Snowfall Totals & Reminiscing The Storm

Tuesday, 01 February 2011 18:48  (I will start a new blog later in the morning on Wednesday!

Good evening  NBC Action News Weather Bloggers,

First of all, I am so sorry that we crashed the blog by having it become too popular. We had so many hits yesterday morning that it literally killed it.  We have a new host for blog, so let’s be patient. 

What do you think?   How was our forecast for this storm?  Well, I guess we better look at totals first.  The storm took a track that placed Kansas City in the center of the comma head, but the heaviest snowfall amounts from this storm ended up farther south, as expected.

Snowfall amounts:

  • Sedalia and Butler, MO: 18″
  • Nevada, MO: 17″
  • Weatherby Lake, MO: 13.5″
  • Blue Springs, MO:  13.0″
  • Wellsville, KS: 12.5″
  • Olathe, KS:  12″
  • Trenton, MO: 12″
  • The Plaza, MO (NBC Action News Studios):  11″
  • Overland Park, KS:  9″
  • KCI Airport, MO:  7″

We will call this Kansas Winter Storm “Flowers” named after Brandon Flowers of the KC Chiefs.  Did any of you realize that at 4 AM I suddenly got the idea to follow this storm on the LRC Weather blog?  It was a very poor last option, but we made it through this.  Let’s go back and reminisce.  Here is what I began posting at 4 :30 AM this morning:

Click on each map for a larger view. The above radar image was taken at 5 AM, and I thought, wow here it comes.  I glanced at the new data and I knew our forecast would pretty much verify.  That is always a great feeling. And, then just one hour later at 6 AM the snow surged in from the south and it all began.  I am showing a time-lapse of the entire day on our 10 PM newscast tonight. 

By 9:15 AM very heavy snow was falling at the rate of around 2 inches/hour southeast in that white area.

And, then the main upper level low was intensifying just perfectly to provide enough lift to form thundersnowstorms. There were around 25 lightning strikes east of Kansas City, but we ended up getting very heavy snow. 2 1/2 inches fell on the Plaza between 3:10 and 4:10 PM.  The snow continued for a few more hours after this band rotated through.

And here is a surface map depiction of what it was like around 5 PM this afternoon. Wow!

Now, where does this storm fit into the LRC?  It is 52 days after Kansas City’s first inch of snow when we had a mini-blizzard at just before midnight on December 11th. Remember that? And, that storm colapsed the Metrodome in Minneapolis.  Remember that? And, that storm in the second cycle of the LRC came 46 days after the powerhouse surface low and bomb of a storm in October, the strongest surface low in North American recorded history that wasn’t associated with a Nor’Easter or a hurricane.  It really is fascinating. I will show you the maps sometime soon.

Anyway, we look ahead and this late weekend storm fits with what is supposed to happen next.  We may have more snow in Kansas City Sunday or Monday.


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135 comments to Snowfall Totals & Reminiscing The Storm

  • Weatherman Kumke

    Have a Foot in 127th and Olathe. 1st post on new BLOG!

  • 12″ near Johnson County Executive Airport with drifts of about 3 feet.

  • The blog is back!

    Very windy here in Lee’s Summit. NWS reported 10.5 inches of snow here in Lee’s Summit. I’d have to agree. It is so windy here that I can’t get a flat, accurate measurement!

  • mwnavyvet

    South olathe – maybe 12 to 13 inches. Huge drifts in back yard 4-5 ft.

  • Its too hard to tell, but I think it’s around 12inches here in Buckner, MO

  • Bryan

    11.5 recorded in Piper, KS area.

  • I always wanted more than 6 inches…..but this is not what I meant!!!

  • erstaunlich

    So glad the blog is back up again!!!! And here in Smithville, HUGE drifts!!! Not able to give an accurate measurement, though, as most of it is blowing around!! But, I’d say around 10 or 11 inches based on the sheer amount that’s fallen.

  • cryptonate

    Gary, I know it has been stressful for you guys. I really appreciate all your hard work. This was a really serious and tough forecast. I personally think your team did good with the forecast. I live in Independence and we got anywhere from 8″-10″(to much wind to measure), with some huge snow drifts. I couldn’t even get my front screen door open because of a 2 foot drift. I hope everyone is safe and please be careful if you have to for some reason get out in this mess.

