s, but drop to the 40s as the clouds and rain charge in from the south.


Tomorrow night the first disturbance will exit to the east as the next one approaches from the west.  In between the two disturbances it will be cloudy, more moist and windy, along with a chance of drizzle and isolated showers/thunderstorms as warmer and more humid air is forcing its way north.


We had snow on Monday and on Thursday there is a slight risk of severe weather from our  area eastward.  Welcome to KC in March!  This is due to the second disturbance, increased warmth and humidity and a cold front.  Any severe weather looks marginal at this time as highs will just be in the 60s with dew points in the 50s along with lots of cloud cover.  However, that being said, the winds aloft will be rather strong.  The cold front will move through during the afternoon, so the best chance of thunderstorms will be east of here as all of the features will be moving quickly.


So, we have chances of rain later Wednesday through Thursday afternoon.  However, since any rain will be scattered and moving fast, we are expecting total rainfall to be .05″ to .25″.  If we can get more thunderstorms, then a few areas could see .25″ to .50″.  We need the rain and there will be more chances next week, even a slight chance Friday.

Have a great day.


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5 comments to Spring Will Push Winter Out

  • Hume-Dude

    I am hoping we get a widespread .5″ at least, that will help green things up big time by end of the weekend with mid 70′s. I am always concerned when I hear “from our area East” , that usually translates to ” activity will skip our area and develop just to the east” Also, when we have FAST moving setups like this you can get pounded by T-storm, but if it only rains 5 minutes you are not going to get a beneficial rainfall. I am hoping for MCS type event, not these little popcorn cells the forecast solution wants to paint. I will take what I can get!

  • AW

    I think the severe weather threat increases the father south you are. So up here in Leavenworth, we have only a marginal risk, while down by the Lake of the Ozarks, they have a higher chance of severe Thunderstorms. I would almost completely rule out tornadoes. The very most would be SUPER isolated EF-0 Tornadoes that cause next to no damage. This will be a mostly hail and wind event.

  • Drought Miser

    Hopefully this setup is our game changing pattern and we can get regular old spring storm setups in here to help break up this Drought a bit!!!

  • Winter will be back in 8 Months 5 Days 4 Hrs and 25 Mins!!!! And I’ll be counting down all spring/summer long!!!

  • KCsnowhater

    Andrew, you need therapy. Winter = BAD. Summer = GOOD.