So-long Summer…

Cold front moved through the area last night, as expected. It sure did take its sweet time though. That said, radar estimate indicated some areas with 2.50″ to 3.00″ of rainfall (I saw this near the Maryville area). The official reports via the NWS, indicate much smaller values.
1 PM

As usual, your backyard measuring device will likely vary just a bit. And no, not everyone got nice, meaningful rain. There will be some areas with cracks in the ground still or dry birdbaths. Ain’t nobody walking this planet that can change that, so all we can do is hope for the next rain chance. Which, oddly enough, is just around the corner.

Here this evening, we have a few smaller thunderstorms ongoing to the South of the Metro, thanks to the lingering cold front.

These storms will continue to move to the East as the evening rolls on. I do not see a threat for rain or thunderstorms in Kansas City. Any outdoor plans you have should be just fine.

A second cold front is advancing to the area as we speak. I expect this to clear the Nebraska/Kansas state line by 7am Monday morning. As it does, there is a chance we see a few storms bubble up along the Iowa/Missouri line. Those would be to the North and Northeast of the Chillicothe area.
By the afternoon, that front will slowly drop South and should be over the Metro area around midday.

Once the front goes through, you’ll know it! So-long to Summer. The humidity should start to decrease and you’ll likely “feel” the air get cooler. Through the evening Monday, temps will drop pretty fast and by the time we get to Tuesday morning, it will be a world of difference for us.
3 PM

Sleep with the windows open Monday night, but have a blanket nearby; you may need it. Matter of fact, we will likely set or tie a few record lows Tuesday morning. There are four locations to keep eyes on, two in particular.
2 PM

One just happens to be Kansas City, how about that? We are forecast a low Tuesday morning of 53°. If that happens, it would beat out the record of 56° from 1990. Incredible. But it also goes to show that this stuff does happen.

Enjoy your Sunday evening and be sure to catch the latest forecast tonight at 10p on 41 Action News.

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7 comments to So-long Summer…

  • akm76m

    Just had a small 5-10 minute rain shower in Raymore.

  • robyn corzine

    Great blog as always JD. Great work as usual. Only a few drops in the bucket this morning hoping tomorrow will bring some beneficial rain to my backyard and front yard and side yard.

  • Theo

    Certainly Mikey’s private vort max 4 miles NW of Liberty got 3+! So, I hear your “private” monitoring stations are way above average? Too bad none of the official sites are for the year. What do you say Davey boy? Hope the tee box wasn’t too bad today.

    • Chuck

      Yeah? Just like Pete Capone claimed he got 17+ inches of snow during our big snowstorm this past winter. What a liar that dude was.

    • Chuck

      Since Petey’s snow depth wasn’t from an official site…guess what? It didn’t happen.

  • Emaw

    Any chance of snow on the backside of this thing?