  • Jacks

    Please read this document prior to posting all of your crazy totals, they mean nothing unless proper protocol is followed. You all seem to view yourselves as super duper meteorologist capable of regurgitating model analysis which someone else has prepared for you so I’m sure you’ll also be able to properly measure snow after reading this document


    • jdemar24

      The snowboard method would likely be as inaccurate as any with this storm. In this case, given the winds, it seems the best method would be to take multiple measurements (the more the better) in multiple locations and take the average.

    • Having checked out your link, I’m pretty confident I did it right and I am pretty sure I got at least 14 inches! Thanks for sharing that!! It was helpful!

    • JohnP


      Are you always this obnoxious? You have no idea what some of us in the blog know, or in fact if we are trained in meteorology. I find your condescending tone unacceptable.

      This is a forum where amateurs and professionals interact, there is no need for you venom here. You are being irrelevant and you will be soon marginalized like the rest of the trolls.

      For the purpose of this blog being half an inch off is not a big deal and as jdemar24 indicated the method in the document would not work today at all, it would underestimate the totals.

      So be nice or be gone.


    • chopperHD

      Jacks, I am going to put you in the same category as Deer Hunter. You get the benefit of the doubt about not realizing your comments are critical and sarcastic. I do not believe there is any need for that on a “weather blog” this is for weather enthusiasts sharing opinions and information. Nobody is always right thus the learning process. Anyway you can review the way you blog and ensure you are a productive blogger? Or, are your comments intentional and you look to use blogs as a vent for your frustration. Not trying to offend, only trying to reach out and hope you are a good person and unaware of your tone in the blog

  • chiefs

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooo BLOG IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • numbers

    Heyyyyyyy. Glad to see the blog is back. Shall we start the discussion for next week’s storm??

  • weatherfanatic

    Yes! What are the models showing? Lol.

  • Kcchamps

    just went outside to measure and i was blasted by blowing snow, i measured in 4 different spots in my front yard and i have around 8-10″ average with much higher drifts here in independence. i’m located about a mile from Richard’s Sunfresh on 24Hwy

  • beckysma

    A blizzard without the blog…that was tough.

  • numbers

    Any new model data?? Haha. Hey when is JoCo planning on plowing neighborhood streets?

  • Just a tick under 11 inches near 143rd and Blackbob in Olathe.

  • stl78

    Gary, team,and fellow bloggers: its a shame the blog crashed when it did considering the tenacity of this storm! I’m sure it was aggravating to the team as well as the bloggers. Yet I’m sure everyone realizes it was do to the popularity of such a forum. Don’t take this blog for granted, I was lost without it! Great job with the forecast! I know st Louis at one point predicted 10-15 while under a blizzard warning. They will be lucky to get a couple on top of the ice. Once again thanks for all your hard work and dedication. To my fellow bloggers, it sucked not having this resource, let’s focus on weather conversations and less bickering! I want this resource to continue! Be safe!

  • craigmac

    Western Blue Springs/Eastern Independence area. Snow plows just came down my street. I would not be able to get out without them with close to one foot of snow. I think 14″ was predicted. It might have been that in South Blue Springs.
    What a strom!!! I did miss the blog during a storm like this. Nice job NBC team!

  • Wow. That was quite a storm! I never post on the blog, but ALWAYS look to it for the most accurate weather information. I want to thank the NBC weather team for your coverage of this and every weather event. I realized over the past 24 hours how much i enjoy this blog and how badly i’d miss it if it were gone. Thanks again guys.

  • allietag

    WooHoo the BLOG is back!! Here in rural Lancaster Kansas it is really hard to tell how much snow we have had. The wind has blown the stuff around so much that an accurate measurement would be hard to get. In my front yard and driveway I have drifts that are at least 3-4 foot tall. The ones in the backyard are even bigger!! Our roads are all drifted shut and it is hard telling when they will be able to get them open. The wind is blowing really hard and I find it difficult to believe that we aren’t in the blizzard zone!!
    No school here tomorrow and probably not on Thursday.

  • chiefs

    Kcchamps whats the roads up there look like i work on noland rd
    hoping to make it in tomorrow

  • NorthlandKB

    11″ @ I-29/Barry Rd. with 3′ drifts. Welcome back, Blog!

