Snowing At 1 AM

Good morning bloggers,

Who was up for last night’s snowstorm, well, maybe not a snowstorm but moderate snow fell for an hour or two at 1 AM:


A band of snow moved across the KC metro area early Sunday morning.  Visibilities were under 1 mile at times with temperatures dropping.  Temperatures dropping into the lower and middle 20s caused some ice formation from the melting snow on some roads and there was a 22 car accident early this morning around 6 AM on 69 highway.

March Snow Dogs1Here is a picture of Breezy and Stormy getting out in the winter scene as the sun was rising early this morning.  The sun is out, but there is another fast moving system heading our way.  It will be sunny ahead of this storm today, and then a band of precipitation is likely on Monday, and it again may very well be in the form of snow.

Thank you for spending a few minutes reading the Action Weather Blog!  We will be analyzing the new data and updating your weather forecast on 41 Action News.


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25 comments to Snowing At 1 AM

  • Here in SW Lawrence everything but the roads are white. Looks like he had somewhere between 1/2 to 1″.

    As I type this it is 26 degrees. We have a dewpoint of 23 with a 5-10 mph breeze from the NNE.


  • terrydsnowy

    It snowed some last night and there snow on the grass here in KCKS! Maybe we should watch monday snow! Could we be in for a late march surprise snow event? Time will tell!

  • davidmcg

    Gary 1″ here in McLouth. Topeka had a run on accidents overnight. Been up all night tending pork butts in my smoker and at times, it was snowing rather significantly. A lot of wind and big flakes. 20°F now and NNW winds at 4.9mph. frigid stuff. Have a nice walk with the dogs in an hour, mine doesn’t want to come out of her dog house and off her bed. I think even the dogs got used to the warmer weather.

  • mmitchell33

    Under an inch in south OP. Grass and deck is covered. Dust partially covering sidewalks/driveway

  • stl78

    After 10 months of workin between ia and the Canadien border, I finally head south! I head to Abilene tx. I’m afraid it may be short lived yet im sure it will b snow-free. Anyways, Here’s to an uneventful drive to Abilene. For those that care, I will report any wx of significance in and around my local. Regardless, it should be warm and hopefully sunny!

  • Drought Miser

    Drought Miser reporting live from Merriam KS my wife woke me up late last night and said it was snowing I’m like still in dream state so I say yeah right turns out she wasn’t kidding a fresh coat of the frosted mini wheat type snow here maybe up to 1 inch in spots!!

  • Drought Miser

    Ummmmm Gary,

    I noticed a new 41 Action News ad on TV yesterday, probably a new one for spring, in it you mention that we see a more active spring pattern… is this overall Thunderstorm activity or just an increase in Storm system’s coming through the metro this spring? Also did you and the team do a spring severe storm forecast and I missed it, or is it coming up?? ty

  • kellyinkc

    dusting here in Raytown.

  • Pete Capone

    This weather sucks.

  • frigate

    I am so over this crap. Arg!!! Can only wonder when spring will permanently arrive?

    • sedsinkc

      I hate this stuff too. Another colder than average spring shaping up. I guess KC is still paying for that warmest ever spring 2 years ago. If we can get a significant El Nino cranking by next winter it gives me hope next winter and spring won’t be so cold.

  • Emaw

    Spring? There is no such thing in Kansas City.

  • sedsinkc

    Latest NAM shows us getting quite mild tomorrow afternoon, with temps approaching 50 in Kansas City tomorrow afternoon. “http://www.instantweathermaps.com/NAM-php/showmap-conussfc.php?run=2014032312&time=INSTANT&var=TMPF&hour=033″

  • Hockeynut69

    Based on the recent history of storms around here ( the past year and a half), I would guess they will get their act together just south to southeast of KC. Pessimistic maybe, realistic very much so.

  • Emaw

    Need the gulf to open up before we can talk seriously about thunderstorms, dont see that happening until May, cold windy and dry will persist through April.

  • dpollard

    Maybe I bumped my head but the latest NAM seems to bring more snow towards KC tomorrow.

  • Drought Miser

    JD said just now on the 41 weather teaser that snow by noon tomorrow is very likely