Snow Today & Big Changes

Good morning bloggers,

Winter and Spring continue to battle it out this week. In round one, today, winter will win. In round 2, later in the week spring is going to win.  Snow is moving our way as I am writing this early this morning, and it is targeting areas near to just west and southwest of the KC metro area. It is really almost in the same spot as two nights ago.

RadarHere was the area of snow as of 6:45 AM.  This band was moving east and southeast.  Let’s see how organized it becomes as it approaches from the west and northwest.  It is currently timed to arrive between now and noon, but then it would only last around one to three hours, depending on where you are located. There will likely be some minor accumulation, mostly on grassy surfaces as this moves through during the middle of the day.  This snow is associated with a fast moving upper level disturbance that will zip by later today and this will be followed by a cold surge of air a the surface.

The area of snow is continuing to push slowly southeast and it was just north and west of Topeka at 9 AM.  The leading echoes were all aloft with snow beginning to fall at Manhattan, KS at just before 9.  The area of snow is weakening as it approaches areas northwest of Kansas City, but it still seems to be targeting the south metro area. Rain could mix in and be more of a factor if temperatures warm just a little bit before this arrives.


After this system moves by today another storm system will be approaching from the west with this surface set-up forecast by two days from now:


Take a look at that powerful storm off the New England coast.  The wind speeds in knots are indicated but the color table at the bottom of the map.  I wouldn’t want to be in a ship off the New England coast with those nearly hurricane force winds forecast offshore. Back home, we will have our own strong southerly winds trying to draw moisture out of the Gulf of Mexico.  This storm will move by Thursday. There is a lead disturbance that will spread a band of showers and thunderstorms across the southern plains. We will likely be near the northern edge of this lead system.

We will go over all of the details of these changes on 41 Action News.  Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog. Have a great start to the week.


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36 comments to Snow Today & Big Changes

  • Dobber

    Big changes… ? I am assuming spring is getting ready to come out of hiding

  • Hillsdale_Bruce

    I hope big changes doesn’t include a bow echo in the next 7-10 days.

  • stjoeattorney

    TOP radar has the echos snow/rain sliding through west central KS maybe hit KC.

    Is there a second band.

  • j-ox

    We need rain…our lawns/plants/trees are thirsty.
    Officially ordering a slow soaking event. Can anyone second this??

  • kurtjon

    I need moisture in any form, already cracks all over the ground and nothing is greening up here. Looks like the dead of winter and no end to the dry spell in sight :-(

    • Deb

      It looks really dead here, too. Everything is so brown, no green. It is still early, but none the less the landscape and countryside looks awful. I have been watering conifers in my garden that are very thirsty now. Very litte moisture here in north Cass county.

      Come on spring rains!

  • Drought Miser

    They canceled a concrete pour today here at Ikea plant because of rain and snow chances wonder if it will eventually materialize and start doing something

  • Pete Capone

    You have all lost your minds. The drought is over and has been over since last summer. Several experts on this blog already announced it.

    • j-ox


      Not sure where you live, but we finished 10″ below avg in Lawrence in ’13…and 20″+ down for ’12. While ’13 was significantly greener than ’12…I just don’t see how a drought can be over whenever Jan 1 rolls around and we reset the precip-o-meter.

  • kurtjon

    I am assuming that Pete Capone is joking, no one really should believe the drought is over. It’s going to get much worse if we can’t get rain but once every 4 to 6 weeks! I will need to hook up the hoses and water once we get warm weather, just to save what’s already planted. We are in this for the long haul and just wait until it heats up this summer with those winds.

    • j-ox

      We’re closing in on being 2″ down for ’14 alone.

    • Joe

      it all depends on where you are at. Some are dry, some are in a drought and some have a surplus. I know in Eastern jackson County, I have not seen any signs of a drought. Lake Jacomo and Blue Springs lakes spillways are constantly flowing. My yard is not cracked nor is it pulling away from the foundation anymore. I think that may be the problem with sporadic reporting points. And for the record, one does not have to make up 3 years of deficit to end a drought. A few good heavy rains and the dry cycle we have been in is over.

      • kurtjon


        I disagree, there are more sporadic reports of people not in a drought than those out of the drought. There hasn’t been enough widespread heavy rains and localized rains in urban areas isn’t helping the farming communities of outlying areas in Missouri and Kansas

      • j-ox

        For the record(???), droughts are relative. Good for you Joe! Glad everything is peachy over there.
        I live in my little world just like we all do. Am bringing up past stats to illustrate that there are (perhaps!) large areas nearby that may be/are worse off than others. For the record, there are areas in a worse drought than Lawrence.

        • Joe

          I agree..I was simply making a point that not all areas are in fact drought stricken. Also, it would be more accurate if they were to report city by city rather than a handfull of locations.

          • batman

            Joe you must have a lucky cloud over your house. Jackson county is in a drought no way to get around that. If the folks at 41 said the sky is green there is no doubt that you would agree with them. Sub soil is dry in mnay locatins in Independence, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, and other cities. It’s dry almost bone dry!