  • miller90

    16-18 inches in Nevada Missouri, 4-5 foot drifts

  • Don’t feel bad about the blog. I thought communicating on Facebook worked out just fine if not better! Less bickering!

    Can’t tell how much snow for sure. A lot of drifts. I went and measured 7 or 8 places in the front yard and 5 or 6 in the back and they all buried my 12 inch ruler. So at least 14 I think in Strasburg, NE Cass county.

  • TeacherInStJoe

    I’m glad to see the blog back up. I got a chance to measure snow depth when I got home tonight. I measured in 6 difference place in an area that is pretty well protected from the winds and I got 8 inches everytime. I didn’t take time to make note to the exact decimal, I was happy enough with 8. That was at 6:30, I’m going to guess between 9 and 9 1/2 when its all over.

  • lillis

    At least 12 inches here in Olathe and still coming down, drifts 3-4 feet tall!!

  • numbers

    Will the neighborhood roads be cleared by Thursday morning?

  • thank the LORD that this blog is back! :)

    no clue how much snow we have in Grain Valley, but I do know going to get my wife who is 5 mins away was the most stressfull I have driven in years.. With the deep snow on neighborhood roads, I felt very powerless to get my car to my house.. Thankfully some neighbor kids helped me get my car in the garage.. amazing powerful storm.. We need some calmer weather..what happen to the 3 months of virtually no moisture??? lol

    I was also very amazed on how steady the models, all of them really handled this storm. Most of the time they all start going different directions making our lives miserable, but they for the most part standed strong that a large storm was going to occur. Was it more of the models amazing accuracy, or was it sort a situation of “who can mess up spaghetti” deal.. Where this storm was so huge that how could the models mess it up? loll

    who knows.. I’m officially sick of winter now..had my fill till next year… give me some warm days.

  • numbers

    Oh nevermind. OP plow just came by.

  • dpollard

    13″ on SE Blue Springs near Grain Valley. Measured at 7:30 p.m so with it still snowing we may have about 14″ or so now. I will get a final tally later when it stops snowing. I believe that Gary and the team showed one snowfall map projectio of 14.8″ in Blue Springs. That may almost hit it exactly, that is amazing. What are the chances of that? Any 20″ totals in the viewing area yet?

  • numbers

    I see pavement!

  • weatherfanatic

    Got around 13″-14″ south of the metro.

  • weatherfanatic

    Got around 13″-14″ south of the metro.
    The drifts are incredible hear.

  • ravenscroft

    Thanks to Blog-out I got to see this storm rather then posting. Getting out of the drive is going to be a trip to the pole tomorrow.
    So much snow,no ground clearance,just turns the car in to a very poor shovel. 2-3 foot drifts here in the lee of a ridge,so not as much wind. Today was a real flashback to the mini ice age of the late 70’s.

  • ravenscroft

    At least work is called off till Thursday.

  • WeatherNerd

    13 inches in Louisburg

  • So, if this storms repeats in another 52 days… Can we expect a rather deadly day of tornado’s? Something to keep an eye on I’d think.

  • ravenscroft

    Just heard that part of Wrigly Field’s roofing has been blown off in Chi town.

  • lillis

    ok..if im reading the models right.we could possibly have 3-6 inches sunday/monday??

    My best friend from Sydney Australia will be flying in KC on Thursday (its 106 there today lol) has never seen snow before..(shes been praying for it!) I told her she can stop praying now!!!

  • emcat

    You and the whole NBC Action News Team have done a fabulous job covering the blizzard. Thanks for getting the blog back up. I can’t believe you got it back up so soon, with everthing else you were having to deal with in preparing us for the storm. You guys are the best!

    • Your welcome! It was a rough two days with the blog headache. Thanks to Bill Smith for working long hours and a lot of time with the new host. We got it done. Hopefully we never run into this problem again.


  • WE have 13.5 in our back yard 143rd and mer-len olathe

  • kcpurpledog

    Jacks the jerk strikes again. He knows everything!!!
    Looks to be somewhere between 10-12 inches @143rd and Switzer. Thats as close as I can get. What was fascinating was my patio furniture (wrought iron with spaces so very small flakes fall through) had virtually no snow on it (even though we already had around 5 inches from the storm) until the snowfall rate went over 2 inches an hour at about 3:00. From that point on the flakes were much larger and I picked up probably about 4 inches in two hours with a good portion of that in the first hour and another 1-3 after that.

