So Close, and Yet So Far

Good Saturday evening bloggers,

The new data continues to be quite fascinating.  This will be a very short blog today.  It is my last day of my vacation.  I will begin working at KSHB-TV again Sunday. I am doing the double shift, working the 6 AM and 8 AM newscasts, and then the evening newscasts, including the big one after the Chiefs beat the Seahawks on NBC.  It will be so much more fun to do that weather and news Sunday night with a Chiefs win. I am predicting a victory, and I am sure it will be close.

Speaking of close, look at this:


So close, and yet so far, as I titled this blog entry.  The blue dashed line is usually the rain/snow changeover line. It is just south of KC on Christmas Eve into early Christmas morning. There is a south wind, however, and this likely means it is just a bit too warm near the ground. It is something to monitor closely, and then the bigger and wetter storm system with all kinds of solutions. We will discuss in the comments on the Weather2020 blog.


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