            • Joe

              batman..my statements are in no way based on 41 and/or their opinions. They are based on what I have seen and researched. Last summer, we were in a severe drought and that could be observed easily. I am not seeing it in my area. I realizes certain areas are in fact in a drought however, I don’t feel it is widespread as much as it is local and as far as the soil being “bone dry”..again, not the case where I have seen.Also, drive down I-70 on the East side of KC and tell me you don’t see things starting to green up? You know, you can state your opinions or debate without sarcasm or a condescending tone.

  • davidmcg

    Regardless of what the radar and all the gee whiz gizmo’s are stating there is no precipitation currently falling in McLouth. Add to that, the gizmo’s, climatologists and meteorologists are still wrong to this day when they state that we in Jefferson County KS are out of the drought. It is as dry today as it has been for 3 years. There is less subsurface ground moisture available now than there was a year ago. our ponds have not risen in over a year. low pond means low well so there won’t be any watering the garden this year again unless we truck water in, which defeats the whole idea of a garden to save money on veggies. So with the drought on going if the hay crop is not at least as well as last year, the cattle sell off will continue and will begin to effect more than beef, it will slowly work its way into pork and those prices will sky rocket shortly also. The drought has drastically reduced wildlife populations here as well, except the coyotes which are surviving on weak animals from lack of food stocks. Best hold on tight, 2014 is not going to be a good growing season.

    • Hume-Dude

      David – I feel for you folks in Jefferson Co. Storms have avoided your area time and again, better check your atmosphere for a dome! Time heals all wounds, and time will bring some good rains to you as well , I just hope it is THIS YEAR. To Joe, just because some Urban lakes appear to be full doesn’t mean we are not in drought. Those areas have a lot of concrete runoff, so even small precip events offer them runoff. Out in the country everything has to saturate before you get a drop of runoff , and that can be a very difficult challenge in dry conditions such as these. I got an 1″ of rain in my area the weekend before last, but by this past Sunday the dust was blowing like we didn’t get a drop. No sign of mud or damp soil ANYWHERE…..bring on the rain for all!

  • Jerry

    Quite a meteorological ‘bomb’ is about to crank up off the east coast this week. I looked back 57 days and 114 days but can’t find anything similar on 500mb charts…where was this storm in previous cycles of the LRC?

    More about this wild storm:

    • Jerry, did you look back 56 or 58 days ago? This part of the pattern produced strong surface lows in each cycle!


    • sedsinkc

      Blizzard watches up for Cape Cod and the offshore MA islands. If they are upgraded to blizzard warnings it will be the 4th blizzard warning for these areas this cold weather season. I don’t think that’s ever happened in my lifetime.

  • my daughter in Salina is reporting snow falling..is it really going to make it here to KC?

  • kurtjon

    It has been snowing in St. Joseph since 8:30 this morning. Light snow for the most part, a good dusting on cars, grassy areas, roofs etc.

  • stans

    Interesting. I checked at between 52 and 61 days, and found no surface low anywhere near where it is today off the east coast. I just see the winter low atop Hudson Bay, many hundreds of miles away.

    • stans,

      In the upper levels at the end of January which is this part of the pattern there were many short waves dropping southeast through this Midwest and running up the New England coast. They generated weaker storms. This time around one is blowing up into one storm system.

      Jeff Penner

  • Deb

    I have light snow falling in north Raymore.

  • greek

    Another 70% precip chance results in nothing. The drought goes on and on and on.

  • luvsno

    Once again trash needs to be picked up …..clean up on aisle 2020 ! There is Yardley soap scum

  • batman

    Isn’t that storm off the east coast part of Super Storm Sandy lol,

  • luvsno

    Gary.or Jeff……
    Yardley/muku is back at 2020. His earlier posts were deleted, but now he has replaced them with 3 more. He no doubt IS muku…spewing the sane things that muku did. same m.o.
    The 2020 blog certainly does not have the same caliber traffic it had a few weeks ago.
    Too bad it is being ruined.
    All good things must come to an end I suppose, and even this blog does not have the same varied amount if participants that it use to have. I miss those days.
    But Gary has not been around too much of late, except to put out the updates. I think he is either too busy between appearances, MC duties at functions, normal Ch 41 duties and his personal LRC business…how COULD he have time to come here and reply to everyone’s questions/comments. He doesn’t, and it’s ok by me.

    I simply miss all of the others who used to come here. Where is seds, where is Bill in Lawrence, Farmgirl, mowermike, Heat, Freeze….where is everyone ?

    Ok, this was not a weather post, but a plea for everyone to come back…we miss you !

  • JB

    Your always looking for trolls but you call anyone with an alternate opinion a troll.
    If you don’t have what some people consider a positive point of view you get called out,
    deleted or banned. You’ve accused me of being MuKu in the past but I haven’t been on the blog in weeks. The only thing even close to a real discussion on this blog is about drought or no drought.woopee. No diversity of opinion is boring and people tune out. And you of all people wonder why.

    • kurtjon

      JB, there isn’t much else to discuss with lack of storms, wind at least wasn’t bad today, that won’t last. I’m all for opinions, but facts are facts; droughts are hard to go away. They may subside but it takes years to build back water tables.

      • j-ox

        Agreed. A far cry from the ‘flakes’ posting that the drought is over when it snows a few inches – like last year. Shallow thinking right there. Get it?