  • brandon

    Maryville 8 degrees with 30 mph winds. Only about 5 inches of snow but drifting really bad. With old snow pack frozen and hard most new snow is blowing to concrete areas.

  • weatherlover

    Just got done walking around the yard and measuring in 6 spots…12 inches in my part of Wyandotte. I went to open the front door and the snow was so high I had to push hard to get the door open and then the garage had snow halfway up the door and it is out of the wind! I am certainly done with snow!!!!

  • Coach KC

    10 inches (using the official NOAA measurement guidelines provided by Jacks) in Kansas City, North at I-435 and 96th Street.

  • squeezyweasel

    I can’t believe KCI has 7 inches…….I live at 152 hwy and N. Oak and we have a good 10-12 inches. Oh Well, fun storm to watch especially when the visiability got down to just a 100 yards or so for about an hour this afternoon.

  • I REALLY need someone to come do my driveway. I cannot get out. I barely managed to shovel a small path from the front door down the steps. But I cannot shovel my driveway. ANy snow removal folks PLEASE contact me here.

  • weathermom

    I measured 15 inches in Oak Grove with 3 to 4 foot drifts. Our power went out for a while this afternoon, but luckily it got restored.

    With I70 closed our town is pretty much snowed in and closed up.

  • weather_Mike

    Nice job with this storm Gary and the whole team! It was fun.

    We have right at 9.0 inches here in OP (119th & 69 Hwy)

  • Just wanted to get back on and blog: Gary and your team DID WONDERFUL You all did GREAT :)

  • LuvSnow

    So happy to see the blog back. :) Gary and team you did a fantastic job!! I thought you really stuck your neck out with the 10-13 inch forecast almost 2 days before (if I remember correctly) and it certainly verified for me in south OP).

  • NastyWeather

    Where are the 40 mph winds? Not that I’m complaining just didn’t know if that’s still on tap for tonight. Regardless I didn’t think I would actually see a foot of snow. What was official total from KCI?

  • Look at this, here is an image from the GOES satellite of the storm directly over us taken between 11 and noon today. It’s really impressive, and makes it quite obvious why the top part of the storm is called the comma head.


  • Farmgirl

    La Cygne has approximately 16 inches.

    I have 5 foot drifts now. One drift by my horse trailer is reaching the bottom of the gooseneck. Wow!

  • shoedog

    Just a hair over 10 inches (after multiple readings) in Leawood (132 Roe) area

  • weatherfreaker

    Gary–You and your team were amazing as always!! Your predictions and your method of following the storm were PERFECT! It just reaffirms my confidence in why I only listen to you!!!

  • …can pass out now….

  • dreamweaver123

    Gary, My name was in the running for the Clloway irons but I didn’t win, I was all set to play orange ball today and send in my picture, You and your team are doing a great job as always but I sure wanted those irons.

  • olathe-snowkid

    Gary you do not have Olathe on the list of closings on bottom of the screen.

  • MidwestSteve

    Great to have the blog back. Gary & Team – nice work responding to the blog issues on top of the storm itself!

  • I’m ready for another blizzard!! So close to seeing my dream 20″+, but yet so far!!!! A trend starting?

    1st Blizzard: Christmas Eve Winter ’09-10

    2nd Blizzard: Feb. 1st 2011 Winter ’10-11

    3rd ” : Winter ’11-12 ????????????????????

    4th ” ” “???????????

    • skylark

      Might I suggest you save your pennies and take a vacation where they regularly get a ton of snow in one snowfall? You can then have your 20″+ dream while the rest of us shovel out from our measly 12″.

  • weatherfanatic

    We might see some snow Sunday and Monday am I right?

  • Measured 12″ in several locations in my yard in Greenwood,
    My deck was totally blown off out back except for around corner in front of door where I had 23″ drift

  • I’ll go out in the morning and try to take some more comprehensive averages (so much of my acreage is either bare or has 18-24 inch drifts, I’m not sure even averages will be too useful), but preliminarily it looks like 8 or 9 inches here in central Platte county. Drifts are significant, but probably a little smaller than in the Christmas Blizzard of ’09. Congrats to the weather team on forecasting this one pretty accurately.

  • CloseEncounter

    I live just 2 miles east of KCI and We got 10-11 inches Gary. Idk where you got 7 inches from.

  • lyonlogan

    12″ in Platte City.

  • I feel sorry for my new neighbors. They moved in this week and the city crews did not realize that some one is now living in that home. So the crew that just cleared our cul de sac piled most of the snow at the end of their driveway, so there is now a pile 6 feet high and about 10 feet deep completely blocking their driveway. I think all of us neighbors in the cul de sac need to go meet our new neighbors tomorrow and have a snow shoveling party for them.

    • Weatherfreak01

      I feel for your new neighbors! If they call the city will they come out and clear their driveway? Having a snow shoveling party sounds like a wonderful idea!

      Great job NBC. I knew that the storm was large when our flight from Salt Lake City to MCI on Monday was under constant cloud cover. Plus the rain we experienced in So Cal on Sunday gave me an idea of what we would expect.

      I sure hope my snow removal angels come back. Weatherfreaker, I live near the 7 and Colbern in unincorperated Lee’s Summit. I will prob. need to go to work on Thursday. So far there is no way I can get out of my driveway. Do you husband work out this way?

      • kellyinkc

        Got a point Andrew, remember that Iceland volcano that blew last year.
        Not sure how much here in Raytown, On Tuesday I snow threw a solid 8″ around 4:00 and it was still coming down. The drive is covered now at 0335 so I will report back.

      • weatherfreaker

        Weatherfreak01–I will check with him! He is back out today, so I will try to get ahold of him and see if he goes into that area. Thanks!

  • bobjonesshoes

    live about 15 east of KCI. just west of Liberty off of 152. measured 4 inches in multiple places by the “Jacks” method. drifts between 8-12 inches. Tried to shovel the drive but snow kept sticking on my skull cap. Didn’t know if I might get frostbite on my head. Anyone know how to keep the snow from sticking on my skull cap? Is there some sort of a spray or something? Never seen snow before…..can’t believe how much the 4 inches is! CRAZY. sorry for all that have more. be safe!

  • LibertyJeff

    What a crazy day! Be glad when the winds die down later through the night. I cannot find a good place to measure snowfall because of the winds. I would say easily 11-12″ though.

    Everyone be careful tomorrow when digging out. The snow has really packed and crusted.

    Thanks for an awesome job Gary, Brett, Jeff and George!!! Yes this was a crazy storm but all of you were right on with thoughts and predictions! Sleep well!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick1

    Ahhh, the blog is back! Well even though we “missed” the heaviest stuff, we still got a good thwacking here in St. Joe, snow came down hard, and boy did the wind do its thing. As for measuring, well yea about that, drifts and the “old snow” wich still covered the ground here to varying depths( as a foudation of crusty ice/crushed ice) make it hard to tell. Had to walk to work at about 3:30 p.m., did pretty good… only fell once;) neck will be stiff tomorrow. All in all an awesome weather day( for those who like to see snow and experience weather events). Well now it is just cold and windy with still a “mist” of snow in the air.

  • f00dl3

    Holy crap – what a winter this is turning out to be.

    And the snow machine isn’t done for the winter either. I can see several chances for more snow makers in this area as we head into even late February given the LRC.

    Kansas City recorded a record 8.9″ of snowfall yesterday, which brings them to almost 30″ for the winter. Only 14″ more and we will tie last winter. And if my theory is right, this is only year 4 of what could be 20 years of snowier winters before things go back to or below normal snowfall.

    One also has to consider looking ahead. Based on the fact this storm has been quite significant 3/3 times through the LRC so far, one can only assume that it will produce a significant severe weather event come late April with a killing freeze a distinct possibility as well – especially if we have a mild start to April. Looking at Water Vapor imagery of this storm today it is clear that this storm in a warmer environment will usher in plenty of moisture, provide plenty of windshear, and provide a distinct dryline that could initiate supercells given the setup is right.

    Definately something to look out for between April 17th and 25th.

    • kcbearcatfan

      Hey, just a friendly FYI: You math may be off slightly. The LRC is currently cycling around 50-52 days, which would put the next go around in late March around the 25-28th. Which does get a little interesting because the “Old Farmers Almanac” a year ago predicted a major snow storm for late March of this year. Looks to be right on target.

      • Really? The other Farmers Almanac also is predicting that, they’re also one of the few places that said we would have a snowy winter.

        24th-27th. A major storm evolves over the Southern Rockies and pushes eastward, bringing significant snows to Kansas and Missouri. Less snow farther north.

  • dpannell

    14-15″ best measurement I can get in the areas blocked by the wind by the deck and fence. This is the most miserable winter. Summer better have some 100 degree days for me!
    deb in paola

  • MikeT1

    test post.

  • Here in Raytown I measured 12.5 inches and that was when the wind had been blowing for awhile. So guessing there was more and don’t need anymore!! :)

  • weathyerfreaker, thank you, I am in Shawnee but I MIGHT have someone coming by.

    ANDREW!!!!!!m I appreciate your enthusiam but you really need to get some compassion. Sometimes it is better to keep your desires inside your head and not put it out in public. Even your friend Adam is snowbound in Drexel and I am sure I would not hear him wishing for another blizzard as much as he enjoys weather. Just once, Andrew, after all the problems you ahve seen on TV and on the blog that people have had with the storm, JUST ONCE, could you think of others and understand alot of folks don’t want another blizzard, much less more snow and this has created huge problems for the area. JUST ONCE ANDREW, could you show some forethought before posting and think of how many people feel during this storm and not how much business your car wash will get? Even though I know it was thrilling for some people, it wasn’t for a large part of the area and before all the winter people blast me, I will just say go ahead. I am goijg toi be busy trying to see if I can make some repairs here and maybe still get to the hospital later to work.

    • MikeT1

      don’t think he’s ever going to learn, jeri. meanwhile, good luck on getting dug out and into work! – mike

    • chopperHD

      Jeri…just because a person is excited about snow does not mean they have no compassion..Too many critics on this blog and in this country! nobody respects a difference of opinion anymore and many are quick to lash out at others. Ever heard the phrase “cant read tone in a text or e-mail” I thought this blog was for learning and sharing weather excitement? Anyway, hope you get to work safe. My wife is a nurse and I have to begin digging out so I can drive her to work.

      • bobosobo

        Before we jump on Jeri, I can say that Andrew has done this for years and that Gary’s even asked him repeatedly to think before speaking. I think right now the only person saying anything hurtful is you. I reread the post and I don’t see where she said anything about not talking about weather or being critical. Andrew may be in college now but his lack of maturity still shows unlike some of the other younger bloggers that now come on and discuss things in a much more mature way. Let’s lighten up Chopper. It’s her opinion and you don’t have to agree with it but you don’t have to post nasty at it to make it worse.

        Yeah, I’m feeling kindly today.

        • chopperHD

          Bobosobo,,,First, Cant read tone in e-mail…All I was saying is too many critics. I dont see where I said anything hurtful or nasty as you say……If this is how you respond when your feeling “Kindly” I hate to see when your mad…anyway, I ended my post in a positive note….I have been reading this blog for awhile now and there seems to be a lot of critics that like to attack people or lash out at somebodys excitement for the weather and I just dont think that is right. Either way, I respect your opinion as well as the opinion of others. Didn’t mean to offend but still do not see where I wrote anything nasty????????????????

          • bobosobo

            I guess I’m thinking that when aomebody criticizes someone for criticizing.. sorta pot calling kettle to me. No worries Chopper. Like I said, I didn’t see her really being ctitical of his tome. He does it every single storm hoping for the worst so his car wash is busy. He does it in the spring hoping tornadoes tear through his neighborhood. Even when he was alot younger and being homeschooled Gary would ask him over and over to please take into account other’s feelings and not say some of the things he did. Maybe people are looking at it from Gary’s viewpoint of Andrew too.

            Nothing wrong with getting excited about weather. His tone is pretty obvious even in type. People’s experiences with weather color their view. People don’t like tornado season ebcause they been affected by one. If people don’t liek the winter because it affects them, then they’re entitled to an opinion of feeling the exuberance by certain people is over the top. I don’t see where she or anyone else commented on others who are enjoying this worthless weather. SO let’s cut the woman some slack and anyone else who doesn’t agree with an opinion. It wasn’t hateful .

  • goodlifegardens

    323rd & hwy 7 Garden City/Creighton The road past my house is level with snow. It’s 18-24 inches deep. I can’t say this is our total because of the drifting but for a 1/4 mile it is consistently that deep. My electronic thermometer says 3.4 degrees. The only good thing is the snow insulated the ice so I didn’t have to chop through much to water the cows. But my fingers about froze trying to feed them. Fingers still hurt 15 minutes after returning to house. Need to go out again as I didn’t give cows enough hay before the pain in fingers drove me in. I hope everyone that loves winter is filling their pockets.

  • goodlifegardens

    Gary, I think this would be a good time to do one of those polls, “Which is better 100 above or below zero?” As always, I vote 100 above. Just 4 weeks to March and the first signs of hope that life will return to the earth.

  • MikeT1

    100 degrees vs this any day!

  • Cacti51

    Now that was an awesome storm….yet now the fun begins of digging out..sigh. Oh well. easily 12 inches here at 127th and Ridgeview. So what are the models showing for this next storm?

  • kellyinkc

    Id’ say 12″ in Raytown give or take. What a storm.

  • morrell

    100 sounds wonderful right now.

  • sportsfreaked

    Wow that was fun! I can not imagine what this town would look like if we did end up in the bulls eye. I would imagine we would be shut in for a week!

    As a parent I love when what we tell our kids what could happen does happen with in 30 minutes of teeling them. My 18 yr old son says I am going to the store yesterday I said don’t go you will get stuck. Let me take you in the F250 4×4. He says dad I will be fine. Well 25 minutes later he called can you come get me I am stuck.

    Hope all made it thru the storm ok. Looks liek we may miss Sunday’s storm as it may go to the south of us a little bit but then again the way this winter has gone it may hit us. To early to say for sure we just need time to dig out of this one!! Have a great day and stay warm!!!


  • kellyinkc

    I don’t know, when it is cold one can layer up on cloths but in the heat one can strip to ones skivvy’s and still be hot.

  • WOW the sun is so bright. Grab those sunglasses today don’t know about snow blindness but this is crazy. My kids love the snow and is a big shock to them we adopted them from Columbia S. America and WOW was there response LOL my little one is in a snow drift and loving it. I think we have some where between 12.5 and 13.5 I took some messuerments all over the back yard in the center. Every one have a wonderfull day :) 143- mer-len

  • tigerscott

    Ha using the old method of measuring in 5 spots in my yard that was somewhat wind protected we had a average of 12 inches in Lees Summit near 50 hwy and todd george road..3 of those measurements were 12″..1 was 13″ and 1 was 11″..awesome storm..we are ready for another big one..thank god the blog is back i was lost yesterday..have fun all enjoy the beautiful sights!!!

  • kellyinkc

    Johnny Dare is blasting the local weather people, mainly the 4+1 station….

    • Why? For being right about this storm? I don’t listen to him. I have decided to stick with XM Radio. Or is he another person claiming this was all “hype” ?

      • LSMO58

        It’s easy for someone with little education about a subject as technical/scientific as meteorology to criticize…especially when the entire purpose of your job is to make people laugh at the expense of others.

  • Tim

    Parents in Sedalia report 20″ of snow there. 10″ here in Western Shawnee.

  • Look at the satellite, that is A LOT of snow!



    13″ at 159th & Ridgeview in Olathe.

  • bobosobo

    Hype? Here’s some thoughts on that courtesy of a Facebook poster:

    Kristi L Branstetter: IMO this storm was hyped. It’s no worse than last year’s storm. I went riding around in it just for fun. I like to live on the edge LOL. People who are scared of a little snow need to stay home and cry. I am used to snow. If I lose power I know how to stay warm. People complain too much IMO. The mets did nothing but put fear into everyone over nothing. Gary just wanted to get ratings so he stayed on TV all day. I am laughing my ass off at these mets and these people that can’t do a little shoveling.”

    • MikeT1

      well, that’s one persons thoughts. maybe many more like her, too. but there’d be alot of others who disagree. last year, no one was calling this a blizzard. and the areas east and north of town would disagree that that wasn’t just “a little snow.” she from buffalo ny or something?

    • Oh really, Kristi? Interesting claim from someone who doesn’t even DRIVE…

      I think the rhetoric was overdone. I heard “life threatening” so often, I was beginning to wonder if I was safe in my own darned house. Everyone was on edge in the runp to this storm, so i think that’s the time for the pros to really take the rhetoric down as many notches as they can and still get their message across.

      But the storm was not hyped. This is as bad as anything I’ve seen, and it hit right after my husband went to California for the week, leaving me to deal with it all. A blizzard that dumps 14″ on us is as bad as one with 20″ as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve been through a few 20+ ones. Anyone who was out on the road and didn’t absolutely have to be driving was taking an unnecessary risk and interfering with street crews.

  • gr8fulted

    South Leawood checking in w 8″ to 9″ totals, drifting to 17″.
    No paper today and no snowplow on our residential street off 138th and Roe. Birds are glad to have seeds in the feeder!

  • radar of cyclone Yasi. http://www.bom.gov.au/weather/radar. Made landfall earlier!

  • Linda

    Some people never really grow up, one assumes. Rather than hyped, the forecast was pretty much on the nose, and sensible adults stayed out of danger, except for the many who were forced to get out in it because they work in medical or emergency services that we all depend on. That includes our NBC weather crew. My hat’s off to all the nurses, doctors, EMTs, firemen, police, public works, and other workers who had to be out in it for the sake of the community.


    No offense to anyone – but i kinda have to agree with Kristi to a point.
    Some people have forgot how to take care of themselves and are way to dependent on others. I remember the ice storm back in the early 80’s, everyone was without power for a week, yet they seemed to survive.
    Dont agree with the part on the mets though, I think it was the media itself that overhyped the storm.
    “The Blizzard of 2011″, like this was some spectactular event like Katrina or something. LMAO.

  • chopperHD

    Gary, Just wanted tp say you and your team did an outstanding job with this storm as is usual! I followed all the weather stations and believe your team was more accurate than anybody else! Keep up the great work and thanks for getting the blog fixed!

  • Outside Pleasant Hill: 15.75 inches. Measurement taken in a wooded area with no sign of drifting and little blowing. Apparently the trees cut down on wind speed.

  • I think the snowfall is much greater than what most measurements are showing. In unprotected areas, I imagine that once the wind picked up around noon yesterday, much of the falling snow was carried away. In Pleasant Hill we had around 9 inches by noon and the heaviest snow had not started yet.
    I think the final total would best be determined by the amount of snow melted down to liquid and then applying the 15 or 20:1 ratio. How do we find the liquid totals for this storm?

    • Dwight, I agree! I saw one KC channel (3+2) that showed 5″ for St. Joseph, MO. I think that it was double that in the areas that I have meaured up here.

      I do think that Gary and his team did a very good job forecasting this storm and was very close to be 100% on their map that showed the forecasted totals.

  • bobosobo

    I bet not everyone survived JocoMike. There’s homeless people out there. There’s people that can’t afford heat or to have somebody come fix it if their heat goes out. People might have survived but it’s a hardship nonetheless. Damage from ice to roofs and losing food after a week is something not everyone can afford. Some people don’t get paid when their office shuts down for several days. Farmers can lose livestock and that’s their livelihood.

    I’ve seen people laugh about how this closed down the city. I think those people should be very thankful they can stay home and laugh and not have any monetary of physical worries. Not everyone like people with heart problems or lung problems can shovel and waiting for someone to do it is going to take awhile. Even Gary said it could be Thursday before his area is shoveled out.

    I think for the metro this was a big deal. Most places were good enough to close down if they could and send their employees home. These are places that never close but they did. I’m happy people are all ok but to laugh at this or say it was overblown (pun?) I think is VERY unfair to the people who are trying to dig out today or who have or will get into some accidents with their cars due to no fault of any driver o but just the side road conditions. Just sayin’.

  • kellyinkc

    He was jawing that the weather people over hyped the storm for a week, keep raising the snow totals very high. Then when the storm it he was saying the snow totals were brought down as he expected. I am thinking he thinks a forecast is for his backyard.

    Jeri, yet the snow cleared yet?

  • Yogi1395


    My snowblower has a 20inch high intake in the front, and throughout our neighborhood in Gladstone, it consistently read 16 inches of snow on the sidewalks and the driveways, which are on the south side of our houses. There was no drifting on the south, only on the north. To be doubly sure, I took a yardstick and measured in 20 different spots up and down the street, and they all measured between 15.5 and 16.5 inches, so I would call Gladstone at 16 inches of snow. Glad I made that snowblower investment way back in 1997. This is only the 6th time I used it, but 3 of them are the past 3 snowstorms. By my calculations, our neighborhood in Gladstone has now had 38.25 inches of snow this season.